Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

What is Photo Editing?

Photo editing, just as the name implies, simply means the changing of images. It generally involves the partial or total alteration, enhancement, manipulation or improvement of images through certain means. Before the invention of the computer, some people had to edit and recreate photos manually by hand, while others had to crop photos or create collages by placing photos or bits of materials on other photos. You will know this is very tasking and unprofessional just from how ancient and laborious it sounds.

Modern means of editing photos often require the use of different computer programs (or tools) which are capable of doing the work faster and more efficient, and in this article, we will attempt to talk about photo editing and some of the best tools out there for you to work with.

What are the Reasons of Photo Editing?

This generally depends on the different choices and tastes of different people. Some people edit photos in order to make the raw photos appear shinier, others edit photos to blur out certain parts and highlight certain others. We have listed five reasons why we think people edit photos below.

  1. Image manipulation — This involves the removal of certain elements from a photo. Sometimes, it could be the changing of almost every component of a photo and replacing it with an entire different idea of an event. It could be the removal of people or their items, or the swapping of a boy in the midst of people with a potato.
  2. Background removal — This is usually done to remove the original background and replace it with something more extra. The end result most times produces really catchy images with an entirely different story.
  3. The need to process images — Our cameras are marketed as high end devices but sometimes we feel they don’t actually know what we want when it comes to photographs. Thankfully, we have photo editing tools that we can use to process the photos taken by our cameras, and produce the outstanding finishing touches that we need.
  4. Colour correction and adjustment — This kind of photo editing service serves the purpose of reforming colour and adjusting lighting errors.
  5. To remove or add elements that are there, or aren’t there

Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

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Top Photo Editing Tools For PC

There are many photo editing tools for PC around. Some are simply plain and undemanding, while others are tasking and too sophisticated for the wondering beginner, which leads people into a state of indecision when it comes to picking out the proper tool from a really long list of tools available in the tech market today.

In this article we have attempted to list some of the best computer tools which can be used in editing photos and creating images.

What Photo Editing Tools Should I Use?

Depending on your needs, the photo editing tools that we suggest are as follows.

Adobe Photoshop

Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

Adobe Photoshop definitely deserves a spot on every list of top photo editing tools. It is hard to write an article on the subject matter without giving Adobe Photoshop it’s well deserved mention. A quite popular software for its sophistication and ease of use, this tool takes the lead in fun, options and creativity.


  • Face detection
  • Brush adjustment
  • Photo arrangement
  • Creative guided edits
  • Revised home screen
  • Blurring and highlighting tools
  • Professional filters and effects
  • Synchronisation on multiple devices

Adobe Photoshop is truly top standard when it comes to photo editing which is why we think you should have it.


Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

While being less sophisticated than Adobe Photoshop, paint.Net occupies this spot on the list of best photo editing tools for PC in 2019 so far.

Paint is really easy to use which means that beginners can get around it easily on their own without direction. You can erase parts of the photo you’re editing with the available eraser, and scribble down with brushes or pens that you can choose from the options. Paint gives you the chance to resize images to larger and smaller variants with the in-built resizer it comes with. It comes along pre-installed in most Microsoft Windows operating system PC’s which means that you can have this wonderful tool just by buying a Windows OS computer system, so, you don’t have to purchase this software before you can use it.


  • Free software
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Light weight
  • Different layers
  • Tons of filters
  • Undo and redo history
  • User friendly interface
  • Brilliant 3D, rotate and zoom option
  • Quick and easy to operate

Paint.Net might not be what you need as a photo editing tool, but you can’t take it away from this spot because it pays it’s dues – particularly on underpowered, low-budget machines.

Skylum Luminar

Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

Skylum Luminar provides users with an efficient and automatic photo adjustment system, a modern interface, and some unique filters and enhancement tools. It has quickly grown to be known as one of the most popular photo editing tools for professionals around the world for many reasons, and has succeeded in substituting Adobe Photoshop in many departments.


  • Sky enhancer
  • Artificial Intelligence editor
  • Over 60 styles and presets
  • Clear and logical interface
  • Thoughtful placement tools
  • Addition of sun rays which can be customized
  • Image and adjustment layers
  • Automatic enhancement of images
  • Tool set for portraits, landscapes and area photography
  • An option for your money back within 60 days of purchase if you don’t like it

Luminar which presents itself as the most innovative way to edit photos is the one stop shop for photo editing, and we encourage you to try it for that professional experience.


Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

Photolemur assures users of the fastest photo editing. We know for sure that it is among the easiest tools you can use in editing your photos particularly because Artificial intelligence does all the work and all you got to do is to be in control.


  • Simple program for beginners
  • Easy to use interface
  • Improves photos efficiently
  • Face finish technology
  • Understandable options
  • An option to pick, drag and drop items to get desired results

We recommend this program for beginners who do not want to pass through any stress about understanding photo editing tools before they can achieve amazing results with their pictures.

Capture one

Top Photo Editing Tools for PC 2019

Capture one is a product of the camera company Phase one. It is similar to some other already mentioned tools in this article, but stands out on its own with the following features.


  • Easy to see and edit option
  • Advanced colour editing tools
  • Customizable interface
  • Fast performance
  • Smooth and sharp conversion
  • Quality filters and effects you can choose from
  • Amazing local adjustment system

Capture one is suitable for both high-budget and low-budget computer systems. It’s capability in the digital photo editing world is top of the line, and if we could, we would suggest this tool for you everyday.

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There is no where in the article that we mentioned that you must like one or more of the photo editing tools that we have provided on the list. We never mentioned that one or more of the tools we suggested up above will sure satisfy your needs when it comes to editing photos, neither did we list out the softwares in any hierarchy. All we did is to provide you a compilation of some of the best photo editing tools so far in 2019 Judging by own own experience and popular opinions around.

You can go ahead and try some of these tools out, and you might just get all that you need.

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