VidMate: How to Download and Install for PC and Android (2014/2019 Version)

VidMate: How to Download and Install for PC and Android (2014/2019 Version)

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is an application and it is currently among the best applications for downloading Songs and videos online. With this app, you can easily download multimedia contents (Videos/Music) from portals like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine,  Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Tumblr, FunnyorDie, Metacafe, and other portals.

9apps download 2018 apk

With this app, you can download virtually from any video site. Unlike most applications, Vid Mate does not modify any software in your device. The app is not harmful to your device for all we know as of the time of writing.

*. You can stream Live TV from the app.
*. You can secure your videos with security codes.
*. 2oo% faster than the fastest video downloading app.
*. Download as much as you can from different sources.
*. Download videos using any video format/quality of your choice.
*. It allows you to pause downloads and resume them anytime you wish.
*. Download HD quality Videos (@360p) or Low-quality videos (@1080p).

VidMate apps install download

We earlier mentioned, this app is an awesome application to download Videos, Movies, Songs and others that you will learn of in this article. The app is also known as 9apps which is the vidmate for Android (the Android version).

We also have the Vidmate for PC, which is compatible with your personal computer. In order to fully utilize the 9apps install download for Android and PC. And one of the reasons for coming up with this article is to school you oh how to download vidmate on your PC and Android Smartphones.

Vidmate Download 2018 Version

The Vidmate 2018 app download has been the trend of the year. The vid made 2018 app is also the latest version and it has over time enjoyed over 3oo million downloads. There is also the 2014 version, but the 2018 version comes in with lots of upgrades and a wider usage than 2014 version.

Nevertheless, we are all different and will not all be in love with a particular thing. Why we just made the statement is because there are most people who prefer the Vidmate 9apps 2014 version to that of 2018. Notwithstanding, you will find the download link to both the 2014 and 2018 versions.

Download Vidmate for PC (2018 Version)

You can download the vidmate online apk for your PC, using the download link provided below. Be careful to follow the instructions in other to successfully download and install the vidmate video downloader for PC.

Steps to download Vid Mate

i). First, download and install Bluestacks on your PC (If you don’t have any).
2). Go to that is where you will download the Vidmate app.
3). Go ahead and open the bluestacks on your PC. (It will take roughly 60 seconds)
4). Look at the top of the bluestacks you see My apps, “App center” and “support” tabs.
5). Go ahead and click on ‘My apps’ when bluestacks has fully started and you will know by a loading thread on the bottom.

6). You will see a plus sign (+) along with “choose apk” below on the ‘My apps’ screen. Click on the choose apk.
7). Go ahead and open the window where you can select the downloaded vidmate.apk file. Just wait for it to complete the installation.
8). The App will then be installed on bluestacks and that’s all. You can now use your PC to start downloading your favorite Videos, Movies.

9apps download 2018

We earlier stated that 9apps is the Android version of the vid mate. To enjoy all the features of the 9apps install download on your Android. With this App, you can enjoy free high-quality wallpaper download, Video download, Ringtones, Music, Stickers and more.

With the app, you are sure to download any file you want at a very high speed. Without wasting much of your time let’s show you how to download 9apps for Android Smartphones.


*. The first feature of 9apps fast download.
*. Free access to unlimited games, apps, wallpapers & music, all for free.
*. Can be downloaded by all Android versions.
*. Secure and safe download.
*. Seamless user-interface.
*. Constantly updated.


*. App Name ~ 9Apps.
*. Version ~
*. App Size ~ 3.4 MB.
*. Users ~ 20,000,000+
*. Android Version ~ Android 4.0+

9apps download Android

Here is how to download 9apps for Android. Just follow the simple guidelines provided below:
1). Ensure you have a good connection.
2). Visit this URL ->> to download 9apps for Android.

9apps Installation on Android

Below is a simple method of installing 9apps on Android.

How to install:
1). Go to your phone Settings >> Go to Security >> also go to Device Administration >> Toggle on “Unknown Sources“.
2). Go ahead and Download and open the APK file.
3). Click or Tap on the Install >> Open. That’s all, you can now enjoy unlimited downloads with your 9Apps.


This is where we will be ending the topic ‘VidMate: Download and Install for all Devices‘. Do we hope this article was helpful and answered your questions? Let’s know using the comment section below.