WordPress vs Blogger: Why you should choose WordPress

WordPress vs Blogger

If you’re intending to start up a website or blog, you’ve probably heard about WordPress and Blogger. They are known as two of the major platforms for blogging and heavy-text content creations that can be used for brand publication, marketing, information broadcasting, business promoting, or simply just for leisure writing.

Most people, particularly beginners usually find it difficult in choosing the right platform among the two, which is the reason we have created this article to enlighten you about both platforms, discuss the key differences both of them in depth, and help you to understand which one is right for you, and suitable for your needs.

This comparison between WordPress and Blogger (also known as Blogspot) will explain their differences and give you an idea of the reasons why we think you should choose WordPress instead of Blogger.

Note that for this comparison we will be making use of the services of wordpress.org, a self-hosted version of WordPress.

Let’s begin!

What is WordPress?

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

WordPress is a freemium blog service. It is an open source software that can be downloaded and used in creating a website. It kick started as a platform for blogging but can now be used to create any kind of website. It is a platform that was designed and has now been upgraded to help you build online content.

WordPress begins with a free plan, and then adds more premium levels, so the more you pay, the more features and control you get. You can find further information on the current pricing here.

On WordPress, you have full charge of your website, and it is suitable for you if you want to build a feature-rich page.

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What is Blogger?

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

Blogger is a free blogging service owned and controlled by Google. As the name suggests, is a simple way to create a blog. You just need a Google account with which you can sign in to Blogger, and you are good to go.

However, being as simple as it is, it has a less attractive user interface, and your options for customizing and building your site are quite limited.

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Key differences between WordPress and Blogger

……………… And why you should choose WordPress!

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

Blogger is a simple blog service which enables you to create a blog and publish it on the internet at once. While WordPress is a full-featured CMS (meaning Content Management System) for building websites. The differences between the two platforms are as follows.

1. Freedom

WordPress offers you the freedom to do virtually anything you want. You can also exercise such freedom on Blogger, but what is the use of freedom if it is limited?

2. Security

You have an added advantage of security when using Blogger because of the security offered by Google, which means you need not worry about securing your site and your server’s resources. WordPress is quite secured too. But as you would be in charge of hosting and managing your site you have to bear the burden of making backups and providing additional security for your site.

3. Ownership of your website

On WordPress, you own your site. You can publish whatever you want, whenever you want. You can customize and arrange your site the way you would like content to appear to viewers. Since you are self-hosting your website, only you can decide how to run your website and how long you want to run it.

On Blogger, you can post whatever you like, just as on WordPress but you do not own “the” site. It is owned by Google who reserves the right to shut down your site anytime they want to, even without tendering explanations of giving you genuine reasons for their actions. Google can also shut down it’s own services, which leads to an eventual shutdown of your site as well. This is not funny at all!

4. Appearance and personalization

Without an update by Google over a long time, Blogger looks like it is gradually dying.

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

Blogger has very few templates which makes customization difficult for users who have to remain stuck on the same similar uncustomizable interface for what looks like for eternity, but this is not the case with WordPress. WordPress presents users with thousands of free themes which are accessible to to every single person using the WordPress platform. You can also go for premium themes sold by markets if you can afford it.

Wordpress vs Blogger: Why you should choose Wordpress

By using WordPress, you have the power to customize your site and personalize it completely, according to your needs.

5. Features and support

On Blogger, certain features and extra functionalities you might need such as a contact form or subscribers form might be lacking. But on WordPress you can add almost everything that is available from the 46,000+ plugins offered by the WordPress platform. Blogger has no plugins for you.

On the aspect of support and association, WordPress has a very large support community which exists for the purpose of fostering learning and assistance between users and members of the WordPress team. This is another aspect where Blogger is lost and far behind.

6. Storage space

On Blogger, you have just 1GB of free space for all your uploads, and the only way you can increase this limited allocated space is by connecting your website to your Google Plus account for more storage, but on WordPress, you have an unlimited amount of storage place once you have a host.

7. Monetization

Many people go into website ownership, content creation and sharing for the purpose of sharing information, and also for making money. You can monetize your blogspot site and make money from it through an integration with Google’s Adsense. On WordPress you have Complete control over your site on how you want to run banners, adverts, and make money from them.

Our Verdict :

Although WordPress requires a bit more work than Blogger, it is the best platform we can recommended between the two, suitable for any type of website you want to create according to your projects.

You don’t need to fear about any shutdown on WordPress because you manage your data and time, and decide on what to do with your website, unlike google whereby you cannot work comfortably knowing fully well that google might either shut down your site, or stops it’s services any moment, which will lead you to a big loss of content data, and of course money.

In this “versus match” where the winner takes it all, we give it all to WORDPRESS!

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A lot of people start with Blogger, and with time they want something more and better which they cannot get on Blogger, so they move on to WordPress. Blogger is great for you if you have limited knowledge of web development and content creation, and intend to just have a page whereby you can do one or two minor tasks, nothing serious. Otherwise, go for WordPress and enjoy that rich looking, well-balanced and presentable website that you can get from using the platform.

If you have any further questions about WordPress, Blogger, or suggestions simply let us know by making use of the comments box below to let us know what you think.