Den of Thieves Movie Review

Den of Thieves Movie Review

Director:Christian Gudegast
With:Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Dawn Olivieri, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Evan Jones, Cooper Andrews, Lewis Tan, Maurice Compte, Mo McRae.
Release Date:Jan 19, 2018

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Den of thieves is an American Action Trailer firm created in 2018. The movie is written by Christian Gudegast, produced by GeraldButtler, Mark Canton and Tucker Tooley, and directed by Christian Gudegast. The movie starred various Hollywood Actors and Actresses such Gerald Buttler as Big Nick O’Brien, Curtis Jackson (50 cent) as Enson Levoux, O’shea Jackson Jr. as Donnie Wilson, Meadow Williams as Holly, Dawn Olivieri as O’Brien, and Pablo Schreiber as Ray Merrimen amongst others.The movie was officially released on the 19th day of January, 2018 and was distributed by STXfirms. The movie was created with $30 million but received a gross profit of about $80 million.

The movie talks about a group of County Sheriff Deputies whose aims were to stop a gang of thieves that planned to rob the United States Federal ReserveBank located in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, a group of robbers who were led by Ray merrimen (Pablo schreiber) made a violent armed attack and hijacked an armored truck.

The next morning, Detective Nick O’ Brien (Gerald Buttler) went to investigate the crime scene and suspected a local bar tender called Donnie (O’ Shea Jackson Jr.) to be involved in the hijack. To get Donnie for interrogation he (Nick O’Brien) kidnapped him from the bar and during the interrogation process, Donnie revealed that merrimen was planning to rob the Federal ReserveBank on Friday of that week.

Merrimen on the other hand, had one of his men interrogate Donnie at their hide out to find out whether he gave out information about the plot to rob the Federal Reserve Bank to the cops.

On the day of the robbery attack, the robbers first invaded a commercial bank and took customers hostage. This invasion was to get some commercial bank cash that will serve as deposits drop off for the reserve bank because people do not have access to enter into the reserve bank except for deposits. The robbers successfully escaped from the commercial bank and made their way to the reserve bank where they also got away with the cash stashed in a garbage truck that removes shredded bills from the reserve bank premises.

Nick’s team caught Donnie and beat him till he told them where merrimen was heading to. They also caught up with merrimen, Bosco and Levi and as they tried to escape with the cash. Merrimen and his boys were eventually killed.

Nick later discovered that the whole plot was made by Donnie who was later spotted in a London bar enjoying the money and planning another robbery to a nearby diamond shop.

Gudegast created this two hours and twenty minutes long movie that explains how bank robberies occur in Los Angeles California USA over the last year or years. Gudegast is clearly an avid student of heist to have laid this movie with a lot of specular complications as he muddles the viewer’s potential interest.

This movie was in development for roughly fourteen years. The firm has an average rating of 41% and a B+ on a scale of A-F.

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