Finding Balance and Harmony in Jupiter Trine Chiron Alignment  

Toxic is today’s word to describe the stresses that we have to endure every day. Dealing with people in a toxic workplace or managing a toxic household is difficult. Our busy schedules, on the other hand, makes it more taxing to find time to relax. So how to do we achieve the balance that we need to cope with stress? The planet’s alignment this month could be one solution.

November: Jupiter Trine Chiron

At the start of this month, Jupiter transits trine Chiron. This means planet Jupiter is in “trine” or positioned in a special angle of about 120° in the Zodiac circle. Trine in astrology, depicts harmony of powers.

Once the elements are in harmony, we can maximize its power by keeping a positive outlook and being more open-minded. In applying it to our daily lives, the first thing we should realize is that we often forget that it’s not the workplace or the home setup that is toxic, but it is the people who we deal with. Unknowingly, sometimes we, too, are “toxic”. Yes, we deal with universal stressors daily and different zodiacs react to stresses differently. But when we cannot manage our own emotions – the way we deal with other people gets affected.

With the prevalence of opioid and other prescription drug abuse, people who can’t manage stress are prone to get lured to abuse substances. Some would end up getting help from a rehab that allows cell phones to bring back the balance and regain sobriety.

But before anything gets worse, know that we can be in control. We can manage our own emotions. If we have a more positive outlook, our body and mind will benefit from it. We will be more open to experience new things. And whether our experiences are good or bad, our mind is prepared to be more understanding. We seek to connect the things that we encounter to something greater.

Seeking spiritual guidance

If you are not sure how you can find the meaning of things, there are mentors or spiritual person who can impart their knowledge to you and assist you in meditation. When we need to meditate, we can do so without traveling to other places. Our secured places can be imaginary or real. The important thing is we turn ourselves into an open vessel to welcome new perspectives.

When we keep a positive outlook in life, we develop a sense of hope. Achieving balance and harmony in our relationships with other people starts with ourselves. We just need to understand our characteristics – our strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies.

Regaining balance: Know thyself

When we find peace and harmony in ourselves, we can take control and heal our own pain. We can start by learning what our zodiacs tell about us.

  1. Aries – If you are an Aries, you are more prone to tension headaches as your stress manifests more in your physical state. You tend to be more private than the other zodiacs so you need to loosen up a bit and be open to other people’s ideas. You like to maintain control and power so you should be reminded that understanding yourself better will give you more control of your emotions and actions.

  2. Taurus – Taurus wants to be seen as always competent, so they are more prone to stresses when they cannot figure out how to keep things in balance. You prefer to take things slowly. When faced with stressors, you tend to retreat and take time off. This is one of your advantages as a Taurus. Taking a break helps you take things a step at a time, so long as you are not losing focus on your goals.

  3. Gemini – Gemini has a difficult way of handling inner chaos. As a Gemini, you tend to do the extreme opposite reactions when you face stress – either you lash out or isolate yourself from other people. When faced with a difficult situation, remember that it is always best to keep things in moderation – including our words. It pays to meditate to be more mindful of our responses.

  4. Cancer – If you are a Cancer, you will surely be more sensitive to stress. Cancers are natural psychics who have strong intuitions. However, too much sensitivity can also be difficult to handle when left unmanaged. You would either be combative or defensive. The key to keeping balance is to know two sides of the story firsthand.

  5. Leo – Leos are creative, active and outgoing. You easily manage stress since you are more outgoing. This month, you might be facing emotional issues. But you can handle it well so long as you stay open-minded and humble in admitting responsibility for things you’ve done.

  6. Virgo – Virgos are also prone to stressors when they tend to desire perfection. As a Virgo, you keep no stone unturned as you examine details. But you can cope up with stress when you learn to let go of things which you cannot control and accept them as they are. What you can control of is your own behavior and output, so keep your focus on those.

  7. Libra – As a Libra, you want to keep everything in balance. You hate it when you are treated unfairly. Remember that when you decide to confront the person, keep a calm mind and heart. You will be rewarded with the feeling of achieving fairness once it pays off.

  8. Scorpio – Scorpios hide their sensitive spot. Deadlines also stress you often. But your zodiac finds the union of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life important. Try to keep the balance by managing your time well.

  9. Sagittarius – Sagittarius want to constantly move and be with good company. Some of you would fret in a big crowd but you do not find happiness in isolating yourself, too. That could help you manage stress. You can recuperate from stress easily when you are open to talking to what bothers you to people whom you trust.

  10. Capricorn – Capricorns usually set a high standard and expect themselves to always do better. The high expectation you set on yourself will only pressure you – this can be good and bad. Either you get motivated or disheartened. The key to managing stress levels when things didn’t go the way you expected is to learn how to accept what you can and cannot do.

  11. Aquarius – You are a visionary who creates an ideal picture of the things you want to happen. However, when you don’t have it your way, you feel burdened and anxious. Always keep in mind that the vision should be grounded. Slow down a bit and build your momentum.

  12. Pisces – You are also a private person who feels stressed when facing the public. But while you want to keep things to yourself you also tend to be emphatic to how the other people are feeling. When you find the balance of how to react in different situations, you will definitely get by. Meditating will also help you a lot.

Once we know how we can maximize the alignment of planets and our characteristics, we can push our goals to achieve harmony, especially when we find ourselves caught in the middle of the chaos.