Latest WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects (SSCE, GCE) 2019

WAEC Syllabus for school candidates (May/June) and Private candidates (GCE) are available here.

Are you searching for the  latest WAEC syllabus to get you fired up for the coming West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)? If yes, your search ends here.

These syllabi are your guide to tackling WAEC questions and also expose you to nearly everything you need to know about the subjects you registered for. They are well-organized, specific and detailed. They are a form of communication between the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and candidates preparing for their exams.

We also discovered the reasons for poor performance in WAEC examinations every year. Our discovery led us to understand that poor performance in WASSCE are the results of students’ lack of knowledge of common pitfalls, coupled with inadequate coverage of syllabus and non-familiarity with test format.


So instead of searching for expo every time, why not prepare well by availing yourself with the necessary materials to excel. So, we have compiled the syllabus of some major subjects in WAEC for candidates preparing for May/June, Jan/Feb and Nov/Dec WASSCE. Some of the subjects include General Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English Language, Literature – in – English,  Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,  Agricultural Science, Government, Economics, Geography, Civic Education, Christian Religious Studies,  Islamic Studies, Financial Accounting, Commerce and many more.

Most students believe it’s easy to use certain WAEC Cheat to pass the WAEC Examination and because of that mindset they don’t prepare and many students have been writing the exam over and over.

Fact: In in the Presence of cheats in the Exam, there is still possibilities of failing the exam.

First, I have to suggest few reasons why most secondary school students fail WAEC Examinations and most Post secondary school examinations like JAMB  Etc…

Top 4 Reasons Students fail Waec and eventually Cheat to Pass Waec Exam.

  • Lack of Preparation
  • Relying on Waec runz
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Not writing the whole subjects applied for

Lack Of Preparation:

Most Waec Students don’t have time to prepare for the exam, otherwise, their mind is ” We will surely get answers in the hall”Some start preparing 1 month to the exam thinking it’s the best strategy. But today I am spelling it at straight, if you want to pass waec in 2019 then you must start preparing at most, 4  months before the exam.

I wrote a very important post on how to pass Jamb in 2020, where I shared 15 tips that will definitely make anyone score high.

Do you know the number one tip I shared?This is it, Get drunk with Study. Yes, you heard me right. Success is not free, you have to pay a price for it. Even in free town, you must pay the price for the price. The same rule applies to waec. Stop looking for waec cheat to pass the exam. The best Cheat is your brain. To be frank, when I wrote my own exam, we were given waec cheat,  can I shock you. 60% of the answers were confirmed wrong. Secondly, the school was penalized for examination practice and our results where withheld. I had no option than to write Neco. Waec has many easy ways for expo but yet it’s the easiest exam to fail. So don’t joke with it, without it you can’t get admission
Don’t waste your time on things that don’t mean so much to you.

Relying on Waec Runz

Would you want to waste all your time and money? Yes sometimes it’s easy to get answers in the hall, and some times it is not. The problem is, not all are solved correctly as in my case. Which means even if you were promised malpractice you have to still read very hard to pass the exam. It’s good to be on the safer side always.

Poor Handwriting.

To remind you, there is no such thing as a cheat to pass waec Student’s with bad handwriting always place adverse effects on their result. Waec is a handwritten examination and for you to please the examiner to get a good mark you must be able to write clearly and smart.This is why many students fail, they know the answers but due to poor handwriting, they get poor marks.

Take note: In Waec English Language paper you would be scored for your handwriting, in the letter writing aspect the most important thing to know is to spell correctly because examiners deduct marks from wrong spelling.

In overall before you write Waec learn how to write clear and boldly

Not writing the subjects you applied for

No subject is less important in Waec, in other to pass waec make sure you write all the subjects you applied for, you never know which will help you. In a nutshell, write every subject perfectly.

Best Cheats to Pass Waec and get A+

I will recommend you try to make Waec in one sitting, it really gives you more advantages in Examinations.

  1. Even if anyone promises Waec runz you still have to study and don’t fully rely on them.
  2. Make sure you don’t take any form of irregularities to the exam like phones or notes sneaked with you if you get caught by the supervisors you would be punished.
  3. Don’t believe any website that promises to help you get answers a night before the exam, 87% of them are fake.
  4. Practicals give you mark more in Waec for the Science students, get your specimen ready in time, most schools can help with this, prepare for it before the exam.
  5. Answer carefully, it’s good to start with the theory before the subjects
  6. Don’t feel so intelligence as a friend if you can but silently in a way you don ‘t get noisy as it will be on your own if you get caught.
  7. Arrive in the hall in time and revise.
  8. I always say this and will always say this, it’s not about intelligence but smartness
  9. Improve your handwriting.
  10. Pray and be Hopeful

To Download WAEC Syllabus of all subject kindly click Below Link:


To Download WAEC Syllabus of all subject kindly click here