Netflix to Launch Mobile-only Streaming Plan

Netflix has confirmed that it will launch a new subscription plan that only allows users to transmit content on a mobile device.

The only mobile plan has been tested in several different countries. The plan allows you to view all the Netflix content you want, but only on one smartphone or tablet at a time, that is, not on your TV, not through a streaming device (such as a Roku), and not on your PC or laptop.

Netflix in a letter to investors published yesterday, the company described Netflix’s mobile-only plan as “an effective way to introduce more people in India to Netflix and to further expand our business in a market where ARPU TV (average income per user) is low (below $ 5). ”

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At the moment, we do not know what the plan price for Netflix mobile devices will be, but the tests that were done previously were priced at Rs 250 ($ 3.63) per month.

The company said its mobile-only plan will initially be launched in India, although it could be expanded to other markets where the average pay per user of pay TV is less than $ 5. We still do not know if it could expand to countries like Nigeria after the initial test in the Indian market.

But this will definitely be an effective way to increase the subscriber base with a cheaper price. Would you subscribe to this Netflix plan only for mobile devices if it finally started in your country?