Shazam App Review — How to Download and Install Shazam App on Android and IOS


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Shazam Music App Review

How to download and install the Shazam music app on all android and iOS devices.

We are used to hearing songs play on radio stations, in the streets, walkways and other random places, and at times a couple or more of such songs sound unfamiliar to us. If it’s a song that you fancy, you might want to ask people around for the title of the song or the singer’s name. With Shazam Music App, you won’t need to go through the long stressful process of stopping and approaching random passersby just to enquire about a song that is playing on air. Even if you already have the song in your phone or computer, you might love it to the extent that you just want to sing to every lyric of the song while it plays. The Shazam Music App is very useful also in this regard.

Shazam Music App

Shazam Music App is a popular music and media app available for Android and iOS that allow users identify songs, movies and TV shows with just one click. It is an easy to use app, presented in a lightweight application size but with a bold and standardized interface.

How it works?

Shazam Music App relies on internet packet data for it’s operational activities. It works by “listening” to the audio sound playing with the use of the app’s in-built microphone. It then goes ahead to automatically search online for every detail of the song playing, such as album, song title, artiste name, genre, lyrics, related tracks and many more.

Sometimes, the Shazam Music App user may need to move closer to the source of audio for a better input and accurate results.

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Upside of Shazam App

  • Shazam Music App is a very fast and easy to use app
  • The interface is simplistic and minimalist
  • It offers a large music database
  • Discovers new music and movies for you
  • Shows you lyrics and details of any media files of your choice
  • Can also display the full biography and other details of all your favorite artistes
  • Identifies music with a single click
  • Capable of running on low-end smartphones
  • Helps you discover concert, shows, and ticket details
  • Connects to your social media to share what you are doing with your friends

Downside of Shazam App

  • The Shazam Music App relies on constant internet data connection which could be expensive
  • Some users have reported that this Music App freezes and hangs at times. But from our experience, we believe that this issue depends on the specifications of your phone, and the strength of your internet connection
  • The app lives on the RAM and CPU of your phone
  • Could be slow sometimes
  • You may need to purchase the full app in order to enjoy certain premium features

Download Shazam

1. For Android

Users of android devices can download the Shazam app on the official market place for Android applications below

Or alternatively from the following sites below

2. For iOS

Users of iOS devices can download the Shazam app on the official market place for iOS applications below

You can also visit the official Shazam app websitefor further information.

Our Take

Shazam is a very beneficial app, judging by our experience and many positive reviews from users on the online communities. It can help you discover a lot of music, movies, and help you with the details and information you need concerning every music, actor, singer, or movie you like.

With the application getting frequent latest updates for Android and iOS users, music and entertainment lovers are having the experience of their lives with the pleasures and luxuries offered by Shazam Music App.

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