The Best Travel Places in the World to Live and Spend your Entire Live Without Much Stress

The Best Travel Places in the World to Live and Spend your Entire Live Without Much Stress

Are you searching for the Best Travel Places in the World ? All travelers seek new impressions and always wonder if there are increasingly interesting and exciting places to visit in the world. Of course there is!

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There is absolutely no doubt about that, so many people travel for lots of reasons.. some of the those reasons are;

1. To Get out of your comfort zone
Try a meal you never thought you would like, immerse yourself in a different culture and spend some time in a place where English is not the first language. Getting out of your comfort zone is fun!

Are not you religious? Explore the beautiful cathedrals of Western Europe and learn about its rich history. Fear of heights? Maybe now is the time to conquer mountaineering in one of the Seven Summits.

Do you feel a bit out of shape, but intimidated by the idea of ​​exercising? Nothing like the motivation of the steep (but beautiful) cities of the slopes of Greece to get on the climber! When you leave your comfort zone, you not only expand your perspective of the outside world, but you also learn a little more about yourself.

2. Learn to be independent
Taking a solo trip abroad can sound scary for those who have spent their lives next to parents, best friends or an important person, which is exactly why you should take a solo trip now.

Throwing yourself into a different country or culture encourages you to think about your feet, and is super empowering! Nothing generates confidence, such as learning to navigate on your own and making your own decisions abroad, be it the attractions to explore during the day or where to dine.

Not having anyone else to trust, and no one else trusting you (ahem, your children) is strangely liberating and such an amazing experience in your adult years.

3. Material possessions lose their value
It only takes one trip to put into perspective the value of money and material possessions.

I will not throw around the cliché of “money can not buy happiness”, because it can; money can buy you airline tickets, and a room in a hotel with hidden gems, and authentic international cuisine, but the latest model of iPhone or a pair of designer sunglasses seem so insignificant when you put everything in perspective! Learn to budget your money adequately in your daily life, and you will have plenty to explore new cities comfortably.

4. Learn a new language
No matter how many semesters of Spanish you took in college or in the Rosetta Stone programs you’ve started (but you’ve never finished), nothing compares to first-hand immersion when it comes to learning seriously about a new language.

The wonderful thing about learning a language in a native environment is that it takes little or no effort on your part. Locating yourself in the center of a foreign-speaking country, especially in rural areas where English is less common, is by far the best and easiest way to master a second or third language.

5. Meet people who may not otherwise
Even if you live in the most diverse cities, you will not experience the hospitality and friendliness that much of the world offers to travelers passing through your cities!

You will find points in common with the most unpleasant friends, you will share meals with neighbors or foreigners that you find on the train will offer you a place to stay. I discovered that staying in hostels is one of the easiest ways to meet other travelers, but even starting a conversation with the waiters in local cafes can take a lifelong friend and contact abroad!

6. Escape the patterns of everyday life
Often, we are so caught up in our daily routines and busy schedules that we forget that there is more life to live beyond our backyard. Planning a trip abroad can awaken creativity and give you something to look forward to, even months in advance.

It’s time to get rid of the boredom of the constant day-to-day patterns and start packing your bags for the vacations of your life.

7.Traveling is education
Every second that passes in a different country is a second that happens learning about another way of life. Whether the locals dress, eat, interact or earn a living, seeing that their own way of life is not the only way to live is quite humiliating.

Many well-known travel agencies and magazines publish their own list of the best places to travel that are worth visiting.

But do you want to know which places are the best in the world according to new update? See the list below. It is based on the analysis of the comments, the descriptions of the photos, where users talk about the cities and destinations they have visited, express their own opinion and share experiences with friends. As a result of this research, you can see the list of the best places to travel in the world.

The number one among the main travel destinations is a wonderful “jewel of travel” of France, the famous city of Paris, known for its museums, galleries, cathedrals and parks. In the second place we see the most visited city in East Asia, Bangkok. The third line is occupied by the city of London with its world-famous attractions, museums and London buses.

The Best Travel Places in the World to Live and Spend your Entire Live Without Much Stress

  • Paris, France 
  • Bangkok, Thailand 
  • London, UK 
  • New York, USA 
  • Beijing, China 
  • Rome, Italy 
  • Machu Picchu, Peru 
  • Barcelona, Spain 
  • Mexico city, Mexico 
  • San Francisco, USA