Tips for Securing an Employment Visa in Singapore

Tips for Securing an Employment Visa in Singapore

Singapore is a highly preferred destination by expatriates wishing to work abroad. This is due to factors like political stability and a high degree of safety, world-class infrastructure, policies that support business, and respect for the rule of law, among other factors. The Singaporean government regulates the number of immigrants, so it takes effort to be a legit worker in the island country.

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Below are some tips that can help one to secure an employment visa in Singapore:

  • Present a winning CV

When applying for an employment visa, the CV is one of the most critical things. You must ensure that the CV they will look at is an incredible one by having the right experience matched with the right job. It is advisable to avoid going for jobs that are unrelated to your experience since that may be a good ground to deny you the visa.

  • Present your academic documents

The application for an employment visa requires you to include your educational documents as well. Nevertheless, you should not present just any educational document, but those which show that you obtained a degree from a reputable institution or university. The point here is that a degree increases your chances of securing an employment pass to work in Singapore

  • Give relevant references

At times, your educational documents may not be sufficient, and that is when you need to provide written references from companies that you have worked with in the past. These companies should be trusted and reputable so that prospective employers can count on then to confirm your skills as a qualified person in your area of specialization.

  • Ensure that your salary meets the threshold

You need to ensure that the salary for the job you have applied for meets the threshold, which is $3,600 per month. The fact that the applicant can secure a job with a salary that meets the threshold shows that they have or had a good job that they were working at previously. Furthermore, it affirms that the applicant has all of the requisite qualifications to have a position attracting such a remuneration.

  • Engage a reliable immigration agent

You cannot apply for an employment pass on your own, but your new employer or a government-approved immigration agency can apply for you. It is crucial that you work with a reliable immigration agent that has a history of success in helping applicants secure their visa hassle-free. One of the best agents available is Singapore Visa Express.

  • Get a good company to support your application

To stand a higher chance of success in getting your employment visa, you need to support your application with a good company. So what are good companies? These are typically companies that have been operational for a reasonably long period, which can be anywhere in the range of 3 to 5 years. When it comes to issuing employment visas, employees of companies that have been running for a long time are always preferred compared to those of new companies. Besides making it easier to get an employment visa, a company that has been in existence for several years is proof to the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) that it can pay its salaries.

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  • Align yourself with a niche industry

In some of the instances, the skills on your CV are not enough to get you an employment visa. Having niche skills can help you to get faster approval of your employment pass. For example, techies and freelancers are in high demand in almost every industry, so their applications are prioritized. You should not limit yourself on what you can do but should go further and explore the most sought-after skills today.


Securing an employment visa in Singapore can be a demanding task, but with the right skills, appropriate education documents, and using some hacks, you can make it. Some things that can mean getting or missing the visa include choosing the right designation, including the appropriate set of skills especially those not common in the local market, and helping the company applying for you to make a good profile for you.