Top 10 schools in Germany offering Free Tuition and scholarships to Nigerian Students

Education in Nigeria

Over recent years, education in Nigeria has been made top priority, and has received massive boost within the country, and a high level of support from international bodies and different foreign organizations. Universities and colleges of advanced learning has been established in high numbers to meet up with the demands but they’re still not enough due to the number of students willing to study owing to the emphasis laid on education in the country.

Citizens of Nigeria have been opportune to enjoy quality education, either self sponsored, or sponsored by both local and foreign groups in form of scholarships.

Nigerians who are interested in schooling have also been privileged to enjoy free education, both in the country and overseas, with many institutions in different countries offering readily available free education to foreigners who include people from Nigeria.

Top 10 schools in Germany offering Free Tuition and scholarships to Nigerian Students

If you’re interested in studying and you wish to travel to Europe in order to further your education, and you are being restrained by lack of finance to take care of your tuition and personal needs overseas for the duration of your course of study, we invite you to take a seat on the front row as we highlight you on the schools in the European country of Germany that offers completely free, high quality education to Nigerians free of charge. Yes! You read that right. Study in Germany for free!

These universities are open to Nigerians looking to further their studies in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of higher education.

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Why study in Germany?

By now you’ll be wondering why you or anybody you know should consider traveling to Germany to study. The following are the reasons why we believe that studying in Germany is better than you actually think it is.

  • Free tuition — Many institutions in Germany offer free tuition to foreigners at no cost at all.
  • High quality education — This is another great reason for you to study in a great country like Germany. Despite that it is free, education in Germany is of high quality, and can be rated miles ahead of what is dished out to Nigerians in most expensive private universities.
  • Recognized institutions — Free doesn’t always mean cheap. These institutions in Germany that offer completely free education to foreigners are globally recognized and accredited by all professional standards.
  • Excellent curriculum — These German schools offer some of the best education out there, designed to produce professionals as graduates. Which is way better than what is being dished out to students of Nigeria today.
  • Serene environment — Studying in Nigeria is a task on it’s own. A lot of Nigerians can testify to the hostility and pressure that accompanies getting a degree in this country. But it’s a different ball game entirely when it comes to studying in Germany. You get to enjoy peace and comfort like never before if you choose to study in a less hostile environment like in Germany.
  • No discrimination — International students, including Nigerians do not have to worry about ethnic or racial discrimination because there’s a level field for everyone studying in Germany. You don’t have to worry about anything in this regard.
  • Study in any Language — In case you’re wondering if you have to learn German to be able to study in Germany, don’t even think about it because you have the option to choose whatever globally official language such as French, English, and so on to study in.
  • Study anything — All courses and learning field are available in these institutions. You can study anything you want.

What are the requirements?

Before we list out these good schools in Germany where you can get high quality, high level education free of charge, we would like to update you on the whats and what nots that are required and expected from you by the institutions in Germany.

1. A good CGPA

They say charity begins at home, isn’t it? You first start to getting a chance to enjoy free upper education in Germany is to have a great result. Nigerians dreaming of studying abroad in any school or country of their choice are in most cases, expected to come forward with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 in a 5 point grading system. In some other cases, the expectations can increase anywhere between CGPA of 3.0 to 4.5 in a 5 point grading system.

2. Good test scores

If you meet the required status about, you’ll be presented with some series of tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, German proficiency tests, and other important tests in which you are expected to perform above average before you can be considered.

3. Submission of documents

You’ll further be required to obtain and fill an application form stating your interest in studying in any of the schools we will list below. You are expected to obtain documents showing that you’re eligible for admission. These documents include:

  • Birth certificate
  • National ID card
  • Statement of result or original copy of result for post graduates
  • WAEC result for undergraduates
  • Health certificate

To broaden your chances, we advise you to apply for as many schools as you can, so that your chances of success will be increased.

Top 10 Universities in Germany that offer free education to Nigerians

Many Universities in Germany provide free education to foreigners who plan on studying in the country and working if permitted, but we have handpicked some of the best among them, and have listed them below.

Top 10 schools in Germany offering Free Tuition and scholarships to Nigerian Students

1. Humboldt University of Berlin

2. Free University of Berlin

3. University of Cologne

4. Technical University of Berlin

5. Leipzig University

6. Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

7. Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

8. Otto-Fredrick University, Bamberg

9. University of Bayreuth

10. Goethe University, Frankfurt

  • Some worthy mentions

This list includes a mention of some other notable schools in Germany which offers education to foreigners including Nigerian students for free.

1. RWTH Aachen University

2. University of Hamburg

3. Bielefeld University

4. Hamburg Media School

5. International School of Management, Dortmund

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