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Civic Education Examination Questions for SS2 School Students



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Civic Education Examination Questions for SS2 School Students2018/2019 FIRST TERM EXAMINATION


Subject: Civic Education            Class: SS 2            Time: 1 Hour ½ Hours

Instruction: Answer ALL Questions in this Section


1.       Which of these is NOT an attributes of the right attitude to work? (a) punctuality       (b) consistency (c) nepotism (d) discipline

2.       Exhibition of wrong or improper behvaiour is a ………….. (a) serious behaviour           (b) positive behaviour (c) negative behaviour (d) later beahviour in life

3.       Unacceptable behaviour in the society also connotes violation of the ………… (a) social science (b) social norms (c) social gathering (d) religious ethics

4.       EFCC, ICPC, code of conduct Bureau are ………… in Nigerian society (a) law breaker  (b) law enforcement agents (c) law enforcement disorganization (d) corruption promoters

5.       The organisation that conduct population census in Nigeria is …………. (a) INEC         (b) EFCC (c) NPC (d) OPC

6.       Some of the right citizens enjoy are social and are contained in a document called ………….. (a) human rights file (b) human right document (c) law pamphlet              (d) constitution of the land

7.       Fair play, justice, good governance and equity are ………….. of the rule of law            (a) benefits (b) factors (c) reactions (d) motion

8.       Supremacy of the law forbids ………………… (a) “impartiality” (b) “fairness”                      (c) “incorruptibility” (d) “elitism”

9.       Voting means an act of formal expression of one’s opinion by ………….. (a) rigging     (b) being voted (c) ballot (d) thuggery

10.     Voters …………….. is the duty of electoral commission (a) management (b) register     (c) registration (d) all of the above

11.     ………… are issued to voters after registration (a) voters paper (b) voters uniform      (c) voters cards (d) ballot papers

12.     All but one are factors responsible for non-conformity ………….. (a) parental neglect  (b) excessive demands upon a child (c) rigid authority (d) parental niceties

13.     Value disorientation, high crime rate, economic shortage and disregard for life of people are the …………. of negative behaviour (a) act (b) effects (c) rates (d) all of the above

14.     An election conducted to fill a position vacated by a politician as a result of resignation, death etc is called …………. (a) primary election (b) plebiscite (c) bye-election (d) run-off election

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15.     A process through which someone shows support for a candidate into an elective office or position is termed ……………. (a) election (b) voting (c) campaign (d) impersonation

16.     National security is about ………… (a) keeping a country clean (b) keeping a country one (c) employing many soldiers (d) ensuring peaceful co-existence nation

17.     The collective name of the Army, Navy and Air Force is …………… (a) soldiers in ranks (b) army robbers (c) armed forces (d) all of the above

18.     One of the roles of citizens in maintaining National Security is to ………… (a) display patriotism (b) display stubborn arrogance against foreigners (c) display weapons of power (d) abandon literacy

19.     One of these is not among the need for self employment? (a) reduces poverty in the land (b) assistance to show talent (c) creates affluence (d) becoming employer of labour

20.     Self worth, merit or esteem which an individual or group of people have for an idea or an object is termed ……………. (a) aesthetics (b) love (c) motivations (d) value

21.     The act of showing love and respect, and helping others regardless of their background is termed …………. (a) justice (b) honesty (c) selflessness (d) fair play

22.     All the following but ONE are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS ………… (a) dry cough         (b) weigh lost (c) obesity (d) respiratory complication

23.     The act of giving a bad name to a person living with a particular problem is termed …………… (a) hatred (b) labeling (c) stigmatization (d) bullying

24.     An individual member of Nigeria who has certain rights, privileges, etc is called …………… (a) alien (b) citizen (c) spy (d) Nigerian         

25.     A two-chambered legislature is otherwise called …………… (a) National Assembly       (b) Federal house (c) bicameral-law making body (d) State house of Assembly

26.     Citizenship by conferment is also called ………….. (a) honorary citizenship (b) elite citizenship (c) dual citizenship (d) Naturalization

27.     A constitution that can be easily amended is called ………… constitution (a) rigid       (b) flexible (c) written (d) unwritten

28.     A major difference between a political party and other organized pressure groups is that political party seeks to (a) win selection (b) rig election (c) change government policy (d) acquire political power through electoral processes

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29.     Political parties elect their leaders through party ……….. (a) constitution (b) congress (c) elections (d) primaries

30.     Political parties engages in the following negative methods of competing for power EXCEPT (a) training thugs and terrorists (b) character assassination (c) election rigging (d) campaigning on issues

31.     Non-participation in political activities by a citizen is called …………. (a) political apathy (b) political indifference (c) apartheid (d) political slogan

32.     One of the reasons for non-participation in politics is ………… (a) illiteracy (b) good governance (c) political parties (d) political right     

33.     The policy of racial discrimination based on complexion practiced in South Africa is termed ………….. (a) indirect rule (b) welfarism (c) apartheid (d) assimilation

34.     The deliberate act of preventing an adult electorate to vote is termed ……………..       (a) suffrage (b) franchisment (c) disenfranchisement (d)civil liberty

35.     A restriction on movement and engagement in daily activities through a governmental pronouncement is termed (a) limitation on human right (b) curfew (c) arson             (d) violation of human right

36.     Fundamental human rights can be classified into the following except (a) political     (b) social (c) religion (d) economic

37.     The right to freedom of assembly and freedom of movement falls into the category of ……………… right (a) political (b) social (c) economic (d) legal

38.     The following are drug law enforcement agencies with exception of …………. (a) Police (b) NDLEA (c) NAFDAC (d) EFCC

39.     When a substance is taken into the body and it changes the functioning for good, it is known as ……………. (a) drug (b) medicine (c) test (d) self medication

40.     ……………. is not a type of employment (a) self-employment  (b) full employment      (c) underemployment (d) over-employment

41.     The following are features of capitalist democracy with the exception of                    (a) constitution government (b) pluralism (c) individualism (d) dependent judiciary

42.     A legal member of a state with full constitutional rights is called ………. (a) individual (b) corporate entity (c) citizen (d) citizenship

43.     Who is the current Secretary General of UN (a) Kofi Annan (b) Emeka Anyaku           (c) Bankimoon (d) Antonio Guterres

44.     An established system of political administration of a state is termed (a) judiciary       (b) legislature (c) government (d) executive

45.     A published proceedings of a legislative house is termed …………. (a) bill (b) news      (c) hansard (d) gazette

46.     Before the independence in 1960, Nigeria used the British Flag known as the …………….. (a) coat of arm (b) union jack (c) mace (d) gavel


47.     The white or ream coloured head covering worn by judges as a distinguishing sign is called …….. (a) head gear (b) cap (c) wig (d) wek

48.     The acronym “PVC” means ……………. (a) party Visionary Council (b) Permanent Voters Card (c) Permanent Voter Card (d) Party Voters Card

49.     The innovation introduced by INEC to check the use of fake voter’s card is called ………….. (a) card reader machine (b) digital photo album (c) computerized voters register (d) none of the above

50.     Food basket of the nation is to Benue while ……… is to Ebonyi (a) coal city state        (b) gateway state (c) salt of the Nation (d) young shall grow

51.     …………… is a type of election organized in order for citizens to vote for a decision on a subject (a) plebiscite (b) referendum (c) run-off (d) bye-election

52.     Who is the immediate past Chief Justice of Nigeria? (a) Dalhatu Musfapha (b) Dahiru Mohammed (c) Aloama Muktar (d) Walter Nkanu Onnoghen         


Instruction: Answer any Two questions in Section B and Two questions in Section C

1.       According to available statistics, Nigeria rarely witness high percentage of voters turnout during elections and other related activities;

a.       Mention five factors you think contributes to this kind of apathy.  (5 Marks)  

b.       Highlight any four factors that could encourage political participation. (5 Marks)

2a.     What is political party? (2 Marks)

b.       Highlight four factors that enhance the success of political parties at the poll.

(8 Marks)     

3.       Enumerate Eight (8) factors militating against the growth and advancement of democracy in Nigeria. (10 Marks)


4a.     What is responsible parenthood? (2 Marks)

b.       List and explain four qualities of responsible parenthood. (8 Marks)  

5a.     What is drug? (2 Marks)

b.       Mention three types of elicit drugs that you know and describe two ways of administrating each of them. (8 Marks)

6a.     What is human right? (2 Marks)

b.       Highlight FOUR limitations to Human Right. (8 Marks)



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