Computer Safety Measures

Computer safety measures simply refers to ethical  and vivid /precise precautionary measures accurately taken in order to ensure safety or protection of the computer system from danger or subsequent attacks. Computer safety measures can also be likened to computer security where users make  use of the computer while keeping it absolutely  safe from threats and attacks. Computer security can be defined as controls  and safety measures that are put in place to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all components of computer systems.

The computer profession, like any other is full of risk. The system unit and monitor emit or dissipate heats that are harmful to the body.

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Safety Measures

These are the precaution that computer professionals should be aware of when using the computer to avoid health problems and accidents.

Safety measures to be taken are:

  1. Good ventilation: The need for air conditioner or fan is necessary for the computer user to be comfortable.
  2. Setting computers: When setting a computer room the following must be taken:The computer must be space apart,free entry and exit, computer library should be close to the computer room.
  3. Dust free environment: Dust should be prevented as often as possible in the computer. The floor must always be kept clean , the computer and it’s peripheral should be covered using the dust cover after use.
  4. Protection from power problems: The surge protectors, the use of stabilizer and UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) must be upheld to prevent any damage caused by power fluctuations.
  5. Good lightening: The computer room should be well illuminated, use of LED( Lead emitter display) bulbs should be used to provide light to make the room bright for all the activities carried out.
  6. Keeping liquid away from the computer room.

Computer Ethics

Computer room is a building where computers are kept for staffs and students to use in an organization.

Examples Schools, Hospitals, Government establishments, private businesses, and so on.

Computer Laboratory Rules and Regulations

  1. Computer games are prohibited
  2. Eating and drinking in computer rooms are prohibited
  3. Any behaviour that interferes with the work of other students or user and staffs is prohibited.
  4. Users are required to take all reasonable precautions to maintain the integrity of passwords.
  5. Any attempt to interfere with the integrity of the systems or data stored on any system is prohibited.
  6. It is an offense to use or store unlicensed software on any system.