Filing a Mesothelioma Claim–How to File a Mesothelioma Claim Without Stress

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim–How to File a Mesothelioma Claim Without Stress

Mesothelioma claims include legal, benefits and insurance claims. Personal injury and wrongful death claims are the primary types of claims filed. Filing a mesothelioma claim can help patients or their loved ones get financial compensation expenses caused by an asbestos-related illness.

How It Works-Start Your Case Evaluation

In going about this process, few information about you will be extracted accordingly, your diagnosis and location of asbestos exposure to determine your legal options will also be accessed.

You can start with a quick case evaluation and get the best attorney today for you and your family.

  • Get the compensation you deserve
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • Avoid the courtroom has served as an advocacy center that provides hope and delivers quality resources and information for patients and loved ones coping with mesothelioma. Our vision is a world where everyone with mesothelioma has free access to information, services and support to overcome this disease and live longer, healthier lives alongside their loved ones.

Several of the nation’s top mesothelioma specialists medically review the information we offer you, and they share their professional stories about the latest treatments and their medical perspectives on the asbestos-related cancer.

We also understand everyone’s mesothelioma cancer journey is different. That’s why we developed our free personalized guide that’s tailored to you and your unique situation.

 How It Works

Start Your Case Evaluation

We’ll learn about you, your diagnosis and location of asbestos exposure to determine your legal options.

Choose an Attorney

We’ll help you and your family choose the best attorney based on your unique needs.

Meet Your Attorney

Your attorney will come to your home to discuss your legal rights before you sign anything.


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We exist as an informational website that educates the public about the dangers of asbestos and asbestos-related diseases.

2) Is a nonprofit entity?

No. is a for-profit company because of the way we are funded. However, users are not charged for receiving our literature or items, or for using any of our other free services.

3) Am I obligated to use the services of

No. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to take advantage of our services. You do not need to pay us any money, and you do not need to retain an attorney recommended by to receive the services we offer. Our services are 100 percent free, and you can use as many or as few of our services as you like.

Although we can, on occasion, answer questions about asbestos products or a person’s likelihood of exposure to asbestos in a particular situation, our primary expertise is on asbestos-related diseases, and we focus our energies on that.

5) Where is located, and do I need to be in your area to receive your assistance?

We are located in Orlando, FL. Our address is: 1 S. Orange Ave, Suite 301 Orlando, FL 32801. We help people throughout the United States and Canada. Indeed, on some occasions, we may help people outside of those areas. Most of the assistance we provide can be handled over the phone or by email, so our visitors do not need to be in our area to receive assistance.

6) Do I need to pay for the packet offered on

No. As stated on the website, the packet is free to users in the United States and Canada. We usually ship it overnight using FedEx. Because we prioritize shipment of the packet to those suffering from mesothelioma, there may be some circumstances in which you do not receive the entire packet or receive it in the usual delivery time.

7) Am I entitled to receive help if I reside outside of the United States or Canada?

Because much of the information provided in the packet is in digital form, we may email you many of the packet materials. You may also utilize the support group. The other services are primarily directed at visitors in the U.S. and Canada.

8) What is a Patient Advocate?

A Patient Advocate is an employee of who helps a patient or family with issues that commonly arise following the diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease. Our team of Patient Advocates includes a doctor, nurse, attorney, U.S. Armed Forces veteran, Spanish-language speaker and many others. Collectively, we have assisted thousands of mesothelioma sufferers, so there are very few issues pertaining to an asbestos-related disease that we cannot help with.

No. We are not a medical facility, and we are not a law firm. Therefore, you should speak with a doctor for medical advice or an attorney for legal advice. Furthermore, any information you share with a Patient Advocate will not be covered by the attorney-client privilege or the doctor-patient privilege.