Online Marketing Strategies for Treatment Centers  

Online Marketing Strategies for Treatment Centers  

Marketing addiction centers may sound complicated. Most people feel that marketing and treatment centers do not go together. But there is a lot of value that these organizations can provide to their prospects through online marketing.

Statistics suggest that there 10% of Americans have a drug abuse problem. Close to 75% of them report not getting treatment for their addiction. You can promote your addiction center and provide life-saving services. You can provide information to those seeking help for alcoholics and treatment of drug abuse. Here are some of the effective strategies you can use to market your content online.

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Content Marketing Opportunities

There are several ways you can market your website with content marketing. With a little creativity, you can generate high-quality content. Like in all marketing endeavors you need to ask yourself, what are your audiences looking for?  For example, if you are a rehab that allows smoking, then you will want to create content around that topic. You could create a landing page or blog post on questions like “can you smoke in rehab?’

  • Interpretation of scientific publications: There are many websites like NIDA that publish research findings on an ongoing basis. The topics are often broad and written in technical language. This gives you a lot of content to work with. Whether you want to write about getting help for alcoholics or explain treatment for prescription medication there are many publications you can interpret and create value for your audiences.

  • Images and infographics: Allows you to break down statistics and technical data into information your audiences can understand. They make your content more visual and interesting. If you properly format your images, Google will send higher quality traffic to your site.

  • Video: Also helps you explain complicated concepts visually. Parts of the anatomy, procedures, equipment, etc.

  • Email Newsletters: You can send regular updates and news to your prospects and generate hits and shares. Email marketing can also be used to capture leads from search engines.

  • Press Releases: You can use press releases whenever you have a new product or service in the offing. Professionally done press releases can give you visibility and even generate backlinks to your site.

Optimize PPC Marketing

PPC (Pay Per Click) as the name suggests you pay only when your prospects click the ad. One reason many companies have moved from traditional advertising is that this type of ad is highly targeted and affordable. You can use a wide range of keywords to target your audience.

However, PPC can be expensive if it is not structured properly. You need to come up with a strategy that is affordable and effective. For example, instead of targeting all keywords, you can choose to focus on the highly competitive and difficult keywords.

You will need to acquire certification if you are to advertise on a site like Google. In 2017 a long list of keywords associated with addiction centers prompted Google to ban advertisers from using those keywords. Google now requires you to have LegitScript Certification if you are to advertise on its platform.

Take Advantage of Local SEO

Before you get to local SEO, you need to ensure that your page has a proper structure and layout. It needs to have meta tags and be optimized for mobile. Therefore, you should consider adopting a responsive design for your website.

  • Short Titles and Meta Tags: Since a significant amount of traffic coming to your site is from mobile, shorter titles are easier for your site visitors to read.

  • Address: Ensure you have listed the name of your business, address and phone number at appropriate places on your website. You can place these details on the contact page, footer and locations page.

  • Google My Business: Google My Business allows you to create a business profile with information such as the address and location of your business. For your rehab center, it can boost your mobile searches by providing the information on your business profile. Google updates its features from time to time. For treatment centers, you can get the best results by adding a booking button, video, description, and other relevant details.

Collaborate with Industry Peers

Another strategy that could be fruitful for addiction centers is collaboration. Collaboration has become more popular with online marketers in recent times. Working with others can boost the image of your brand, and help you establish yourself as an authority.

One way you can achieve this is by producing content with others in your industry. This type of content can remain relevant for a long time. Some people choose to work together to produce a series of articles or blogs.

For collaboration to work, you will need to pick a partner who is the right fit. Otherwise, your content marketing efforts will not amount to much due to conflicts. You need to consider the skill set, experience, and preferences of your partners. Many people will elect to use a healthcare consulting firm to help with marketing and collaborations. With the right partner, you can exchange skills and achieve much more in the process.

Highly Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you send targeted content to your prospects online. Using opt-ins and other strategies, you can send messages depending on the information your web visitor was searching for. For example, if someone was searching for help for alcoholics, you can send them information on where to find AA centers.

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It is important to remember that email marketing is not spam. These are people who have consented to have email newsletters sent to them. This also means that you need to ensure that your emails are highly targeted. A targeted email has the advantage in that it doesn’t feel like spam and can help you achieve your marketing goals faster.

There are many ways to target your audiences through email marketing. For addiction centers, you can target by location if you want to direct your audiences to the location of your business. You could target based on browsing behavior if you want to send content that is relevant and based on what they’ve been viewing on your site. To make the most of it, you need to be clear on what your marketing goals are.

Creating Value

Regardless of the strategies you opt to use, you should always ensure you provide value. Addiction treatment centers are effectively under the health and medical sector. This means that your content must always be accurate and thoroughly researched. You will also need to be thorough with content creation, distribution, and execution.