South African Police Service Recruitment 2019/2020 – Apply Now

SAPS Recruitment 2019. The South African Police Service is accepting applications from qualified applicants who are keen on being recruited into their workforce. Publications on the South African Police Service have been made published on national dailies, newspapers, mainstream media outlets, the official South African Police Service website and even on the Study and Pass website which will show you the steps involved and the requirements for the South African Police Service recruitment.

In comparison to other countries in the African continent, the South African police service are the most paid and they get the best treatment compared to others.


Interested candidates need to possess good interpersonal skills, no criminal records and must have passion for protecting the lives and properties of citizens and above all, ensure peace and safety in the nation.

As should be the case in any military agency in the world, the SAP takes candidates integrity very importantly. A thorough background would be conducted on candidates to ensure they comply with the laid down requirement and if found wanting they would be sacked from the SAPS.

South African Police Service Recruitment 2019/2020 – Apply Now

Job Benefits

  • Job security.
  • Great welfare package.
  • Career advancement opportunity.
  • Gives you an opportunity to protect, enforce and ensure peace and safety (serve the nation).

Requirements to Join the South African Police Service

Below are important requirements for SAPS recruitment;

  1. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 throughout the period of the recruitment exercise (verifiable documentary needed)
  2. Applicants must have sat for, passed and possess the Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification.
  3. Note that, the documentary proof will be needed to ascertain the applicant’s claim.
  4. Applicants must be fluent in English Language and possess a good command of any other official language.
  5. Applicants must be prepared to participate in any training as determined by the National Commissioner of the SAPS
  6. Candidates must be ready to take the oath of office
  7. Applicants must have no criminal record before or even at the time of recruitment, neither should they have any criminal trial in the offing.
  8. Candidates must be of South African origin
  9. You must have a South African identity card.

Also, Applicants must:

  1. Fill out the official application form with true information
  2.  Possess permanent residency in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), of which he/she must give documentary proof
  3. Go through a physical and medical examination as determined by the South African Police Service, and at the end must be physically and mentally fit to be appointed in the post for which he/she applies
  4. Undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, and must be found to fit the profile of a police official
  5. Must not have any visible tattoos;
  6. Allow his/her fingerprints be taken
  7. Be prepared to have his/her background checked
  8. Be prepared to serve anywhere in South Africa.

Stages of the South African Police Service (SAPS ) Recruitment Exercise.

The SAPS recruitment exercise involves three (3) main stages which are:


This stage lasts for just one (1) month at a selected police station whereby the candidate would during this period, monitor and study the activities of the SAPS-South African Police Service officers. They learn how activities are carried out, their duties, responsibilities and the on-field experience of policing generally.


The basic training stage, being the second stage lasts for about eight (8 months at an assigned South African Police Service Academy for candidates who have been successfully selected. These candidates are taught the ethics and discipline of policing.

Also, they are trained on how to fight and defend themselves in violent situations and as well to defend the public. One of the highlights of this training is the ability to resolve disputes amicably and calm tensions of which they are being taught also during this period of training. Other important areas which they are given in-depth knowledge on include the Laws of the country, human rights and a whole lot more.


When a candidate successfully passes the first two stages we listed above, they will be enrolled in the South African Police Service Force under probationary conditions for the period of twelve months.

The twelve months, starts counting from the time of appointment and also, since this is only probationary, the candidate’s employment will only be fully confirmed once the individual has passed the conditions of the probationary stage.

During this period, the Candidate has to ensure that he/ she is of good conduct during before, during and after the South African Police Service recruitment exercise.

Candidates whose behaviour is questionable or in any way causes embarrassment to the South African Police Service may have their employment terminated.

How To Apply For The South African Police Service (SAPS) Recruitment

Interested and qualified candidates should click here to apply.

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