How To Prepare Yourself For Final Exams – 5 Smart Ways

How To Prepare Yourself For Final Exams – 5 Smart Ways

So we’re all about one month away from your final exams. And that means it is time to start preparing ourselves mentally for the exams ahead. If you’re taking four courses, then you probably have to write four final papers; review notes from different lectures; finish reading 8 to 12 different textbooks; and find time to prepare for final exams. It may seem overwhelming, but if you start preparing yourself now, you’ll feel a lot better about getting everything accomplished. Earlier we published a helpful guide on top 10 ways to keep your enthusiasm high after returning from holiday.Do check it out and drop your comments below..

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Here are the 5 ways to help you prepare your mind, body and soul for a successful final exam season:

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  1. Spend Time Studying for the Tests that Carry the Most Weight

Not all final exams and papers are weighted the same. Make sure you know what percentage each paper or final exam is worth to your grade. That will give you some perspectives on how much time you should designate studying for each class.

  1. Focus Your Time on Difficult Subjects

Have you ever stop to think on the working mechanisms of your brain? Your brain is like a muscle that needs alternating periods of exercise and recovery to synthesize new information and ideas. With difficult subjects especially, you need to spread your studies out—studying some every day rather than cramming during a few marathon study sessions. When you cram, the knowledge may stick around long enough to pass today’s test, but it’s far less likely to be there when you need it to tackle tomorrow’s next tough topic. Instead, spend most of your study time on the difficult classes where your grade points to the direction of your field of study.

  1. Spend Time Reviewing Class Notes

Do yourself a favour and spend at least one hour per class reviewing class notes. That means you’ll have reviewed all your class notes in just 4-hours. Highlight all the areas that are important, and look at the syllabus to narrow down the key areas you should spend your time studying. By simply going over all your class notes, you’ll get a good overview of the specific areas you should start studying. This will also equip your mind with a good summary of everything you’ve been learning this quarter or semester.

  • Organize Study Groups

Most students wait up until the last minute to form study groups. And those group meetings often turn into cramming sessions. To avoid this, organize your study groups now to go over class notes and areas that should get studied in your syllabus. You’ll all feel ahead of the game if you start your study groups now – and that’s a huge way to reduce stress during final week of exams.

  1. Design a Study Schedule and Stick to It

Make a commitment to spend at least an hour a week (per class) to focus on the final exam. By setting aside time now to focus on the final exam, you’re preparing your mind for what’s ahead. And you’ll also find areas that you have questions about. This will provide you plenty of time to get answers from your teacher or lecturer.