Instagram Statistics And Practices To Know Prior To Integrating It With Email Marketing

Instagram Statistics And Practices To Know Prior To Integrating It With Email Marketing

You may wonder at times being a business owner whether or not you should implement Instagram in your traditional email marketing campaign. Well, yes you should without any doubt. This will ensure that you have a better result for your marketing campaign and reach out to your target audience just at the right time so that your messages are read and acted upon.


If you are still apprehensive about it then here are a few facts and statistical data that will surely encourage you.  

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To start with, you should know why you should choose Instagram rather than other social networks for integrating it with your email marketing campaign. Well, this is for the simple reason that:

  • All major brands that are on Instagram and have integrated email with Instagram are seeing a higher engagement rate in each follower to the extent of 4.21%. This is ideally 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter, as per the research report of Hootsuite.
  • Instagram is the most powerful platform for marketers and other agencies such as Gramista due to its potential that cannot and should not be overlooked by any businesses any longer. Everyone including media brands, different business services, fast moving consumer goods, financial services, and others have already incorporated Instagram in their marketing campaigns and so should you.
  • It is a more reasonable and productive approach that has resulted in a significant increase in business activity on Instagram. The posting frequency of different brands have become more standardized and normalized which highlightsthe fact that more than 41% of marketers have used Instagram video and nearly 44% more plan to do the same. 
  • Nearly 90% of all Instagram users are younger than 35 years, according to ScienceDaily reports. This shows how viral Instagram has become especially among the young generation. Therefore, it is naturally the best social media network to target the millennials. Research says that 32% of teenagers consider Instagram as the most important social network. It is also found through other research that the female users on this platform is 38% and the men are 26%.
  • Instagram can be used for posting any type of content but according to the research of Hootsuite it is found that products top the list of engagement with a 60% mark which is about 20% higher than the lifestyle category. This fact is more encouraging for the marketers because people who follow their brands on Instagram know that they will get anything from products, services, and general marketing messages on Instagram.

When you post a content with another user you will have an engagement rate of 56% and if you tag it with a location it will be even higher at 79%, according to the research reports of Simply Measured. Therefore, make sure that you add ‘where’ and with ‘whom’ with your Instagram posts.

Sharing the messages 

When you want to integrate email with Instagram and do it successfully, make sure that you do not share the same message twice. This is a very important thing to consider because it will separate you from those unruly spammers in the truest sense. If you are not very careful about sharing your content, it can really become very monotonous for your followers.

Ideally, most of the people share a blog post on social media by include a specific title of the post, a couple of hashtags or a link, and a few hashtags. All this is fine but just for once. Too much of it will have a negative impact on your marketing campaign.

There is a better strategy to follow when you share the messages. This is to add some simple variety in it. 

  • This can be by asking a few questions or
  • By including pull-quotes from your post itself. 

Adding a lot of variety to the messages will prove to be a great way to engage your audience with your messages, convey it more clearly and urge them to take an action. Your message or the content within it will not look like those innumerable messages out there that look more like an ad rather than an intuitive and informative message. These messages often get lost in the inboxes of the recipient to be deleted permanently soon without being opened.

There are a number of types of social messagesyou can use but make sure that it is in accordance to your product and aligns with your brand. The most popular types of messages are:

  • Straight and easy type wherein you simply add a post title and link
  • The question type which needs no further explanation but make sure that the question is engaging enough to stir conversation
  • Cite a fact type of messages are those in which you share a fact or any figure that is typically included in your post
  • Share a quote type indicates that there is a pull-quote in it from your article which may also act as a social message
  • Add intrigue type wherein you write a teaser message that will easily grab the attention of your readers.

You need not stick to a preconceived type but instead try out with new types of messages and even incorporate your unique ideas so that it increases reader engagement. This way you will also get an added opportunity to test alternative headlines.

Lastly, optimize your message content so that it is full of variety and value. This will enable you to exploit the strengths of the platform. You can do some simple tweaks like

  • Adding bulleted lists in order to indicate each point differently and explain it more specifically and  
  • Using bold text to make a few specific items of the text stand out from the others and get lost in the crowdand others. 

All these will provide additional value to your posts as well as to your customers for whom the messages are created. This ideally will make your email marketing effort on Instagram a success providing high return on your investment of time, effort and hard work.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.