Literature in English Questions 2019 [Theory AND Objective ] – See Most Repeated Questions Yearly

Literature in English Questions 2019 [Theory AND Objective ] – See Most Repeated Questions Yearly The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for University and Jamb entry examination in West Africa countries. … In a year, over three million candidates registered for the exams coordinated by WAEC.
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  SECTION A: OBJECTIVES 1.         The character matched against the hero of a play is the (a) Antagonist (b) Antic hero (c) Braggart (d) Clown 2.         Which of the following is not a genre of literature (a) Poetry (vb) Play (c) Satire (d) None of the above 3.         A simple story with a deeper meaning is called (a) An allegory (b) An Elegy (c) An Epic (d) An Ode 4.         Which of the following is odd in the appreciation of a poem (a) Chapter (c) Stanza (c) Theme (c) Rhythm 5.         The term tragic flaw means (a) A mistake make by a hero (b) A moral weakness in the hero (c) The first act in a play (d) The prologue 6.         The last part of a literary work is known as (a) Acknowledgement (b) An Epilogue (c) An Epitaph (d) Conclusion 7.         The principal female character in a novel is called a/an (a) Actress (b) Clown (c) Hero (d) Heroine 8.         A poem which poetrays a simple moral life of the common people is called ____ (a) A Cam (b) A Lyric (c) An Ode (d) A Pastoral 9.         ______ is conveyed through the medium of movements and facial epression without word (a) Opera (b) Mime (c) Allegory (d) Didactic 10.       The materials used by the actors and actresses are known as (a) Costume (b) Customer (c) Custom (d) Mime SECTION B: THEORY 1.         State five (5) functions of literature 2.         There are two types of sonnet, mention them 3.         Explain the following i.          Epitaph ii.         Elegy iii.        Dramatic Poem 4.         State three (3) types of drama 5.         A poem of eight lines is known as a/an ______


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions (1-5) that follows Oh heavens! How she got out? Oh treason of blood! Fathers from hence trust not your daughters minds By which the property of youth and maid hood may be abused? (Act 1 Scene 1) 1.         Who is the speaker of the above except (a) Gratino (b) Othello (c) Brabantio (d) Roderigo 2.         The speaker is addressing ____ (a) Gratiano (b) Roderigo  (c) Lago (d) Emelia 3.         “She” in the above passage refers to _____ (a) Emelia (b) Cassio’s Mistress (c) Lodovico’s wife (d) Desdemona 4.         The speker was later to accuse another character of being a charm user. Who is this? (a) Brabantio (b) Othello (c) Lago (c) Cassio 5.         Oh treason of the blood refers to (a) Treason by relations (b) One’s bloody (c) Passion of the heart (d) Treason of the head 6.         Othello is a ______ play (a) Historical (b) Tragic (c) Tragic-comic (d) Comic 7.         The antagonist of the play is (a) Brabantio (b) Lago (c) Othello (d) Cassio 8.         How was Desdemona won over for marriage by Othello (a) Witchcraft (b) Handsomeness (c) Brain-teasing (d) Tale-telling 9.         One of these character is not a hero / heroine of the play (a) Cassio (b) Othello (c) Desdemona (d) Lago 10.       One of these is not a quality of Desdemona (a) Pleasant (b) Frivolous (c) Gifted (d) Intelligent SECTION: THEORY 1.         What is Literature? b.         State the two types of literature 2.         State the three (3) genres of literature and explain one 3.         One of the theme of Othello is _______ 4.         Which character is not a loser at the end of the play? 5.         State 5 sources of literature. Hope you feel great after going through our questions? If you need us to help you with more and currently updated information at the right time about WAEC Literature In English Language Questions 2019, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide.