University of Uyo Postgraduate Screening Exam Questions and Answers

University of Uyo Postgraduate POST UTME Screening Exam Questions and Answers

UNIUYO  Postgraduate Screening Exam Questions and Answers… Are you an aspiring UNIUYO Postgraduate candidate? Do you wish to partake in the upcoming  Uyo Postgraduate Screening examination? Then you need to arm yourself, there are various ways to do that. Over the years, we’ve received and SMS from aspiring candidates for past questions and answers in the forth coming Postgraduate exams, not only that, we’ve also received lots of testimonies from aspirants-turn-students of the tremendous role past questions played in their gaining admission.

University of Uyo Postgraduate POST UTME Screening Exam Questions and Answers

UNIUYO Post UTME Past Questions


From the word s or group of words lettered A-D, choose the word or group of word that best complete each of the following sentences.

  1. ……………… of the five boys was able to show me the way to the zoo
  2. a) None b) Neither c) Any d) Some
  3. This ……….. be David’s handwritings. I know his handwriting well enough. A) May b) Will c) Ought d) Can’t
  4. ………. things she had in the room were thrown out. A) So few b) the few c) All few d) Very few
  5. There are few boys ……. A) of which two beaten b) Whom two were beaten c) two of whom were beaten d) of whom two were beaten.
  6. This is the man ……… told me the story. A) Whom I said b) who I said c) Said that he d) Whom I said
  7. Many students find mathematics …….. than English. A) Difficult b) Too difficult c) Very difficult d) More difficult
  8. It is such a had place ………… I will never dream of going there another time. A) Therefore b) Thus c) That d) Then
  9. He has not been seen by his parents ……… last month. A) Since b) for c) Getting d) Since over.
  10. The ………. Came here last week. A) Handsome tall young man b) Young tall handsome man c) Tall handsome young man d) Young handsome tall man
  11. The activities marking the golden jubilee celebration of the club were …… with a party. A ) Rounded off b) Round over c) Rounded through d) Rounded up

Choose the Option that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will at the same time correctly fill the gap in the sentence

  1. To encourage productivity we must reward industry and …………. Laziness
  2. a) Withhold b) Withdraw c) Punish d) Oppose
  3. It is quite Customary to introduce the guest speaker, but ……. to insult him. A) Illegal b) Impolite c) Unusual d) Useless
  4. I encourage my younger brothers to take on law as a profession while I …… my sister from doing so. A) Warned b) Dissuaded c) Persuaded d) Helped.
  5. Olu was able to Kindle the fire which my father had to ……. Later. A) Switch b) Extinguish c) Destroy d) Ignite
  6. It is curious how Bayo can be so carefree in his way when his brother is so ………. A) Meticulous b) Eccentric c) Easy-going d) Indifferent

Choose the option that best explain the underlined idiomatic expression in each sentence.

  1. Mr. John has always managed to keep his head above water. A) Keep his head above water while swimming. B) Known the technique of swimming. C) Stay out of financial difficulty. D) He is trying to pay up borrowed money.
  2. The men eventually get their own their back at their oppressors. A) Strike b) Have their revenge on c) Beat up d) Abuse
  3. He went off the railsas soon as he heard of his failure in the last examination. A) Became annoyed b) Wept bitterly c) Became disorganized d) Lost consciousness
  4. She is eating her heart out for a sailor who is away at the sea. A) Long for b) Quarrelling with c) Fuming about d) Hating.
  5. You can’t make bricks without straw. A) Use a straw for making bricks b) Afford not to have all the necessary materials c) seek a leader d) erect a brick without straws

Provide the Synonyms for the Underlined words

  1. The superintendent was appalled by the attitude of some of the employees towards their words. A) Annoyed b) Disappointed c) Shocked d) Provoked
  2. The lawyer’s argument of the case was exhaustive A) fascinating B) exaggerating C) exhilarating D) thorough
  3. The monk lived and acetic life in order to discipline himself. A) Holy b) A religious c) Prayerful d) An austere
  4. Okon attempt to entice Eno with the Promise of a handsome some of money. A) Deceive b) Force c) Trick d) Tempt
  5. It is absurd to suggest that Tunde should marry such saucy lady. A) Pitiable b) Hopeless d) Humorous d) Ridiculous

SOLUTION TO University of Uyo Postgraduate POST UTME Screening


1) A 2) D 3) B 4) A 5) A 6) D 7) C 8) A 9) C 10) A 11) C 12) C 13) B 14) B

15) A 16) C 17) B

18) To go off the rails means to start behaving in a strange way (i.e. to become disorganized).

19) A 20) B 21) Appalled means to make someone feel horror shock: disgust etc, 22) D 23) D 24) D 25) D

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