What to do a Week Before Your Exam|Students Guide for Examination Success

Honestly, every examination or test needs acute preparation. Making haste whilst the sun rises, is always the best strategy. Before taking such examination. This may seem a long time preparation, but note that when circumstance meet preparation, success is sure! A period of one week may sound long but believe me, once a day is spent out of it, what remains are hours. So use this time to:


  1. Compile all your study materials: Grab your syllabus and run through your notes with it quickly to make sure you have all of the topics covered. If you’re missing something, find out what and why. Did you miss a class? Was something else in your schedule? Figure out what you’re missing and then try to justify it.
  2. Double check your notes with another student: Ask your classmates if you can borrow their notes from the class you missed. And be willing to offer up yours to them. Other students are one of your best study materials. After all, they’re in the same boat with you. Chances are they remember something you don’t, and vice versa. But remember, borrowing notes from your classmate is not a substitute for attending classes. Your hand writing adds much to your information memorization.
  3. Make yourself a practical test: Now that you have all of your notes, begin to test your knowledge of them… Before you study. Not only will it give you an idea of how much you’ll need to study, but it will also point out your strengths and weaknesses; thereby spelling out areas you need to lay much emphasis…
  4. Ask the teacher/lecturer about any point(s) that you’re still unclear on: Once you know your weaknesses in the class, determine how you can fix them. Do you just need extra study time or are the concepts unclear? If you’re unclear on any concepts, visit him or her during his/her office hours and ask him/her for some help. He/she will appreciate that you care enough to clear it up. He will also be impressed to add more to you.
What to do a Week Before Your Exam
What to do a Week Before Your Exam

The Night Before Your Examination

Get rid of all of your distractions: Log out of Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, LinkedIn, etc, turn off your cell phone. Let your friends know that you won’t be available for chit chats or dorm room chats. Install no-Disturbed or a distraction-blocking program on your cell phone. It’s time for serious revision, and that is best achieved without interruptions – digital or otherwise.
• Briefly review all of your study materials: There are some materials that you just don’t know: For whatever reason, it just stuck in your mind the first time. So don’t waste valuable study time reviewing that same material over and over again. Give all of the material a once over and then move on.
• Spend your time focusing on the areas in which you have difficulties: Don’t worry about how much time you spend on a particular area. Just worry about making it click in your mind. It will all be worth it when you see that question on the test and don’t have a panic attack.
• Get some sleep: All that studying will be completely useless if you fall asleep during the test. So don’t try to pull an all nighter. Start early and then head to bed at a decent time.

The Morning of Your Exam

Don’t study new topic the morning of the examination: If you know it, you know it. If you don’t, you don’t. There’s no use trying to fill your brain with last-minute facts that just won’t stick. Instead, take the morning off. Have some breakfast and head to the examination hall.
• Get to the examination venue early: Don’t be the person who shows up after the examination papers have been circulated. Not only will you disturb or distract everyone else but you’ll also lose valuable time.
• Dress comfortably: The way you dress determines the way you’ll be addressed, is our popular maxim. Don’t dress to be the cynosure of all eyes. Let your dressing be moderate, and not to be suspicious of carrying microchip.
• Take a deep breath: Relax, be calm, let it go, you’ll be fine, it’s only a final. So don’t let the stress get to you. Do your best and then let it be. Just think: By this point, it’s almost over.