Apple AirPods Pro – Review, Features and Price

The much anticipated Apple Airpods Pro have landed, and you just have to love it.

The new piece from apple is light, brings on quality sound output and many top-grade features.

Apple AirPods Pro – Review, Features and Price

Apple Airpods Pro (also referred to as Airpods 3) comes on board with a better, much improved design, an active noise cancellation feature and more in a bid to invite more Apple fans to join the wireless trend.

Apple AirPods Pro - Review, Features and Price

This latest pieces of hardware are a lot more expensive compared to previous version (Apple Airpods 2) that was launched in 2018.
The price is pretty higher than the previous version, likewise so with almost everything else about these earbuds. There’s a whole new design plus more functionality for you to enjoy at the worth of the cost price.



The new Airpod Pro are totally lightweight. Way lighter than the previous version. Once they’re in your ears, you’ll hardly be able to tell if they’re there or not. The only problem with this is that it could be easier to lose due to its lightness.

Apple AirPods Pro - Review, Features and Price


The stems on the new Apple Airpods Pro are shorter in length when compared to those of the previous models. There’s a ‘capacitive force sensor’ in the stem of the Apple Airpods Pro, a small ridge on each stem of the AirPods Pro, which you need squeeze to toggle between noise canceling and Transparency mode. A single quick squeeze pauses music, while a double squeeze skips forward to the next track.


These new earbuds have a very high-quality, high-end sound output capability. The noise cancellation is decent and you just gonna be impressed.

Apple AirPods Pro - Review, Features and Price


When you pull an earbud away from your ears, the audio stops to play. When you insert it back in, audio resumes play. Thanks to the Apple Airpods Pro accompanied optical sensor and accelerometer.


  • The Airpods Pro instantly connects to your iPhone or iPad – just like so many other Apple devices.
  • Automatically pairs with all Apple devices connected to your iCloud account once activated
  • Easy to setup
  • Comfortable to wear and enjoy
  • Improved audio
  • A vent system for pressure equalization

Apple AirPods Pro - Review, Features and Price

  • Resist water and sweat
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Multiple silicon ear-tips
  • Transparency mode
  • 5 hours battery life
  • High dynamic range amplifier
  • Wireless charging case included

Release date

The release date for Apple Airpods Pro is on the 30th of October 2019, all around the world.


The all-new Apple Airpods Pro is priced at around $249. It will be available across all major online stores from tomorrow 30th October 2019. But pre-orders are already taking place and you don’t have to wait to be the last to get yours!

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