Benefits Of E-Currencies Exchangers In Nigeria

E-Currency exchangers or changers specializes in the provision of fast, efficient and reliable e-currency exchange services to customers or clients in Nigeria and all over the world. They buy and sell all major digital currencies or e-currencies such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect money, Neteller, Okpay, Payeer, and many others.  The following are the benefits and advantages of e-currency Exchangers in Nigeria.Recently we wrote a topic on The Top 10 E-currency Exchangers In Nigeria and Their Benefits. While E-Currencies and E-currency exchangers have their numerous purposes and benefits, there are some Major Setbacks of Using E-currency Exchangers for E-Currency Exchange in Nigeria.

Easy to Receive Secure payments online

Once you open an account with any of the top exchangers in Nigeria, you can easily receive payments online. The top exchangers in Nigeria usually add their payment buttons to their websites or an email to enable clients or customers to easily pay for products and services. They also offer a Buy Now button for one time payments and a subscription button for recurring payment so users and customers can easily choose the button that best meets your need.

Easy to Accept credit and debit card payments

E-currency exchangers makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments from your website with their payment button or an integrated shopping cart, your customers and clients can make instant payments with credit/debit card or an e-wallet for your products and services.

Easy to withdraw your funds

What is the point of making money online, if you cannot easily withdraw it to take care of your personal needs? Most e-currency exchangers provide a number of ways for you to withdraw funds from your e-wallet. You can request for a cheque, which you can cash at your local bank in your country. They also accepts withdrawals of your funds through a bank transfer or a bank wire, which will take two to five business days to activate.

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Simple, Fast and Reliable service

E-currency exchangers gives customers and users the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell the world’s most valuable digital currencies, with a single account, all in one place. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, exchange or checkout online, there’s a currency waiting for you.  You can buy and sell eight (8) or more e-currencies from a single platform in Naira from top e-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to newer e-currencies climbing the ranks.

Fanatical Customer Service

The Top E-currency exchangers in Nigeria have a Contact Centre that is available 24hrs a week. They operate both inbound and outbound services (inbound desk for receiving calls/chats from customers and the outbound for up selling products and services, Customer feedback, complaints escalations and service monitoring). Receive customer enquiries and complaints via telephone, email, and chat. They also do Credit card monitoring and provide status report on failed card related transactions

User-Friendly websites

There are leading e-commerce websites which have been working with the e-currency market since 2008 for customers who are looking for e-currency like Entromoney, Perfect Money, and PayPal. They are available to provide all and also help clients to buy and sell e-currency at best rates.

Competitive Fees

Some E-currency exchangers offer lower fees but weaker exchange rates, while others charge no fees but profit from the margin between its rate and the mid-market rate. Compare the total cost of your transfer to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Money transfer Fees can vary widely depending on who you’re transferring with. Generally, fees come in the form of a flat fee such as $5 for transfers up to $5,000 or a percentage of your transaction such as 1% of your transfer amount.

Same Day Funding Under Specific Conditions

E-currency Exchangers sells, buys and exchanges digital or e-currencies  such as Perfect Money, Web Money, Bitcoin, PayPal, Litecoin, Ethereum, iTunes gift cards and others at the rate specified on their different pages. Customers or clients can buy, sell or simply exchange e-currencies within minutes. Once they receive confirmation of your payment, you will be funded instantly.