Review: How to Download Books and files from Bookface is an educational website for students in all parts of the world. Bookface is strictly all about education, education and education. It bases mainly in college textbooks, course materials and quizzes to help students in universities and colleges to have easy access to these materials through the world wide web.

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A Bit About Bookface.

Bookface was launched in 2009 and since it was launched, it has become a top rated website and internal search engine for college textbook pages and course materials. Although launched in 2009, it was rebranded in 2014 to meet standards and quality. In their “About us” page on their website, they stated that their mission is to spread knowledge through the help of the world wide student community. And indeed, this is what they are doing.

How can you be a part of Bookface?

To join the Bookface community is very simple. Visit now to have a look at their website. Once you are there, there are two options available, the first one is upload your course materials and earn some bucks, but we’ll come to that later. And the second option is the one you are in need of i.e How To Join. You will see a “create a free account” button, you should click on it.

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Then you are expected to fill in your details into the detail boxes. The details include your email, your name, your preferred password etc. Once you submit these information, you will be sent a confirmation email which you are to check and confirm your email address. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, then you are now a part of Bookface.

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How To Use Bookface

On the home page, you will see a search box telling you to enter your book title, the book author etc. Just enter the course title that you would like to get course materials of into the search bar and click “Search”. Search results will be displayed for you in return relating to the course you just entered. All of this in just a number of clicks and you can get the course materials you’re looking for. How amazing right? The books available there are in PDF format so all you have to do is just download.

You can make money with Bookface.

Did you know this? Well, you can! Here’s how it works! You upload the course materials you have and earn cool money. If you know you’re a committed and diligent student that takes time out to write notes in class, collect handouts and answer your homeworks and quizzes, you can upload all of them right up on dear! If you have the inner desire to help others through sharing knowledge, Bookface offers you can even larger audience to share your knowledge with. Just go to now and click on the “Learn how it works” button that talks about uploading course materials.

You will be taken to a page that explains how much you can earn per page and a link to upload your documents and course materials is at the bottom. According to for every page that you upload, you earn $0.01 once it is viewed! What this means for you is that if you upload or put up 20 pages of your course material and those 20 pages are viewed 200 times, you will earn $40.00 at the end of the month! There is also in it on the number of pages you can upload.

Upload as many as you want! This means that the amount of money you can earn is limitless! You know what’s the best part? Your fellow students viewing the course material won’t pay a dime to view it. Your payments all come from Bookface!

It is very important to note that you will only earn money when one of the pages of your uploaded course materials is viewed.

Apart from being able to download course materials from Bookface, Bookface also sells and rents books. The book prices that they have for these books available gotten from major online bookstores like,,,, etc. You can buy books from by searching for the books you want to buy in the search bar, if the book is available, a preview result of the book will be displayed back and then you can click on the “Buy this book” button and you will be redirected to one of the online book buying websites that Bookface partners with and then you can buy from that website.

What does is to sift through all the available prices for a book available on the internet and display the best prices (cheapest) for you. This indirectly helps you to save more money! Cool huh?

In summary, is the place every student should visit on the internet as they have all the materials you need to read well.

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