Explore the Reasons to Get Personal Funding from Fin-tech Companies

Explore the Reasons to Get Personal Funding from Fin-tech Companies

We have witnessed an industrial revolution in the past and now we are going through a phenomenal digital revolution that is essentially driven by data. With the advent of machine learning and AI or artificial intelligence, innovative technologies are coming up and dramatically transforming the way we lead our lives. Technology is slowly but surely impacting all possible sectors including the financial services. This implies that Fintech startups are leveraging machine learning and AI for providing better financial services and coming up with groundbreaking financial products. Fintech startups are gaining traction by the day.You might be interested in top Most Important Factors When Comparing Short-Term Loans.

The 21st century seems to have already experienced a radical shift in terms of technology for providing much-enhanced financial and banking services. The digital era has resulted in a fast-paced life and today nobody has the time to keep waiting endlessly for banks to approve or disapprove their loans. Everyone is looking for instant solutions to their instant money needs. This is precisely where Fintech companies are proving to be immensely beneficial and seem to be the ultimate solution to the modern generation’s need for instant money.

After the credit crisis that took place almost a decade ago, Americans are once again accumulating debts of all types right from student loans to credit cards to mortgages. However, personal loans are especially fueled by Fintech startups. We understand that the total outstanding consumer debt in the United States hit a record in 2018 driven chiefly by digitalized options. Moreover, Fintech organizations now constitute 38% of the total personal loan market. This figure has certainly gone up by 5% as compared to five years back as per the latest data from TransUnion. As per https://www.cnbc.com, today Americans are opting for Fintech organizations instead of the traditional banking options for loans and for piling on debts.

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The Fintechs have been responsible for the rapid growth in the sector of consumer loans. They continue to be the key players in this sector. In 2018, Fintech organizations issued 38% of all personal loans in the United States as per TransUnion. Here are some of the top reasons why people are increasingly turning to Fintech startups instead of conventional banks for funding personal loans.

  • Fintech Facilitate Instant Loan Approval

In the 21st century ‘time is money’. Nobody has the time, patience or the willingness to wait for days to get personal funds from conventional banks. Fintech startups are faster and prompt. So they could cater to your requirements in just a few minutes.

Fintechs seem to be incredibly quick in terms of the rejection or approval of your loan applications. They would examine your credit report and verify your loan eligibility as per certain factors. Fintechs use risk assessment algorithms for evaluating your credit profile. Your current company, your income, your credit score, and your age are the major factors in determining if you are eligible for the loan or not. Accordingly, Fintechs would approve or reject a loan request. As soon as, your loan has been approved, within just a few minutes, your loan is disbursed.

Personal loans do not require complicated paperwork or documentation that is supposed to come with collateral hence, funds could be originated and transferred rapidly to the borrower. Everyone prefers the Fintech startups these days because banks fail to match their agility and speed. However, partnering with Fintech organizations helps banks to grow and expand far more rapidly. You could get in touch with reputed companies such as https://www.libertylending.com/ for perfect lending solutions.  

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  • Complete Online Verification

Fintechs have been successful in making the entire loan process digital including the verification process. You could put in your loan request application online and even upload all the necessary documents online. The verification of all your important documents would take place digitally. This should be saving you some effort and valuable time. Because of advanced and seamless processes, the necessary loan verification would be completed within just a few minutes. The Fintech companies leverage cutting-edge ML and AI learning tools that are facilitating the Fintechs while providing personal funds.

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  • Great at Ensuring More Accurate Decisions

Thanks to Fintechs, machine learning algorithms are used frequently to facilitate better, faster, and certainly more accurate decisions. For instance, bank customers who are waiting for loan approval may encounter some bias because human decisions may involve some bias. Moreover, these Fintech startups would be implementing ML algorithms that perform decision making and data collection without any form of human interference. Hence, no bias!

  • Boosts Your Credit Score

People are more conscious about their credit score and today it is not an issue for individuals who have defaulted because of reasons that were not at all in their control. They are now turning to Fintechs for personal funds as Fintechs rely solely on their unique algorithms and a consumer’s alternate data analytics while providing personal loan approvals. This is an opportunity for customers to boost their credit score.

  • Provides Funds in Times of Emergency

Today you longer need to wait for days for the disbursement of personal loans. Thanks to the agility and incredible speed of Fintech firms, the loan is approved and the funds are disbursed within just a few minutes. So you could meet your emergency and unanticipated requirements with the help of personal funding from Fintechs. You may not ask your family or friends for monetary assistance anymore. 

  • Allows Flexibility

Fintech companies are having unique and innovative products for all your requirements. You have the option of choosing the right product that best caters to your need instead of simply accepting what conventional banks would offer with no payment options or flexibility. Today the Fintech startups are addressing the flexibility issue and offering flexible loan amounts and tenures thus, they attract more borrowers as compared to traditional banks and other financial institutions.


Today nobody has the time to wait particularly when they are looking for instant money for fulfilling their personal needs. You must opt for a Fintech company when you are looking for your next loan. Fintechs rely on robust customer service and they dedicate their attention and efforts at building a solid customer relationship.