GEOGRAPHY Exam Questions and answers for Secondary School Students

 GEOGRAPHY Exam Questions and answers for Secondary School Students

Are you searching for Geography Examination Questions. This page contains Well compiled Geography examination questions for senior secondary school students.These Geography Exam Questions and Answers for SS1 were compiled to serve as a reference material to help teachers set tests and examination questions


CLASS: SS1         SUBJECT:  GEOGRAPHY                TIME: 2 HOURS

Choose the correct option

  1. ______ is a career in geography A. Pharmacy Meteorology
  2. Human relations D. Banking and Finance
  3. _______ is NOT one of the subdivision in Geography A. Physical geography Human geography  C. Water coding  D. Cartography
  4. ______ is made up of the village or town of the Local Government Area in which the school is situated A. City Locality  C. Metropolis  D. Capital
  5. _____ is a function common to both villages and towns in Nigeria A. Administrative centres  Civil centres   C. Residential centres  D. Social centres
  6. ____ is a physical feature of the environment A. Market Church  C. Rivers   D. Post offices
  7. ________ is NOT a characteristic of a vllage A. It contains homogenous people It is made up of few buildings   C. It contains heterogeneous people   D. The village has  few social amenities
  8. ______ is one characteristic of a town Few building   B. Inhabitants are mostly involved in secondary activities  C. Few Social amenities   D. Made up of homogenous people
  9. There are ____ Local governments in Akwa Ibom State A. 40 31  C. 29  D. 18
  10. Uyo shares a boundary with local government such as Uruan, Itu and ___ A. Ikot Ekpene Essien Udium    C. Ini  D. Ibesikpo Asutan
  11. Most villages with forests are engaged in ___ activities A. Fishing Lumbering   C. Art and Crafts  D. Capentry
  12. Uyo has ______ seasons 3  B. 2  C. 5  D. 7
  13. The path followed by each planet round the sun is known as its ____ A. Greek Orbit   C. Sphere  D. Cycle
  14. _____ is the second planet closest to the sun A. Earth Venus    C. Mecury   D. Saturn
  15. The only planet that supports the existence of plants and animals is _____ A. Mans Earth  C. Venus   D. Uranus
  16. ______ is the largest planet in the solar system A. Saturn Jupiter  C. Nepture   D. Uranus
  17. Saturn has a diameter of ____ A. 118,000km 119,700km   C. 202, 110km    D. 180,110km
  18. The orbit of ____ is in a clockwise direction unlike other planets
    Mars   B. Earth  C. Uranus    D. Venus
  19. _____ has been diclassified A. Nepture Pluto  C. Mars   D. Jupiter
  20. The equatorial circumference of the earth is _____ A. 12,722km
  21. 443 million km2 C. 40,085km D. 39,988km
  22. A Spanish sailor ______ and his crew sailed round the earth and proved that the earth is circular not flat A. Beethoven Ferdwand Magellen  C. Michael Angelo  D. Leonard  Da Vinci
  23. _______ is NOT one of the proof of the earth’s pheriority A. Aerial photographs sunset  and sunrise  C. Shape of other planets
  24. Dawn and tunlight
  • The diagram below explains how _____ is a proof of the sphericity of the earth
    1. Aerial photographs B. ships visibility C. Shape of other planets  D. Sunrise and sunset
    2. All other planets and planetary bodies, when viewed from a telescope show circular shapes. True or False
    3. The earth _____ round the sun in an anticlockwise direction once every _____ A. Rotates, 360 Spins, 365  C. Revolves, 365¼
    4. Turns, 180.
    5. ______ is an effect of rotation of the earth A. Varying length of day and night   Deflection of  planetary winds and currents  C. Changes in the attitude of the midday sun  D. Changes in the seasons
    6. Generally there is a time difference of one hour for every ____ degree of longitude 180  B. 150  C. 3600  D. 1800
    7. The earth’s rotation coupled with _____ exerted by the moon causes daily rise and fall of tides A. Gravitational pull Planetary winds
    8. Corolis force D. Kinetic energy