How to Automatically Unfollow Non-followers on Twitter

How to Automatically Unfollow Non-followers on Twitter

Do you have twitter non-follower issues? Do you happen to follow a lot of people who aren’t following you back, and you wish to unfollow some or all of them, but their numbers are too high to count?

That’s a real situation right there, no doubt. Unfollowing tens to hundreds and thousands of non-followers on twitter could be a real chore. It could take you hours, days, or even weeks, and take up the time and efforts you should be investing in other profitable things.

Well, there’s some good news for you. There are certain tools which have been developed for doing such jobs perfectly for you, so that you don’t have to go through the stress and struggle of unfollowing all your non-followers one after the other. These tools come in different types and categories, but we have listed some of the best of them which you can easily make use off to get rid of all your non-folowers on twitter.

Twitter Tools to Automatically Unfollow Non-followers

1. Manageflitter

How to automatically unfollow Non-followers on twitter

Unfollowing Twitter users have never been this easy. Many people unfollow other people on twitter for various reasons. Some people do so in order to unfollow suspected fake twitter accounts, others do so because they don’t enjoy tweets from certain users, or certain profiles have become inactive for so long.

ManageFlitter does the work you need here. It provides an efficient mechanism to prune and clean-up your timeline. Along with this basic filtering, it offers feature like Power Post which helps you post Tweets at the best time to reach more people, help you in tracking keywords from tweets, get analytics and beat your competition. Although it is free to use, there’s also a pro version which costs about $12.

2. Easy Unfollow

How to automatically unfollow Non-followers on twitter

EasyUnfollow is a unique tool that comes with a simple and easy to access user interface. It helps you to get rid of twitter non-followers and keeps your timeline as organized as you want it. There’s no much functionality on this site. You just go online, create an account, login, and unfollow. It’s that simple!

3. CrowdFire

How to automatically unfollow Non-followers on twitter

Formally known as JustUnfollow, Crowdfire is one tool you can’t get enough of. It is very easy to use with an amazing user interface, and does it’s job of cleaning up your twitter timeline perfectly.

With Crowdfire, you cab track recent twitter followers and unfollowers, copy followers, keywords, and do a lot of other cool stuff. It helps you to properly utilize twitter and reach a wider audience.

4. Tweepi

How to automatically unfollow Non-followers on twitter

Tweepi is a very famous website that can help you manage your twitter account. You have to go online to tweepi and login to authorize your twitter account. Once your twitter account has been authorized, you will get a dashboard from where you can unfollow your twitter non-followers, follow back your followers, and do other important things. Tweepi shows you a summary of all users thereby making it easy for you to either follow or unfollow them.



These tools are meant to help you weed your twitter and keep it clean. They make the work of organizing your twitter followers and following easier for you. However, you should apply caution when using any of the above named twitter tools because if you follow or unfollow people too frequently, twitter may ban your account.

If there are any other tools you think we’ve left out of our list or you’ve had an experience using any of the tools we named above, kindly share your opinions with us in the comments section below.