How To Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Windows 10


There are certain application softwaresthat have been pre-installed in your windows 10 computer. These are applications that were built-in into the computer system that you did not install by yourself.

Some of such applications may be useful to some people. While to some other people, there’s hardly any use for such applications on their work computers so they just need to get rid of them.

From the outlook of things, you may now be wondering how it is possible to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Windows 10 especially since Microsoft doesn’t allow users to uninstall these apps from the user’s Control panel. There’s no need to worry because we have tested this method to find out that it works perfectly. You just have to follow the procedure below if you also want to get rid of some pre-installed apps in your windows 10.

How To Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Windows 10

The following methods can be used uninstall pre-installed apps on windows 10. Bear in mind that these methods involves actions that can be initiated directly from your computer. You need no extra electronic consoles or third party apps for these to work. Try out any of the given methods below if you want to get rid of those windows 10 pre-installed apps.

Method One:

Uninstall via Drop-down menu

This method is suitable for you to follow. It is an easy way to uninstall pre-installed apps on windows 10. To uninstall your Windows 10 apps you do not need, just open the Start Menu and locate the app by typing in the app name. When the desired app shows up, Right-click on it and then select the option ‘Uninstall’. In a few seconds the app will be uninstalled.

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The only thing is that this method of uninstalling undesired pre-installed apps on windows 10 doesn’t really work for all pre-installed apps on windows 10. If this method worked for you, simply restart your computer and continue to make use of your device. But if it didn’t, you can make use of the next method below.

Method Two:

Uninstall via Powershell

Most people do not know that the windows Powershell has numerous uses. One of those uses is the permanent deletion of pre-installed apps on windows 10. Here’s how you can use can use Powershell to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Windows 10.

  • Search for Powershell on your computer by simply typing Powershell on windows 10 search bar
  • When you see Powershell, right-click on it and select ‘Run as administrator’
  • Powershell will power up, then you type the following command: Get-AppxPackage | ft Name, Packag
  • On typing this command, a list of all installed apps of the current users will be presented to you
  • Type in the following command to remove any pre-installed app: Get-AppxPackage *svn* | Remov
  • It will take a few seconds of waiting until the app is uninstalled.

Note: Please replace the ‘svn’ with the name of the app you want to uninstall. You can also use the wildcards (*) before and after the app name in the PowerShell. You can repeat this same process of Get-AppxPackage *svn* | Remov in Powershell to Uninstall any Pre-installed apps of your choice on windows 10

We are glad that you have learnt How To Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Windows 10. The methods above have been tested successful and okay in the permanent deletion of most pre-installed apps on windows 10.

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You can try any of them to see which one works for you. If you still encounter a hard time with the processes above, you can leave your comments below and we will provide further assistance to you.

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