PlayStation 5 Review: Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know

PlayStation 5 Review: Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know

Sony has announced the production and release of PlayStation 5 (PS5), and gamers world over are more than thrilled with the update.

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PlayStation 5 is a continuation of the TV video console gaming series that started from PlayStation One, Two, Three, and currently at Four. The franchise is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a Japanese firm that was introduced in 1994. The series has gone on to be top choice and leaders in the gaming industry over the last decade, and without doubts continues to satisfy it’s growing fan base with realistic video games, gaming options, quality graphic and efficient user controls.

Although the PlayStation brand continues to face off tough competition from other competitors such as Xbox, the company strives to stand tall amongst rivals, and the release of the new PlayStation 5 will surely see that their reign and dominance in the entertainment industry continues.


A patent filled by Sony with the World Intellectual Property Office as first spotted in August by LetsGoDigital, shows sketches of a “mysterious” electronic device which without doubts, looks like a Sony PlayStation. To further strengthen this claim, the patent and it’s design is said to belong to popular Sony engineer Yasuhiro Ootori, who specializes on PlayStation design.

PlayStation 5 Review: Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know

The mysterious V-shaped device could be our first peek of what Sony PlayStation 5 looks like. The image shows an electronic gaming console with at least five USB ports (likely for DualShock controls), as well as a prominent disc tray.

Rumor has it that the PlayStation 5 console will be twice as powerful as the previous version, PlayStation 4. This could be the reason why the upper section of the PlayStation 5 console reveals large holes on all sides. This could suggest a cooling system to keep the console and processors from overheating while rendering highly dedicated graphics.

CPU and Storage

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony PlayStation in an interview confirmed that the new PlayStation 5 console will use a custom AMD CPU based on third-gen Ryzen processors, a solid-state drive (SSD), and games will come on 100GB disks. The installation of games can be configured. This means that players might be able to install only a game’s single-player campaign, multiplayer element, etc., instead of the whole thing, according to their wish.

Meanwhile, the optical drive, doubles as a 4K Bluray player. Awesome, right? Don’t get too excited yet because there’s more to come!

Controller and Controls

More thrills on the way, it is. According to Sony, the the new PlayStation 5 will be shipped with a new controller.

PlayStation 5 Review: Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know

The controller that should be expected will see the long-used rumble technology replaced with haptic feedback to allow a “greater range of feedback.”

Sony says that, not only will users be able to feel the difference between running into a wall in a raing game and performing a tackle on a football field, but they’ll also get a sense of textures when running through grass or moving through mud.

In addition, the new controller will come with adaptive triggers incorporated into the L2/R2 trigger buttons. The game’s developers will be able to “program the resistance of the triggers,” so users can feel the draw of a bow or when driving through rough terrain.

The controllers will also be charged by the use of Type-C USB.


Jim Ryan also revealed that the long awaited new Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be launched early next year (2020), and will be made available for sales and distribution in the second half of the year.


Sony has not confirmed price for the PlayStation 5 as for now, but with the rumours on ground, judging by the many hardware specs, electronics and gadget experts have calculated that the PlayStation 5 console might come with a price tag of around $600- $800.

Other updates

It is expected that this brand new device from Sony will come with many other astonishing updates, and we will highlight some of them below.

PlayStation 5 Review: Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know

1. Power Saving Feature

Sony is adding an optional power saving setting in the upcoming PlayStation 5, because Sony is working with the United Nations as part of its “Playing For the Plant” initiative, which aims to mobilize gamers to take an active role in combating climate change. According to the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, The next generation PlayStation console will include the possibility to suspend gameplay with much lower power consumption than PS4. “If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes”, he said.

2. Backward Compatibility

Sony has also revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games due to a similarity in the internal architectures of the two consoles. This is a wonderful news for PlayStation fans who were unhappy with with PlayStation 4 because it wasn’t compatible with PlayStation 3 and 2 games.

3. No Loading Screens

Sony’s new technology will aim to The new tech is designed to load data I in advance to prevent load screens. The Solid-State Drive (SSD) on the PlayStation 5 will surely reduce loading time drastically compared with current PlayStation consoles. Now, loading times may be gone for good, but only time can tell.


This is what we anticipate the new PlayStation 5 to look like.

PlayStation 5 Review: Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know

Although there are no official released photos of the gadget, experts strongly believe that, judging by the available sketches, this is what we could have in February 2020 when the device is officially released by Sony.

This device is not only breathtakingly beautiful on the outside, but from the specs we have listed here, as we expect from Sony, as well as suggested by Sony representatives, this gaming machine could be a mini transformer in our possession, and would as well, engineer a gaming world of top-level gaming experience.

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Final Notes

We have concluded on the topic regarding PlayStation 5 Review, Full Specifications, Pictures, and All You Need to Know. However, as usual with Sony Entertainment and the PlayStation release in recent years, the features listed above in the article are merely our expectations as suggested by Sony. The final output may differ slightly. We have seen this with Sony in PlayStation models from recent years. However, we anticipate a great device and an overall value for whatever stipulated price tag.

Stay tuned with us for more details, as we will update this story with more details regarding the latest incoming Sony PlayStation 5, as well as its availabavailabilityin your location, price, and many other useful details.