Stranger Things Balances the Scene For a More Promising Season Four

Stranger Things Balances the Scene For a More Promising Season Four

The main problem with Stranger Things 3 was that most episodes felt too similar to the first two seasons. Despite the structural and narrative similarities, though, Stranger Things season three does not end in a more interesting place than seasons one and two. By the time the last episode ends, Hopper is supposedly dead, eleven lost his powers, and somehow the Russians have a mysterious American prisoner and Domogorgon.


Everything that defines the series for some very interesting things to come. In September, Netflix officially announced Stranger Things would return for a fourth season. Although no exact date has been shared for now, we can expect some probable weather in 2020. Netflix has shared the news with a teaser that also included the slogan “We are not in Hawkins more “which seems to be a nod to where things left off season three.

Stranger Things Hopper Ending Explained

To start the season with four Byers and eleven living outside of Hawkins, with eleven still missing its powers, and death Hopper makes a principle much more interesting than sameness we saw in season three.

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Fans have already begun to speculate that the “American” which was mentioned briefly in the season three post-credit scene might be. Currently, the two main theories are either Hopper somehow transported to Russia by the door or Upside Down Dr. Martin Brenner, “father” of eleven that could have been captured. With the “American” to serve as a major cliffhangers, one can glimpse for a fourth season begins to take shape.

Eleven must understand how to get his PREVIOUS powers to stop the Russians mingle while still doing with Upside Down. The gang must reunite to save Hopper anything out of it so happened that he was not dead. And perhaps they team up with Dr. Brenner, who has the answer to everything.

But this is all speculation. For now, the cast is to be suspicious of a fourth season. David Harbor and said he hopes Hopper returns somehow in another season, but he has no idea what is happening.

“I know as much as you. I have seen is beautiful. What Hopper does and what happens to him, the last episode, it’s amazing, it acts as the person he’s supposed to be. And then there’s this mystery at the end “, he said. “I do not really know what will happen, but if you find Duffer Brothers, let me know”.

Meanwhile, the star Gaten Matarazzo explained in Como in the UK it is in the dark on a fourth season.

“We do not even know if there will be a season 4,” said Matarazzo. “Nothing ever really confirmed, nothing is safe for now, we know nothing about it -… It is on lockdown is too close … I think it’s too early to call We know almost as much as the fans do right now that I kind of like “.

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So after Binged eight episodes of season three, the future of Stranger Things is a mystery. But we can agree that the stage is set for a promising season four, and although nothing confirms the show to return to answer these questions is likely Eleven get its powers back