Top 5 Scriptwriting Software in 2019




For us to compare all the best scriptwriting software that we have out there can be so devastating. All of this scriptwriting software has their various features, different prices and different ways in which they can be used. At times, some scriptwriters become so confused about the scriptwriting software to use.

The main aim of this article is to act as a guideline on which scriptwriting software you feel will be comfortable for you to use. Here, we are going to break down and then compare the other popular scriptwriting software that is available in the market.

Top 5 Scriptwriting Software

The following is the list of the five scriptwriting software:

  1. Celtx:

scriptwriting software

This is media software that is being used for organizing and creating media projects such as stage plays, comics, screenplays, videos, films, documentaries. It is simply a preproduction software. The operating software of this scriptwriting software is a cross-platform which allows media inventor to break down their work during the pre-production phase such as storyboarding, production scheduling, story development, script breakdowns, and reports.

This scriptwriting software was created from desktop software and then licensed under Mozilla Public License version 2.0. The acronym for Celtx is Crew, Equipment, Location, and XML.  It has numerous features that screenwriters and anyone that want to get involved in preproduction can make use of. The developer of this writing software is Celtx Inc.

  • In Writing: It makes use of the industry standard of screenwriting editor that is used for stage plays, screenplays, books, comic books, AV scripts, and novels.
  • In Project collaboration, management, and storage: It can provide difficult project collaboration and also online file storage.
  • Publishing: The written script can be uploaded to the Celtx exchange so that people can view it around the globe, review it and comment on it.
  • Scheduling: It can offer wide-ranging production calendars, shooting schedules, stripboards and call sheets.
  • Elements: The scriptwriting software has 35 different elements such as the special effect that you can add to the writing project. You can decide to add information to these elements such as text or media. Movie directors and screenwriters can tag elements easily within each script.
  • Storyboarding: Storyboard in Celtx can be created in sequence, which can be viewed or printed using an animatic playback feature.
  • Shot Blocker: This is a tool that is used to draw a set up you can add to your storyboard. It has pre-loaded icons and imagery for lights and cameras. People can be tagged using tools and text for drawing arrows, shapes, lines, and texts.

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  1. Fade in:

Scriptwriting software

This is one of the best scriptwriting software that is used for writing professional screenplays using the right industry format. This scriptwriting software is used in Hollywood. This can be used for stage plays, multimedia, radio, graphic novels, teleplays and lots more.

The Fade in scriptwriting software was created by a screenwriter and movie director called Kent Tessman. It was initially released in the year 2011, while the newest version was released in 2015. The desktop version of this scriptwriting software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is also Fade in for iOS and Android devices.

The developer of fade in scriptwriting software is GCC productions Inc. It can perform standard functions just like any writing software such as actions, formatting scenes, dialogue and characters using the right screenplay format.

There are important key features that professional screenwriters want. Examples of these features are revision management and they are used for re-writing during the pre-production and production phase.

Many features have several features that other scriptwriting software don’t have such as Unicode support, changing characters names, revision page colour, full-screen editing, open screenplay format, scrivener, fountain and batch watermarking.

  1. Final Draft:

scriptwriting software

This is one of the scriptwriting software for writing movies, teleplays, drama, stage plays and lots more. This software can be used for writing industry screenplay format that can meet the standard use by television, theatre and film industries. It can be used in writing many related writing documents such as treatments, queries, outlines, graphic novels, letters, and basic text documents.

The major competitors of the final draft are Fade in, Movie magic screenwriter, WriterDuet and Celtx. The developer of this writing software is the Final Draft, Inc. It was released on July 2018 and can be operated on Windows and Mac OS.

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  1. Movie Magic Screenwriter:

scriptwriting software

It resembles the word processing program used to format novels, screenplays, and teleplays. The Wright Brothers are the ones selling this software. The Write Brothers happened to be the developer of this scriptwriting software. It can be operated on Mac and Windows. Movie Magic Screenwriter began when Stephen Greenfield and Chris Huntley produced scriptor.

Scriptor was among the screenplay writing software that started by changing word documents into screenplay pattern.  Academy award highlighted the program’s importance for technical achievement in 1994.

Scriptor later went ahead to buy ScriptThing which was changed into Movie Magic Screenwriter. It was regarded as scriptwriting software that meets industry standards along with the final draft. The Mac version of this software won an award in the year 2000 known as Macworld editor’s choice award.

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  1. WriterDuet:

scriptwriting software

This is a scriptwriting software that is used in screenplay writing and editing. It was established by Guy Goldstein in 2013. In April 2015, they purchased the domain for Then they shut down when they cited a technical failure. In August 2016, they released a localized version of this software in China.

The aim of this software is to write, outline and format screenplays to industry standards. WriterDuet can be used to write novels and video games. The main competitors of this software in the scriptwriting industry are Celtx, Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter.

It can be operated on Windows, OS, Android, Web, and iOS. There are different languages available for this software such as Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and English. The developer of this writing software is WriterDuet Inc.