Top E-currency Exchangers in Nigeria and their Benefits

E-currency exchangers are specific to handling E-currency exchanges be it Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, etc. They are laden with the responsibility of handling and exchanging electronic currencies for other electronic currencies, and in some cases for any other economic legal tender.

Because most transactions regarding e-currencies happen online over the internet rather than in a physical environment, engagement in E-currency trading can be troublesome. Therefore, e-currency exchangers play a very vital role in the management of e-currencies so as to provide a secured play field for all traders and investors.

We’ll be highlighting the Top E-currency Exchangers in Nigeria and their Benefits. So maybe you ever consider e-currency trading, you should know where to go.

Top E-currency Exchangers in Nigeria and their Benefits

1. Etradexchange

eTradeXchange is one of the leading e-Currency trading platforms in Nigeria. It is an independent exchange service that claims to prioritize customer service over anything else. They offer one of the best rates at trading different e-Currencies. Their service covers exchange for Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Etherum, BitcoinCash, and more. eTradeXchange assures traders of the safety of their investments by providing a secured platform for all transactions.

Benefits of eTradeXchange

  • Best rates of e-Currencies exchange
  • Competitive fees
  • Fast funding
  • Different payment methods
  • An easy to use platform that is safe and secured
  • Capable of both funding, selling and exchanging e-currencies
  • Covers exchange for a lot of options which includes Webmoney, perfectmoney, and many cryptocurrencies
  • Simple and reliable service

2. Naira2USD

Naira2USD is an e-Currency trading platform that is owned and managed by Simac C & S services. They specialize in the buying, selling and exchange of various e-Currencies such as Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer, Litecoin, Perfect Money, WebMoney, PayPal, Neteller, Ethereum and others. The company claims to offer the best value in the market to their clients while maintaining a professional approach to serve its customers better.

Benefits of Naira2USD

  • Instant funding system
  • Good business ethics
  • Safe and Secured platform
  • Variety of e-Currencies are available
  • Frequent addition of new currencies

3. E-CurrencyChanger

E-CurrencyChanger is another top name in the E-Currency exchange business that has been consistently reliable in recent years. The company provides fast, efficient and reliable E-Currency exchange services to customers in Nigeria and beyond. Apart from exchanging e-currencies, E-CurrencyChanger offers a profitable affiliate program for members and promoters of the program.

Benefits of E-CurrencyChanger

  • Trades major E-Currencies such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Neteller, Okpay, Payeer, and lots more
  • Instant funding
  • Capable of funding directly into ones bank account
  • Affordable transaction fees
  • Well equipped members of staff to make your e-currency trading experience as professional as possible
  • Accepts payment for e-currency from international customers via Western Union Money Transfer, Money Gram and Bank Wire
  • Prompt, safe, reliable and satisfactory service

4. Exchangeindeed

Exchangeindeed prides itself as the “Global leader in Exchange market in Nigeria since 2009”. They claim to be the cheapest, fastest and most reliable E-Currency exchanger out there since the company’s inception in 2009, and you can see this as through judging by the company’s performance in the e-currency market both at local and international levels. Their offices are located across many major cities in Nigeria, so you know they’re out for real business.

Benefits of Exchangeindeed

  • Instant funding system for both small and large order
  • Fast and reliable
  • Allows trading of most major E-Currencies
  • Low trading rate
  • A dedicated customer support service
  • No minimal exchange unit
  • Converts e-Currencies to Naira and other currencies with ease
  • Operates on an impressive self-detailed website that issues directives to new users on what to do and where to go
  • An interactive website that enables traders to interact and exchange e-Currencies live

5. Naira4Dollar

Naira4Dollar is the oldest e-currency exchange company in Nigeria. It is one of the biggest e-currency selling, buying and exchange company in the country, and has been on the rather since it started operations in 2006. The company is registered with CAC and has more than 10 offices in Nigeria. The services rendered by Naira4Dollar includes buying, selling and exchange of PerfectMoney, Ego Pay, Bit Coin, internet Marketing and e-currencies.

Benefits of Naira4Dollar

  • Accepts most major E-Currencies
  • Low rates for each transaction Practices the true meaning of instant funding
  • Accepts various methods of payment, ranging from PayPal to bank transfers and so on
  • Credits local bank account
  • Operates on a safe and secure platform

Top E-currency Exchangers in Nigeria and their Benefits

6. InstantGold

InstantGold Nigeria is an e-currency trading and exchange platform that came into existence in the year 2007. They are among the top runners of e-currency trading and exchange services in Nigeria. The company claims to be one of the World’s most reliable and fastest link to the World of e-currency.

InstantGold Nigeria specializes in the provision of fast, reliable and efficient e-currency exchange service to the clients who desire to buy and sell online with ease.

Benefits of InstantGold

  • Fast, reliable, efficient and secure e-currency exchange service
  • Helps you convert your Cash to E-currency and also converts your E-currency to Cash
  • Provides a convenient layout for all their customers in all areas of online business
  • Aims to provide unbeatable, un-equalled and unique e-commerce Solutions
  • Same day processing of both incoming and outgoing payments
  • An impressive order tracking facility that enables customers stay in touch with their orders
  • Credible and trustworthy trading procedures

7. NigeriaGoldExchange

NigeriaGoldExchange is an e-Currency trading and e-payment services platform that is owned and operated by Omnifortuna Ltd Nigeria. They have been providing excellent and satisfactory e-currency exchange and trading services since the company’s establishment in 2009. NairaGoldExchange allows you to exchange Naira to any widely accepted e-currency and vice versa. They have been in the business of buying and selling of Ecurrencies like Perfect Money, Webmoney, SolidTrustPay, Payza, PayPal, Skrill and Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash since 2009 till date.

Benefits of NigeriaGoldExchange

  • Fast and trustworthy
  • Performs sales of virtual cards (VCC) from USA and Russian banks for up to a decade
  • Certified E-currency exchangers with PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay
  • Reasonable transaction fees
  • Allows trading of many major E-Currencies

8. Instant Base

Instant Base is a highly recognised and recommended E-currency exchanger in Nigeria. E-Currencies such as Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, EgoPay, Etherum, PerfectMoney, Webmoney and many others are bought and sold by Instant Base.

Benefits of Instant Base

  • Consistent quality services
  • Fast delivery of either small or large orders
  • Serves customers both in Nigeria and internationally
  • Transactional fees are quite reasonable
  • A dedicated support service

9. E-Dollar

E-Dollar is a Nigerian e-currency exchange and trading service provider that has been in the e-currency market for over a decade, and has always worked to earn it’s place as a fast, reliable and satisfying e-currency trading and exchange platform for customers to enjoy dealing with. Their services strictly only involves Buying, Selling and Exchange of Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Web Design and e-currencies.

Benefits of E-Dollar

  • Secure trading platform that mandates customers to verify their accounts before engaging in any activities, in order to tighten security and keep Scammers in check
  • Fast processing of orders
  • No hidden fees
  • Lowest transaction fees ever
  • Maximum reliability
  • An impressive website and a team of capable customer service representatives to make your experience easier

10. ZenithIncome

This particular e-currency trader and exchanger is a very prominent e-currency exchange and trading service provider in Africa, with service branches in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana. They have developed a good relationship with international e-currency service providers so as to ensure steady availability of e-Currencies at a very good and affordable rate. ZenithIncome constantly monitors the global e-currency exchange market in order to remain updated while providing the most favourable rates in the exchange and trading of e-currencies.

Benefits of ZenithIncome

  • Official verified PerfectMoney exchanger
  • Secured and protected transactions
  • Cost efficient
  • Cooperative and supportive to all customers and partners
  • Fast and reliable services
  • No hidden fees
  • Reasonable exchange rates
  • Provides qualified and precise work
  • Simple and convenient web interface
  • Free instant SMS and Email notifications for customers

11. My-Exchanger

My-exchanger is an e-currency exchange and trading service provider which at the moment, is exclusively engaged in the exchange of Paysafecard to Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Entro Money and Webmoney, but promises to add more payment systems for exchange later in the future. They respect THIER clients and guarantees every customer anonymity. There is no user registration neither is there any verification process for users on this easy to use platform, but nevertheless they offer one of the most reliable and speedy beneficial exchange anyone can imagine.

Benefits of My-Exchanger

  • No registration nor any strenuous processes
  • Best exchange rates in the market
  • Fast and safe exchange system

12. E-PayPlatform

E-PayPlatform web solutions limited is a certified and registered online payment solution platform that has been offering various online payment solutions of various products and services through the use of e-currencies in order to ease online activities and international transactions. Their services also includes the buying, selling and exchanging of a variety of e-Currencies such as Bitcoin,, Webmoney, Perfect money and lots more.

Benefits of E-PayPlatform

  • Fast and cheap services
  • Payment agent, partner and exchanger of different e-currencies
  • Dedicated and well trained staff to deal with customers’ activities
  • Registered and verified exchange company
  • An interesting forum where customers can meet with each other, learn, share ideas, and educate each other about online trading and e-currency exchange market activities

13. OK-Payment

OK-Payment is a fully registered online e-currency trading and exchange service provider that engages in the buying and selling of PerfectMoney, EntroMoney, Bitcoin, and others. The focus of this highly motivated company is to work hard to serve Nigerians perfectly in the E-Currency business market.

Benefits of OK-Payment

  • Easy and reliable exchange
  • Lowest exchange rates possible
  • Fast and efficient e-currency exchange service
  • Provides unbeatable and standard e-business solutions
  • Same day payment and funding system

14. ZITC-Exchange

ZITC-Exchange is one of the largest and most trusted accredited e-wallet exchanger in Nigeria. Their services include trading and exchange of E-Currencies such as Etherum, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and so on. They also buy iTunes, Google play and Amazon Gift Cards, and pay instantly.

Benefits of ZITC-Exchange

  • Consistent service
  • One of the best exchange rates
  • Fast transaction time
  • Good customer relation
  • Efficiently handles large and small exchange order
  • Excellent in service delivery

15. Gold2Naira

One of the easiest and most reliable place you can trade e-Currencies is the Gold2Naira online currencies and e-payment solutions platform. It is one of the best e-currency exchange companies to do business with that completes your transactions in as quick as 30 minutes. The company operates by rendering e-commerce services, Internet Marketing, e-currency exchange, etc.

Benefits of Gold2Naira

  • Secured and fast exchange system
  • Accepts most major E-Currencies
  • Easy to use
  • Fast settlements and a consistent working system
  • Reliable, efficient and satisfactory

E-Currencies (electronic currencies) operate as self-governed currencies that work on their own rules. A lot of factors are involved in their rise and drop in value, and most times, these factors can not be regulated.

We advice that traders and participants of e-Currency trading and exchange should be well aware of the risks (and benefits) that are involved in the E-Currency business.

If you’re stuck in a maze of how to go about trading your e-currency, you can leave a comment in the comments box below and we will provide further assistance to you.

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