Waptrick – How to Download Free Games, Music, Videos, Pictures and Apps on www.waptrick.com


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Waptrick – How to Download Free Games, Music, Videos, Pictures and Apps on www.waptrick.com

If you’re looking for a highly dependable online platform where you can get the best games, music, videos, mobile applications, themes and many other cool stuff for free, all together in one place, then look no further than the beloved Waptrick free download hub.

Waptrick is one of the best sources for free music, videos, applications, pictures, e-books, and many other forms of digital, electronic media on the internet. It also ranks as one of the most secured platforms that offers thousands of free-to-download files and documents, all for free.

Waptrick is the top choice for all your entertainment needs for the following reasons:

  • On Waptrick, you can download any book of your choice, any trending or old music from your favorite artistes, as well as different categories of video clips, movies and series, pictures, applications for mobile phones, and many other downloadable media. The most intriguing fact about downloading from Waptrick is that you are allowed to download files without limitation from any parts of the world, on any kind of internet enabled device, all for free.
  • Waptrick features more than 47 major world languages which can be adjusted by visitors according to their preference.
  • Visitors on the platform who are upcoming authors, developers and entertainers are availed the opportunity to have their songs, videos, Books or application promoted to thousands of users who visit Waptrick on a daily.

Through this article, we are going to walk you through on how you can easily download any Games, Music, Videos, E-books, Movies, Pictures and Apps of your choice for free on Waptrick.

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Waptrick is home to thousands of downloadable entertaining and educative media in form of music, pictures, Books and more. No matter what you’re looking for or the location you’re looking from, as long as you can access the web, you have a very good chance of finding it on the Waptrick platform. Gone are the days when people had to pay online for some certain stuffs. Gone are the times when internet users had to search and search, and not find the things they needed on the internet. Waptrick’s website of freebies have brought an end to all that.

Unfortunately, many people are finding it uneasy to access Waptrick and download the games, themes, music and movies of their choice, and that is why we are here to help you. All you need to do is to carefully read through, and follow us on this article on How to Download Free Games, Music, Videos, Pictures and Apps on www.waptrick.com, and see how you can easily browse through, search for, and obtain anything you want from Waptrick without any stress.

The Basics

If there’s anything you would love to download on the Waptrick platform, ranging from Mobile Games for Android or Java, Mp3 Music, Music Videos, Films, Video Clips, Mobile Applications, Pictures, Wallpapers, E-books or magazines, or you’re interested in some other available services such as Music Lyrics, Horoscope, or file uploads, the first thing you should do is to get a computer, iPad, Android or Symbian/Java enabled phone, or any electronic device which is capable of accessing the internet. Then you proceed to your preferred browser and log on to www.waptrick.com (or www.waptrick.one) to visit the Waptrick portal.

All files, data and documents are accessible, obtainable, and compatible with all phones and devices even if they are low-end.

Waptrick Homepage

The Waptrick homepage is basically a single, simple, user-friendly, easy to access webpage that consists of a horizontal list of menus, detailing all the categories of cool stuff that you can download on any device for free.


These are multilevel classification of files on Waptrick, arranged serially in groups in order to make your experience easier, as well as enable you discover everything you need with ease. The following are some major categories that you will find on Waptrick’s homepage:

New Updates

First on the categories list is the updates. This is basically a group of the most recently included stuffs on Waptrick such as New games, mobile apps, New videos, themes and other downloadable files. You can get all the latest movies, songs, animations and other stuffs from here.


Waptrick games is next on the list with numerous features such as New Waptrick games, Most downloaded games, arcade games, action, sports, strategy games and many other genre of games. These games are compatible for both Android, Symbian, or any other popular operating system.

Clicking on any of the listed genres (category) of games takes you a list of lots of amazing games under your selected category.

You can then download these games by clicking on the standard download button that pops up after you click on the download button on the download page of any game of your choice.

Waptrick Music

Waptrick offers tons of new and existing songs free for download on it’s platform.

There are many genres you can choose from depending on your choice or musical preference. You can get all the latest songs by clicking the new music button. Equally, you can click the most downloaded music button to view the list of music downloaded the most, globally. There’s a search bar at the top of your screen with which you can use in searching for any particular music of your choice.

Downloading your favorite music from Waptrick is pretty easy. All you need to do is to locate the music page and select the music genre of your choice. It brings you to a list of songs, from where you can select any music you wish to download with just a single click.

A download page with four different versions of the music you selected will show up.

By clicking any of the listed versions of the music you wish to download, a new page will show up in which you are expected to click the standard download button (see image above) to start up your download.

Waptrick Videos

This is a section of Waptrick free download portals from where you can download the latest films and any video clips of your choice. You can find lots of entertaining music videos and movies, as well as lots of popular YouTube videos here.

Downloading from this section works exactly the same way as downloading Waptrick Music in music section.


Another reason why we love Waptrick is because it doesn’t just entertain us, but also serves as an alternative to the app market for Android, otherwise known as play store. There are tons of applications for you to choose under each listed categories, and you can install them all as they’re are compatible on your android, Symbian or Java device.

Pictures and Themes

Waptrick also offers lots of beautiful pictures, wallpapers and themes which works well on almost all phones. You can choose from lots of available pictures under each category, as well as download the best pictures, wallpapers, and backgrounds that will transform your phone and give it a unique, beautiful presentation. You can also download these pictures for you PC, or use some of them as your profile picture if you want. To download, simply click on the categories you like, and follow through until you reach a download page asking you to select a picture quality. Your download will start immediately you make your choice.

Waptrick E-books

If you love to read, you can checkout Waptrick’s e-books and magazines. There are many books to choose from, as well as comics and interesting novels and materials that can be funny, classic, informing and educative. All books are in PDF format. Meaning you will get the best quality of books, all for free.



If you’re a horoscope person, you can ask Waptrick about your daily and weekly horoscope information. But firstly, you have to visit this page below and choose your zodiac sign.

Song Lyrics

Waptrick doesn’t just offer you free music. It also offers you the opportunity of learning the words to all your favorite music, for free, again. Visit the lyrics archive on Waptrick to get all the lyrics for any song there is.


If there’s any particular item that you seek, in form of a music, game, picture, music lyrics, or any kind of file that is hosted online, you can make use of Waptrick’s search feature to quickly find what you seek without needing to browse through lots of pages and data. You can initiate Waptrick’s search feature by making use of the search bar located right at the top of your screen.

The search bar is situated on all pages so you do not have to look for it.

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Waptrick is very easy to access. The website is user-friendly and doesn’t consume your data like most high-end websites. There are no annoying pop up ads on the Waptrick platform, and you don’t have to worry about viruses and bugs affecting your device when you download from Waptrick because Waptrick is a safe, secured and virus-free platform.

Most importantly, everything on Waptrick is free for you. You are not required to pay for anything and you can download as many stuffs as possible.

Do you have any difficulties with accessing and downloading from Waptrick? Do you have any suggestions or enquiries?

We are here to assist you, and we can only do so when you leave a comment in the comments box below.


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