4 Reasons why Online Rummy is getting incredibly popular

4 Reasons why Online Rummy is getting incredibly popular

Most of us in India are accustomed to playing rummy game. The practice of playing rummy with a physical deck of cards goes back to ages. In the earlier days, rummy was played with a known group of friends or relatives in a home based setting with playing cards. Now with the availability of Internet, playing rummy online has become incredibly easier. 

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According to the recent trends, playing rummy online seems to be the most preferred forms of entertainment. Want to know the reasons for the paradigm shift from playing offline to online? Read the below reasons

  1. Play anytime, anywhere

Mobile gaming is the zeitgeist these days. Thanks to the explosive growth of Smartphone and rapid internet penetration, players can now enjoy their favourite game now anytime, anywhere.  And rummy game has profited massively from this. No longer would you have to rely on your friends for playing a game or two, you can just login to your favourite site and meet your match, thanks to the increasing number of online rummy sites. And most of these sites have dedicated rummy mobile apps that will allow you to play the game anytime, anywhere. 

2.Huge Rewards 

In a traditional rummy game played with physical deck of cards, in most cases they are played for fun. Even when it’s played with stakes, you can win just the pool amount contributed by the players. In the online arena, there are huge rewards and offers for players. From deposit bonuses to incredible tournaments with huge prize pool, it’s raining money all the way in online rummy game. The bonus and offer serve as a huge motivating factor that draws people from all quarters. 

3.Better Gaming Experience

Unlike the traditional game where you play with the same set of players again and again, in the same setup, online rummy impresses you with rich visuals. With customized tables, attractive themes almost resembling a casino, rich aesthetics complimented by advanced graphics, astounding audio effects – playing rummy online is simply a visual treat. With its immersive gaming experience, it vastly surpasses the traditional way of playing with physical cards. Stride in to India’s Number 1 Online rummy site to experience it yourself. 

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4.Fair Gaming

In a physical game of rummy, a person assumes the role of a dealer and engages in shuffling and distribution of cards to all the players. This may create room for discrepancy and favouritism. You don’t have to worry about such things in online rummy as the entire process is automated. Most Rummy sites are certified for RNG (Random Number Generator) which ensures the shuffling is random. Also, most rummy sites have integrated with them advanced algorithms for fraud detection and prevention, so fairplay is more or less 100% guaranteed.

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These are some of the reasons why people flock in droves to online rummy sites. We can envision the trend only to grow further with the way rummy sites are coming up with offers and promotions. Even if you are someone who prefers the brick and mortal style of playing, you can try playing in these websites for once.

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