How to Become a Yahoo Boy: Yahoo Boy Formats That Work (2019)

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How to Become a Yahoo Boy: Yahoo Boy Formats That Work (2019)

In the streets, everywhere I go, I keep hearing people talk about Yahoo! Yahoo! … A lot of Nigerian youths are interested in learning how to become Yahoo boys.

As a result, we decided to publish a guide to help all interested individuals make money off Yahoo.

With the rate of unemployment in the country, it’s easy to understand why people are very much interested in becoming Yahoo boys.- Advertisement –

Nobody wants to be broke; it’s totally lugubrious and difficult to be broke in a world where money is needed to live a good life, rent or buy a house, drive a nice car and, in fact, do anything that makes life comfortable.

But without proper yahoo boy orientation, you may find yourself gallivanting around the internet without really making one cent.

I know of someone who was into Yahoo for several years without ever winning over a client.

A lot of people are eager to learn how it works and, as a result of that, they visit Google every day and make search queries like:

  • Learn how to be a Yahoo boy
  • Yahoo boy orientation
  • How to start a Yahoo boy career
  • How to become a successful yahoo boy
  • How to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria

After seeing so many interests in the subject matter we decided to publish a guide on it.

As a matter of fact, it’s not that hard to make money from Yahoo. The problem was that the guy lacked proper Yahoo boy orientation.

He did not equip himself very well before joining the business. He did not know the Yahoo boy formats that work in recent times.- Advertisement –

Thank goodness you’re here!

You won’t make the same mistakes the guy made that prevented him from earning one cent off the internet.

This epic guide will provide you with all the mental resources needed to start a Yahoo boy career.

How to become a Yahoo boy:

Yahoo Yahoo is a form of business and, just like every other business, you need to invest certain money to buy the gadgets you need to get started.

And, when I say gadgets, I don’t mean an incomplete set; you need virtually all the gadgets I’ll be mentioning in a few lines.

What are these gadgets?

1. Get a good Laptop

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First, you need to own a laptop if you want to become a successful Yahoo guy. Otherwise, you’ll find it extremely difficult to do certain important things one is only capable of doing on Laptops.

Olamide Bado is or was able to pull off his own Yahoo boy without a laptop. nevertheless, I can assure you that you very much need a laptop to become a very successful yahoo boy.

And not just any laptop. You need one with good firmware. And I can’t recommend any other than Apple laptops.

I love the Windows OS and how they’ve improved on the latest versions. However, one must still admit that the Mac is by far the most protected.

Furthermore, Apple laptops tend to have longer battery lives, which will come in handy considering the fact that the Nigerian power supply is still very much in jumbles.

2. Get a good Smartphone

Even after getting a laptop, you still need a mobile phone. The reason is, you don’t need to waste any minute. You need to respond to clients’ messages fast.

And what if you’re somewhere, maybe in a park or cinema relaxing?

This is why you need a mobile phone.

Again, I recommend an iPhone or iPad. They have better firmware than any other device you can think of.

The reason you need devices with good firmware is so that you won’t get tracked, hacked or cracked by anyone interested in your downfall.

You wouldn’t want a short-lived success, would you?

3. Get Steady internet connection

A good internet connection is one of the most essential requirements for becoming a Yahoo boy. If you stay in a location that is not 3G+ enabled, then you’ve got to reconsider your decision.

You don’t want to be in the middle of an important conversation with a client and then all of a sudden your network begins to disappoint.

It’s a huge turn off for clients. Personally, I wouldn’t appreciate chatting with someone who replies to my messages with more than 10 minutes time lag, especially when I have to deal with that for every message I send.

You need a good network, more so if you claim to live in the city. A person that stays in the city cannot keep complaining of a poor network. Bad network is totally un-city-like.

Although you may be able to beat your way around that, you wouldn’t want to give your clients so many clues.

The reason I’ve insisted on you getting those three aforementioned gadgets is that you must never use a cyber café. If you do, you are on your road to failure.

Ask the people that have been there. Cyber cafés are unsafe places. A second computer might be able to see what you’re doing, might be able to check your browsing history, and might end up tipping off anyone interested in seeing you fail.

If you don’t have those three very important gadgets listed above, then don’t even think of becoming a yahoo guy.

You will only end up having just yourself to blame.

4. Get a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. In other words, VPN encrypts your network, thereby increasing the security of the data you transmit over the net.

Or, in Lehman’s terms, VPN hides your IP address or switch to the one you desire.

There are free VPNs on the net; however, they limit so many functionalities with their free plans.

Henceforth, you might be required to purchase one of the premium plans in order to enjoy the full package.

5.  Learn English

If you already have the ability to communicate and write effectively in English, good for you. But if not, then you have to improve before you even think of starting Yahoo! Yahoo!

Your ability to communicate and write effectively isn’t a gadget and it isn’t something you can purchase and own overnight. It’s something you have to develop.

Needless to say, the ability to write and communicate effectively is one of the most essential requirements for becoming a Yahoo boy.

How in the world will you win over clients if you can’t construct simple grammar?

Let’s assume my writing has been extremely poor since you started reading this article. Would you have carried on with it?

Similarly, anyone who really wants to become a Yahoo boy must have the ability to keep people engaged in conversations.

I get turned off by women with poor grammatical constructions. And I’m certain I’m not the only one with that mentality.

Statistics have it that men find women who can communicate effectively more attractive. Similarly, women are attracted to men who have good communication skills.

I’m certain you want to present yourself attractive to your clients in every sense.

If you’re not so good in English, have no fear. make use of the resources on the internet that helps with grammar construction.

Grammarly is one of them.

6. Get a foreign phone number

Yahoo boys usually claim to be from the US, UK or any other developed countries. Because people tend to hold citizens of those countries with high regard.

Now, if you choose to be someone from the USA, you must take note that every country has an Area Code.

In essence, you can’t tell me you’re from the USA and when you call me, I’ll notice +234, which is obviously the Nigerian Area Code.

It’s easy to get a foreign phone number using several android apps. One very popular app for getting a foreign phone number is TextPlus. Just search for that on Google PlayStore.

Those are the six most important things you need to start a Yahoo boy career. Other petty requirements include knowing where the ABCs are on the keyboard and having a good sense of humor.

Without further ado, let’s get to the main reason you clicked to read this post.

The yahoo boys formats: how they operate

1. Yahoo boy websites

Many people interested in becoming Yahoo boys believe there’s a specific yahoo boy website where they can practice their activities.

That is, however, completely incorrect.

Let’s go back to basics.

Why do you think the business is named after one of the most popular websites in the world (

That’s because it traces as far back as when yahoo messenger was still the most popular chat app on the internet.

It was through the Yahoo Messenger app people were able to connect and communicate with foreigners with ease, inasmuch as you have the Yahoo Mail address of that person.

But in this generation a lot has changed; things are no longer the way they used to be.

There are several websites that provide you with a means to practice and, funny enough, they are closer than you imagine.

What are those websites?

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Dating apps or sites, etc.

In short, yahoo boys operate on practically any site that provides them with a means to communicate with people without really seeing them or knowing them physically.

Mastering the usage of online dating sites or apps is basically the most popular yahoo boy format on the internet; it is the oldest trick in the book.

How do they operate on those yahoo boys’ websites?

Create a profile

Creating a profile on most of the platforms listed above is easy; however, some of them have blacklisted Nigerians due to the bad reputation that precedes our youths.

On some dating sites especially, it is not possible to create a profile as a Nigerian.

This is where the VPN comes in.

A VPN hides your location and makes it seem like you’re browsing from any locations of your choice, hence allowing you to access websites that on normal grounds do not allow Nigerians to register.

Discover your mojo

Many aspiring Yahoo boys miss it here and, as a consequence, never do well in their business.

Basically, successful yahoo boys are very good creating fake identities and profile, through which they’ll be able to catch easy preys.

Some, however, choose a status that they are incapable of feigning. Imagine a person who claims to be a doctor but is ignorant of simple terms in medicine, or who says he/she is a soldier but has zero ideas on certain military terminologies.

In the event that their clients want to engage them in conversations related to their works, they’ll find it hard to cope with.

If you meet someone that’s not so smart, then fine. But in the world we’re living in now, people are a lot smarter than they used to be. So, childish tricks might not work.

You know what you are good at and can feign convincingly; it is not someone that will put you through

Get what you want

If you have succeeded in feigning a profile and winning over friends to yourself, the next thing would be to use them in getting what you want.

Yahoo boys make their targets trust them with all their hearts. Some targets even fall heads over hills in love with yahoo boys.

After making someone believe and fall in love with you, it becomes very easy to make them do what you want.

In this part, the formats most yahoo boys use are:

You had an accident and do not know where you are and your credit card and other important stuff are missing. The doctor needs to perform an urgent surgery on you; however, you don’t have enough money to deposit for the hospital bills and as a result of that, you are in need of urgent assistance from him or her.

When a person that has fallen in love with you sees a message like that, they’ll run helter-skelter to get the money needed to perform the surgery.

In most cases, yahoo boys prefer to become girls and use cloning apps to perform video chats with their lovers; the reason is, men are a lot softer when it comes to sending money to the opposite sex.

Yahoo Yahoo is mostly trial and error!

Yahoo boys keep trying till they eventually catch a maga or mugu. And after succeeding, you’ll hear them singing or shouting “maga done pay”.

2. Unsolicited mails

In this yahoo boy format, yahoo boys will get email addresses of several people — foreign and local — and send them emails telling them they’ve won the lottery, a jackpot or anything that can get their attention.

Naturally, humans have a greedy side and will be excited at seeing a message telling them they won a jackpot or something.

A lot of people have become accustomed to seeing such messages and will never fall victim to it. However, there remain several others out there who are clueless and, as a result, become victims.

3. Credit card fraud

This is the most advanced Yahoo boy format. In this case, you’ll try by all means to get your target to reveal certain details about their credit card, and with such details, it’s easy to wire their money from their account to your own account.

Meanwhile, you must have put measures in place to ensure your account doesn’t get traced. This Yahoo boy format is extremely difficult and only for pros. The chances of getting caught are higher using this format.

Disclaimer: Everything you read so far is pure sarcasm

I do not in any way encourage young bright intelligent people to become Yahoo boys or girls.

For you to have typed “how to become a Yahoo boy” in the Google search box, it means you’re indeed interested in becoming one; or, you just want to make inquiries, for research purpose, if there are actually guides on how to become a Yahoo boy in Nigeria.

If your reason for reading this post is because you actually want to become a Yahoo boy, then I’m afraid to break it to you that everything you read so far is pure sarcasm.

Notwithstanding, all the Yahoo boy formats I shared with you above are actually correct. That is exactly how Yahoo boys operate.

If you’ve been to the university or you hang out with young guys a lot, then it’s not so difficult to come in contact with Yahoo boys in Nigeria and know all the Yahoo boys format.

Everything is not entirely their fault; there are limited job opportunities in Nigeria.

As a result, the hardship and the rate of unemployment in this part of the world have led many young people into yahoo yahoo.

I know things are hard; the country is difficult and unbearable for many youths. Notwithstanding, there are so many things you can do online if you have a laptop and an internet connection apart from becoming a Yahoo boy.

I bet you, before another person that chooses to become a Yahoo boy makes $1 online, you must have made several hundred dollars using the legit means above. And on top of that, your mind will be at peace.

Still having any doubts! Let me explain further why you shouldn’t choose to become a Yahoo boy:

5 Reasons you should not become a Yahoo boy

The risks are a lot higher in recent times

In recent times, the Nigeria police tend to embarrass people a lot. Some of them even go as far as demanding that you allow them to see the content of your mobile phones or PC, even without a warrant.

And through that, they’ve been able to apprehend several people involved in Yahoo Yahoo!

Similarly, American authorities have their attention on Yahoo boys now more than ever. It is claimed that American citizens have lost over $1 billion to scammers over the past decade.

The FBI, as a result of that, has decided to take the matter of online scamming more seriously. They now work in conjunction with tech giants that own email companies, mobile phone companies, and other companies that produce software or gadgets Yahoo boys use for their activities.

If you’ve been very observant, then you must have seen several reports on how Yahoo boys are getting apprehended every day.

More difficult compared to years back

It is a lot harder to make 1 cent from online scamming in recent times because the targets are now way, way smarter compared to years back.

So, if you become a yahoo boy now you may be tempted to go plus (Yahoo plus). And you know what that means.

You won’t have peace of mind

As earlier noted, the police are taking the matter more seriously now more than ever. Imagine that you’re traveling with your favorite laptop at the back of your car seat, and you come across SARS at a checkpoint. It will take a lot of composure not to shiver, considering the brutal nature of SARS officials.

That being said, you’ll not have peace of mind if you’re doing anything illegal. Naturally, the guilt will just remain with you.

You won’t spend the money well

Now, I’m sure someone’s like ‘whoa! That one’s not true’.

Here’s the reason you won’t spend the money well:

When people get money from such means, they tend to believe it’d be easy to get the next one, and with that believe in mind, the desire to spend your money carefully would be lost.

Conclusion: Don’t become a Yahoo boy!

There’s this stigma Nigerians are now facing on the web and around the world. People tend to believe every successfully young Nigerian is a Yahoo boy.

It’s already so bad and we don’t want it to get any worse; the major reason I was spurred into writing this long sarcastic “how to become a Yahoo boy” guide.

I hope all the points I’ve provided above is enough to dissuade you from learning how to become a Yahoo boy.

Sorry for disappointing you if your intention was to truly learn how to become a Yahoo boy.