How to Join Yahoo Plus, G-Plus, Yahoo Boys, Oshole, Yahoo Rituals in Nigeria

How to Join Yahoo Plus, G-Plus, Yahoo Boys, Oshole, Yahoo Rituals in Nigeria

You may have heard about the so called Yahoo boysYoung BillionairesG-Plus GuysOshole , Yahoo rituals and so on. You may have seen where these guys are spending money, changing cars as if they were changing clothes, buying mansions and living their life as though they were in heaven. If you want to join the Yahoo rituals or G-Plus Guys, ensure that you read this article from A-Z.

yahoo boys ritual

Yahoo boys or G Plus guys are people who are making money online by defrauding white people of their hard earned money through online dating sites, email spoofing, social media etc.

Yahoo boys use so many techniques to woo their victims into handling their money to them. Some Yahoo boys would claim that they own so so Oil company and they are looking for reputable companies or financially capable men who would buy it off, they will bid it at a mouth-watering price. However, once the victim complies and pay all their required money, they block every means of communication with the client.

Naija boys have been known to indulge in Yahoo business. A junior Yahoo guy makes money by just making unrealistic promises and telling different lies while a pro Yahoo guy or Yahoo Plus Guy or G-Plus Guy makes money by using charms on the victims. Through the charms, they would be in total control of their client and whatever they demand from the victim, the person does it even when the victim knows actually that he/she is about to be scammed.

Yahoo Plus or G-Plus guys are those who have strengthened their scam by doing some blood rituals. The ritual could involve using one’s mother or brother or sisters etc to make a charm that will control people people’s mind and action.

“As the name implies, Yahoo Plus is an advanced form of the popular Yahoo Yahoo which is a fraud scheme that was largely perpetrated with the internet on unsuspecting victims.

Also, the difference between the Yahoo and Yahoo plus is the fetish aspect of the busines. As a matter of fact, some Yahoo plus boys may not need to swindle anyone to become successful. In some cases, they just need to sleep with ladies in order to take their star and fortune

5 devilish things Internet fraudsters do to get money

In their paper chase, some Nigerian Internet fraudsters have done things that will shock the imagination.

Frequent incidents of ritual killings or an attempt at it, has called for one to be mindful of one’s safety.

It has been brought to national attention the increase in devilish rituals explored by Yahoo boys in their chase for money.

Tough challenges in getting a regular Maga to fund their lust for luxury and an extra comfortable life has encouraged them to give the fear-inspiring medium called Yahoo Plus a try.

Unfortunately, the occultic saviour offering financial upliftment has required ‘Internet fraudsters’ to submit to jaw-dropping evil actions in their paper chase.

We have compiled a list of things fetish wealth seekers have done to get money:

1. What do you think of bread sandwiched with human faeces?

“Eeeew!!! That is a likely response when the idea of eating bread sandwiched with human faeces is considered but not to some Yahoo Boys.

A lady once overheard her ex-boyfriend in a conversation with pal who listened to him narrate his experience while eating the mixture which is believed to be one of the rights he needed to fulfill in a quest for money.

This is however minor compared to the next example.

2. Barking once a month as part of money ritual:

A viral video of a Yahoo Boy captured as he barked like a dog for the purpose of money ritual is another cause for concern. You can watch the Video on Youtube or Punchng

While his friends laughed at him in a living room, he continuously made sounds that resembled the animal. A feature that may make one wonder if he indeed is a dog.

Nigerian youths seem ready to explore any means to get money as depicted in a footage where one was seen barking like a dog.

3. ‘Oshole’, the power of compulsion:

“The craft of a ‘Babalawo‘, a pastor or a cleric, has helped some Internet fraudsters who patronise Yahoo Plus can help deliver to the money lovers the power to command a ‘client’ (person scammed) to their bidding. This is an opportunity to cop some huge stash of American Dollars.

4. Wiping a l*dy’s vag*na with towel after s*x:

It has been rumoured that some ladies in Nigeria are walking dead following encounters with youths who have looked to Yahoo Plus for money.

By wiping moisture from a wom*n’s v****a after s*x, it is believed that a wealth seeker is able to get what is desired after using the material in a ritual performed by a Babalawo‘ or any fetish lord.

5. Killing one’s nephew for money rituals:

This is not a particular trend but a man’s weakness killing his older sister’s son for the purpose of Yahoo Plus.

A man was captured in handcuffs as he crouched beside the corpse of a little boy reportedly 7 years old recenty. It is believed that the man sacrificed the boy for blood money.

“Yahoo plus rituals is an advanced development to that of normal Yahoo Yahoo. Yahoo plus rituals involve the use of fetish ways to make money. Yahoo plus rituals is basically the advanced version of the regular Yahoo Yahoo in all ramifications. It is practised both within and round Nigeria. Those who engage in this act can be noticed without any hitch.

In all cases, they get rich instantly and live a life worthy of questioning. Furthermore, the big dissimilarity between the Yahoo and Yahoo plus is that the former is just about scamming people on net while the latter is quite fetish in nature.

It is important to note that, these Yahoo plus boys do not need to defraud or fleece anyone in order to have money. In most cases, they just need to have s*x with girls in order to take their destiny and make them look useless.

We have heard different stories on how Yahoo plus ritual is carried out. Let us take a true life story of one.

A True Life Story about Yahoo Plus Rituals

“Chidi is a Nigerian born civilian at age 25 made a confession and disclosed that Yahoo plus is one of the popular trends in Cybercrime.

He went on to say that those who are part of the yahoo plus use charm to mesmerize their victims. This is because the normal yahoo does not bring in the expected result. Victims who are being targeted are getting smarter and they don’t seem to fall for any deceit.

When he observed that he was not making it in the so-called business, he thought to enquire from some of his buddy who was in the same category of business. Amazement rang through him as he was made to comprehend the in-thing was yahoo plus.

Then he decided to go for a smooth journey to Benin Republic and also Ghana where he approached a herbalist who told them to purchase three live cocks and some other items which he used to arrange some concoction for them.

Immediately he got through with that, the herbalist asked him and his friends to stand at the entrance of the shrine, while he the herbalist chanted incantations that would enable their success in yahoo plus.

As he and his friends returned to Nigeria, they had some concoction which the herbalist said were made with some human parts. He and his friends were told by the herbalist that they need to put the concoction in their mouths whenever they want to get hold of a victim.

The basic reason why Chidi decided to quit was that his close friends had lost some of their close ones because they went astray and because of fear he decided to end it and he boldly asked for forgiveness for those had duped in the past.

 Yahoo  Plus, Handkerchief, Ritual S*x: Many Nigerian Female Students Walking Dead
“Ok evening everyone, I am here to tell you what an old friend told me early hours of the day that has been disturbing me.I came across an old friend of mine, mehn you needed to see his car, modern benz flashy rims and see his dressing we got to talk and I asked him the way forward, he said he did gee(Yahoo) and I was like how did you get this far? he replied ” i plus up nw” asin (yahoo plus+) and I went foward to ask what he did, he didn’t even hide it maybe bcz he trusted me this was what he told me.“My guy as I start this gee tin e no pay me imagine clients go dey give me $200 why nw na em i go one baba like that, the man assure me say I go hit jack pot na just to do some rituals. At first I shake but after I go meet the man him give me hanky say if I sleep with any girl of my choice make I make sure say she sleep after s*x then use the hanky clean the p***y then bring am for am.My guy after i do am i go give the man like after 2 months everything begin click for me o sometimes e dey hard bcz you go do some girls the baba go say dem don use dem”.Jesus, I was shocked I couldn’t believe my ears he went on to say most Nigerian university female students are walking dead and empty vessels and he said he has been doing this for like 9 months. Just imagine the amount of innocent girls that are useless just bcz of material tinz. I am sorry to say but most of you girls are in big soup you need deep deliverance. “


“Yahoo plus rituals are what is ravaging in today’s world as we speak. Majority of Youths are making money from this illegal and fetish game. From my point, I will advise you not to indulge yourselves in Yahoo plus because the consequences that come with it can be quite unbearable