How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

Football is currently the most popular watched sports event in the world, especially football league matches of different countries and other events. Here in Nigeria, many young and old people are always in anticipation for weekends and weekdays that would feature football matches between their favorite club or national teams.

In many corners of many streets in many African cities, there are bars, pubs, cinemas and mini football viewing centers where football fans assemble to watch their favorite football club teams or country play to their entertainment. In most cases, these loyal and passionate football fans also gamble and place bets on the possible outcomes of these football games. This is also a way through which football fans show their love and passion for the beautiful game.

Watching football matches have been made easier this past decade with the presence of cable TV companies who are mostly responsible for telecasting live sporting events. However, many fans sometimes miss their favorite football matches, or are either forced to keep up with scores over the internet on football livescores websites due to a busy work schedule, expired cable TV subscription and many other possible reason.

There’s a solution to these situations, particularly if you have an Android smartphone. With your Android smartphone, you can be able to watch all football and other sports events live in real time, including popular TV shows, movies and music, without ever missing any action due to a busy work schedule, an unsuitable weather condition, and so on.

You will find in this article How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free and comfortably. You get to watch all major and minor football leagues and sporting events across many countries, with an unlimited access to thousands of different channels, all for free.

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

It is very possible to easily enjoy all the football games in the world, in the comfort of your home, right in your palms with the use of your Android phone or tablet. You only need to get any one or more of the following android applications we have listed below. They have been developed by their different developers to serve all your entertainment needs, and you do not have to pay any single fee to either obtain or make use of any of them.

Check out the apps below, proceed to download, and start enjoying them for free.

WSS stands for World Sports Stream. This application is one of the best applications in existence that caters for almost everything you need, sports-wise.

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

You can also watch TV shows, movies, and wrestling matches on this application, and all of its services come at no cost. There are hundreds of channels on this free streaming app, and the most popular ones include —

Sports: SkySports (1, 2, 3, 4, F1) ITV 1, BBC One, At the Race, Racing UK, Box Nation, BT Sports (1, 2, 3), ESPN UK, ESPN USA, Euro Sports, NBCSN, Fox Sports, PTV Sports, Sky Sports Italy (1, 2, 3), NBA TV, MUTV, Chelsea TV, Star Sports, NFL Network, SportsNet World – Ontario – One, WWE, Sony Six, Willow Cricket, LFC TV, TSN, TenSports, Setanta Ireland, Geo Super, ZDF, Sport Tv, Sport Tv Live, Bein Sports (1 – 13)

Entertainment: Sky Movies: Modern Greats, Action and Adventure, Premiere, Scifi and Horror, Crime, Thriller, Comedy, Drama and Romance, Select, Family Channel, iTV 1, 2, 3, 4, BBC One, Two, Three, Four, and many more channels.

I have been using this WSS app for my entertainment for many years and it has never dissapointed me. The app avails you the option to select the display quality of any event you want to watch. There’s also a section for football match fixtures, league tables and many other important information regarding football, all in this app. You can download WSS now and start enjoying football matches for free.

Download World Sports Stream by clicking Download

1xbet App
1xbet is among the Top 10 online sports betting companies in Nigeria and beyond. We don’t just use 1xbet to place bets after checking out the best football prediction sites in Nigeria. We also watch football matches, as well as other sports events, live on 1xbet for free.

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

In order for you to enjoy free unlimited live sports on 1xbet, you need to create a free 1xbet account here. They offer very good odds and there are multiple amazing markets you can choose from and win, but if you still prefer to stick to your favorite bookie, you do not have to make any deposit after you have opened a free 1xbet account.

After you have created your 1xbet account, you need to download and install the official 1xbet Mobile App (for Android and iOS) which is only available for download on the official 1xbet website currently. Once you have the 1xbet Mobile App, login with your login credentials, navigate through the user panel at the left side of your screen to find the football matches and other sports events that are live at the moment, found under the label “live”.

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

Scroll through the listed football matches and click the play icon that is next to the match you want to watch, and that is it!

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

You’re currently watching a football game live on 1xbet Mobile App for free.

Download 1xbet Mobile App when you click on Download

YouTube Go

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

It is no longer news that football fans can watch live football matches on YouTube. Yes, you read that right. YouTube doesn’t just provide unlimited entertaining and educative videos and movies, it also serves live football matches which can be streamed live on the YouTube platform.

On your internet browser simply visit YouTube and search for any match you want to watch and add the keyword “live”. For example, when you visit, you locate the search bar which is usually positioned at the top of the website and search for Arsenal vs Chelsea live. When you click on go, you will be provided with a list of various YouTube streaming channels from which you can select anyone of your choice and enjoy your football match.

Preferably, we advice you to make use of any YouTube app such as YouTube Go so as to have more functionality and enjoy more comfort.

Download YouTube Go app by clicking on Download


How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

Showmax is popular for being an Android application that serves all the latest movies, series, videos and many more to your android phone or tablet. But many people do not know that with Showmax, you can not only stream all the movies available on the web for free, but also many football matches. There’s also a premium feature that gives you so much more for very little. Showmax only needs your phone’s internet connection to run, and you’ll have all the trending entertainment at your fingertips.

Download ShowMax by clicking on Download

Mobdro is very similar to ShowMax which we mentioned above. It is an Android application that also serves as a movie, music video, and TV shows palace. Live football matches can also be found on Mobdro on certain sports channels.

How to Watch Live Football Matches on your Android Phone Free

Mobdro is very easy and detailed. It is convenient to use, and streaming from the app is dished out in HD quality so that you can enjoy the best of viewership as it concerns entertainment. The downside of this android streaming app is that some sections and services required subscription fee, and you don’t get to watch all the football matches like with the first three apps listed in this article.

Download Mobdro by clicking on Download

We have experimented with all the applications in this guide, which is why we recommend them to you because they haven’t failed since we started to use them to watch live football matches for free, although they depend on your smartphone’s mobile internet connection to function. They can be found and downloaded with a good internet browser on your Android phone for free just in case you do not want to go through the download links we have provided above.

If there’s any other application that you have used, or still using to watch live football matches for free, you can let us know in the comments section below, after which you can delete the app you have, and download any of the apps we listed above because they’re simply the best (winks).


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