Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

Apple released the newest version of it’s trademark wireless earphones known as Airpods Pro (or Airpods 3) last Wednesday the 30th of November 2019 and we made sure to serve you every information regarding Apple Airpods Pro Review, Features and Price. The device is elegant, stylish and more improved than the previous versions of wireless earphones produced by Apple. The latest addition is not only stylish but also costly according to many users who somehow believe that the little piece of gadget is a little bit too pricey, more than what it is worth actually.

Well, we have some good news on the table if you’re interested in the Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives that differ in prices, has more functionalities, and also great features that you may love.

Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

Apple Airpods 2

Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

Apple Airpods 2 is the previous version of Apple’s wire-free earphones. They have been smash hit since they were released. Many users have reportedly stated that the newest version doesn’t “feel” much differently compared to Airpods 2 except for a few improvements in design sound quality, and of course, the cost price.

Airpods 2 nevertheless are easy to go out with. The charging case is great and pairing between your earphones and iOS devices is not a chore. The sound quality is convenient enough and you can snap it up at a cheaper price compared to the Apple Airpods Pro. Airpods 2 costs just $138.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

This impressive piece of tech is the latest addition to Sony’s brand of wireless earphones. It has an over-ear quality adaptive noise cancellation feature and an overall great quality sound output. There’s also a close combination of comfortable fit and a long lasting battery life to accompany this device and you get to enjoy a fancy little item that gives you the best sound quality. However, these earphones are not water and sweat resistant like Apple’s latest Airpods, but nevertheless, considering the price ( costs $209) and quality, you might just have to get them and save $50.

Master & Dynamic MW07

Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

Master & Dynamic MW07 is one version of wireless earphones you might just love. They’re fancy, unique, eloquently designed and produces an enriching sound. You may fall in love with them at first sight, and want to stick them to your ears all day. They’re comfortable to wear, grips on you securely and hardly ever feels like falling off. The sound output is super fantastic to listen to. They’re a little bit pricey at around $200 and the 3.5 hours playback time between charges is a bit low, but these makes a great alternative to Apple Airpods Pro.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

A superb design, great sound, long battery life and convenience is the exact simple definition of Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones. These earphones are great to wear. They’re lightweighted, carefully sculptured by it’s producers, and offers up to 9 hours of playback time after every full battery charge. Beats Powerbeats Pro is being owned by Apple, the same makers of Apple Airpods series. This means simple and instant pairing with iOS devices as well as great sound quality and other features similar to Apple Airpods. It costs just $184 against Airpods Pro which is priced at $249. However, Beats Powerbeats Pro lacks the Noise Cancellation Feature, which is one of the aspects Airpods Pro is more superior.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives

Samsung Galaxy Buds is a strong contender with Airpods Pro. It costs just $100, but it’s features are quite astonishing. It is small and comfortable to wear. For the cost price, the sound quality is decent enough and wearing them is really comfortable. The battery life of just alright, I mean, you get 6 hours playback time for every full battery charge for a comfortable expense. However, the downside of this device is with connectivity and sensory system. Connection between the Samsung Galaxy Buds and devices is not always reliable, and the touch sensitive panels takes some time to get used to. The design is great. You can consider getting these earbuds from Samsung as a cheaper alternative to Apple Airpods Pro.

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Apple Airpods Pro is a device that is on a league of its own. It has got some really unique features which makes it stand out. But these other alternatives are great and can be considered to replace Apple Airpods Pro considering your available budget, physical design preference and brand.

All the Top Best Apple Airpods Pro Alternatives can be bought from any of these major online stores.

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