Buy Followers on Instagram, why is it a Terrible Idea?

Buy Followers on Instagram, why is it a Terrible Idea?

Are you thinking of buying Instagram account? Instagram, the photographic social network par excellence, has been gaining positions among users around the world, and today is one of the favorite feuds for advertisers. The influencers of this network are among the best valued by the public and best paid by brands globally. For this reason, increasing the number of followers has become the obsession of many users, who are willing to raise their followers counter at any price.

However, the number of followers is not everything and it is necessary that there is real support behind an account to be considered an influencer, something that can only be achieved with work, publishing quality content that favors engagement. For this reason, increasing the number of followers artificially, with practices such as mass tracking or the purchase of followers, is not a good idea at all. Be that as it may, here are 5 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019.

If you would like to delve a little deeper into the subject, in this report we will explain the reasons why it is completely discouraged to buy followers on Instagram or how we can buy 100 Instagram followers.

Reasons not to buy Followers on Instagram

Although the number of followers of an account is an important fact, it is not the only parameter when evaluating a profile on Instagram. There are other data that allow us to know the real impact of the publications of an account, such as the number of likes of the publications or the comments received in the posts. Looking at these statistics globally it is possible to calculate the engagement, that is, the level of loyalty, commitment or involvement of the followers of an account in question.

On the Internet there are hundreds of websites that allow you to buy followers on Instagram in exchange for a very low sum of money: Paying less than 10 dollars you can get about 1,000 followers easily and in just a few hours. The problem with this practice is that these accounts do not have a conventional activity, but that they are profiles used exclusively for this purpose that will not give you likes or leave your comments as normal users do.

The Followers Purchased do not get Involved

On Instagram, fake followers that can be purchased are usually either users who charge in exchange for appearing in the lists of followers for sale, or bots. The former in no case have any interest in the accounts they follow, so that they do not get involved with the publications, and although in the short term they may leave a handful of likes, in the long term they will not offer participation. The bots, on the other hand, although they can make sporadic comments, these are automated texts that do not add real value to the account.

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Depending on the number of Real Followers an Account has there is a General Average Participation:

·         Less than 1,000 followers: About 8% participation.

·         1,000 to 10,000 followers: Approximately 4%.

·         10,000 to 100,000 followers: About 2.4%.

·         From 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers: About 1.8% participation.

·         More than 1,000,000 followers: Approximately 1.7%.

Instead, these averages are much lower when the followers are not real, but bought. Therefore, the purchase of fans only serves to fatten the followers counter. The new acquired followers do not get involved with the contents of the account and lower the engagement values, since they do not offer enough likes or comments, and in case of doing so it is clearly seen that they have not been issued by a real person.

It is a dishonest practice that violates the conditions of use of Instagram

Another reason not to buy fans on Instagram is that it is a practice that violates the conditions of use of the platform, as well as the rules of the community.

“In order to help us eradicate spam, don’t make your likes, your followers or the times your content is shared increase artificially.”

Therefore, when you buy followers on Instagram, you are breaking the conditions of use and the rules of the community, so that the platform can block your account by carrying out dishonest practices.

Recommendations to Increase Instagram Followers Honestly

Instead of inflating your fan counter artificially and fraudulently, if you want to grow on Instagram it is best that you develop a strategy to get your community of followers to increase in an organic and natural way. And this can only be achieved based on good work and effort.

Quality content is what attracts and loyalty followers, so that is what you have to focus on. Create your own and original publications that are valuable and useful to others. If people like your content, they will certainly start following you, see your posts and stories regularly and leave your comments.

To make your publications more visible, don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags. In this way, the audience that interests you can more easily reach your posts and discover your content. In addition, it is important that you cultivate the relationship with your audience and with other users of the sector you are addressing. Like publications that you find interesting and leave comments that add value to other people’s content.If you try hard, you are constant and you do things well, you will surely achieve your goals!