List of Foreign NGOs in Nigeria; Their Services and Contact Details

Foreign NGOs contribute enormously to the development of nations by ensuring that common problems such as poverty, insecurity, unemployment, health problems, etc. are addressed.

List of Foreign NGOs in Nigeria; Their Services and Contact Details

Foreign NGOs play a vital role in social development and governance of a country or a nation by ensuring better government accountability and meeting the needs of poor and marginalized populations.

There are many foreign NGOs in Nigeria that offers various services and if you are interested to volunteer or learn more about these foreign NGOs then this article is exactly what you are looking for.

The main purpose of this article is to state the foreign NGOs in Nigeria and their services and contact details which I would get right into without any further delay.

List of Foreign NGOs in Nigeria : Their Products/Services, Contacts

The following are the list of foreign NGOs in Nigeria and their services:

1. Christian Aid

Christian aid offers services in health, social development & governance and humanitarian response.

The organization was established to:

-Empower the poor and marginalized people to make informed decisions about their lives and engage meaningfully in their own development.

-Improve health for poor and marginalized people, particularly women, children and vulnerable people.

-Increase government accountability and responsiveness.

-Encourage the inclusion of women and marginalized groups in decision-making processes.

-Improve gender equity and human rights.

-Ensure fairer distribution of wealth to close the gap between rich and poor. -Greater equity and respect for human rights.

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Call: 020 7620 4444


2. Africare

Africare is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) Committed to addressing African development and policy issues by working in partnership with the African people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities.

Their services include:

Capacity Building

Community Engagement Economic Development

Women’s Empowerment Youth Empowerment

Agriculture & Food Security

Contact Information:

Address: 3 Kariba Close, Off Mississippi Street, Abuja

Phone: +234 9 413 8385

Fax: +234 9 413 0031


3. Action Health Incorporated

This is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting young people’s health and development to ensure This is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting young people’s health and development to ensure their successful transition to healthy and productive adulthood.

Contact Information:

Address: 17 Lawal Street, off Oweh Street Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos

Phone: +234 1 774 3745

Fax: +234 1 342 5496


4. Food For All International

This non-governmental organization organizes youths, women and other poor resource persons into a co-operative group for their sustainable development.

Their services include:

-Sustainable value-added agriculture for poverty alleviation and food security.

-Facilitators to all tiers of Government in the establishment of large and small scale farms; agribusiness for employment generation.

-Free technical assistance to farmers for the establishment of small, medium and large scale farms. -High quality seed production.

-Free seed distribution.

-Free Workshop and training programs on modern agricultural practices in crop and livestock production, aquaculture, heliculture, mushroom production, etc.

-Dissemination of research findings and proven adaptable technologies.

-Identification and recommendation of markets for farm produce.

-Baseline studies and livelihood analysis needs assessment. -Environmental and sustainable development.

-Advocacy through Agriculture and enlightenment programs.

-Food aid distribution through our Emergency Preparedness Response unit.

-Farm Skills acquisition.

-Micro credit scheme for agriculture.

Contact Information:


2, Woji Road, G.R.A. II,

P.O. Box 7834, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


+234 084 468336,

+234 817 193 3922,

+234 806 426 2223,

+234 803 957 8843


5. Girl Child Concern

Girl Child Concerns (GCC) is a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria, dedicated to improving lives of youth, particularly girls through improved education opportunities.

Their services include:

-Youth Development & Mentoring Training Project.

-Community Outreach Project.

-Legislative Education Campaign.

-Female Student Scholarship Scheme. -Give Back Project.

Contact Information:

ABUJA: No. 5, Erie Close, off Erie Crescent, Maitama

KADUNA: 3B Sambo Road, near Lugard Hall, Kaduna

BORNO: No. 1 Shehu Bukar Road, near G.R.A Police Station, Old G.R.A, Maiduguri


[email protected]

Kaduna: 08113291866

Abuja: 08113291867

Maiduguri: 08113291868


6. ActionAid International

ActionAid fights for women’s rights, social justice and to end poverty.

Contact Information:

Phone: +234 9 413 0986

Fax: +234 9 413 0988


7. Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement that campaign to end abuses of human rights.

Contact Information:

Address: PMB 3061, Surulere, Lagos

Phone: +234 1 545 6218

Fax: +234 1 833873


8. British Council

The British Council helps societies achieve change in education, skills, enterprise, civil society and justice.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01-4603090


9. Defence For Children International

This non-governmental organization was established to fight against violence against children with special focus on gender based violence.

Their services include:

Justice For Children.

-Violence Against Children.

-Children Deprived of Liberty.

-Child Participation.

-Children Affected by Conflict.

Contact Information:

Address: No 3 Adeneken Salako Close, Ogba Ikefa

City: Lagos

Phone: +234 1 584 0288

Phone: +234 1 584 0288

Fax: +234 1 584 0288


10. International Centre for Peace, Charities and Human Development

The International Centre for Peace, Charities and Human Development (INTERCEP) is a Nigerian organization and aiming at promoting freedom and human rights in a peaceful environment.

Its mission is to develop a peaceful, loving and caring society for sustainable development.

Their services include: human rights, conflict management, poverty reduction and good governance.

Contact Information:


No. 13b Ajibola Estate, Goodluck Jonathan Road (former Zaria road) Jos, Plateau State

Phone: 234-8034746116

Website: Email: [email protected]

11. Partners West Africa Nigeria

Partners West Africa Nigeria (PWAN) is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to enhancing citizens’ participation and improving security governance in Nigeria and West Africa broadly.

Contact Information:


No. 46 Mike Akhigbe way, Jabi, Abuja.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+234)8091257245


12. Foundation of Youth Development

The Foundation of Youth Development is a non-governmental organization founded to promote youth empowerment, enlightenment, education and motivation toward becoming national leaders imbued with the qualities of hard work, honesty, integrity, respect for the rule of law, fear of God, and nationalism in Nigeria.

Their services include:

-Youth Development & Empowerment.





Democracy & Governance.

Contact Information:

Phone: (+234) 708 938 6382.

Mobile: (+234) 817 042 7496.


Maitama, Abuja

Email: [email protected]


13. Friends of the Earth International / Environment Rights Action

The organization is dedicated to the defense of human ecosystems in terms of human rights, and to the promotion of environmentally responsible governmental, commercial, community and individual practice in Nigeria through the empowerment of local people.

Contact Information:

Address: PO Box 10577 Ugbowo

Benin City, Nigeria.

Phone: +234 52 94 13 20 / +234 80 31 23 00 88-9

Fax: +234 52 94 13 20