How to stand out from so many bloggers through image optimization nowadays

How to stand out from so many bloggers through image optimization nowadays

As web development professionals, we are concerned with choosing the best framework, the blog title design, the most current library, applying good practices in JavaScript and CSS, being careful of semantics in HTML to improve SEO, we are improving the accessibility of our content, we package and We split the files to optimize the upload, but what about the images?You can check out our top SEO tricks for beginners in 2020

The images on the web

The images are a very important part of the web. Surely with the constant advance of technology, where we see a continuous improvement in connectivity, possibly in the future the content will have more videos than images. But the base will remain the same, to improve the experience of users, which is what our work really is about.

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According to the HTTP Archive, 50% of the data transferred to search a web page are images (JPEG, PNG and GIF). In August 2019, on mobile the images represented 911KB of the content loaded for the average 1.8MB site, and on desktop there are 1MB images at an average of 2MB.

In the development of a website, there are several profiles, whether in teams, people or someone who exercises more than one of those roles: product, UX, design, development, QA, to DevOps (or what is now known as SRE) in the process of production pass. Each of these roles has the responsibility of offering the best for the user or the user, providing maximum value to the product, looking at the details.

Image result for image optimization nowadays

The optimization of images for the web, including for Instagram post design, is not only to choose at what percentage of compression the image is saved. There are many things to consider and many profiles that can intervene and detect a possible failure in a part of the product as critical as the example.

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Optimization by using online photo editors

In the first line of action in image optimization we have online photo editors. But the best online photo editor is Fotor.  The image editors are useful to edit our images into the better ones. You cannot optimize your images without professional image editors. Indeed they are not everything but for professional results you need a professional approach as well. By simply dragging an image, a group of them or a folder, the application starts working, optimizing all the images. Keep in mind that what you do is replace the original image with the optimized one.

Optimization by using image compressors

There are many online services to compress images, usually compressing the images one by one, and not by batch as desktop applications do. Some of them offer many customization options, all documented and very good results. They also include an image analyzer with very detailed image information.

In principle, image optimization is one of the keys that makes us stand out in the midst of digital competition. Being a blogger doesn’t mean just going with the flow but being unique and being able to attract as many readers as possible.