Brand-New Trends for Essay Writing in 2020

As time goes fast, people get more and more accustomed to automated services and activities. No wonder, – today, the majority of the global community prefers to leave the monotonous job to machines and, as for favorite ways to work or spend time, – they leave it to themselves. 

Writing is very similar to any other work people do. While washing the dishes is very often performed by robots nowadays, why should it not be the same about writing?  And, to be honest, writing is wor which is a bit different in form but requires the same amount of strength and endurance as physical work.  

It is not only physical work but also day to day activities which we monotonously or frequently make that get more automated in the 21st century. Speaking about the exact trend that professional services like CustomWritings which help with essay writing online will get into this year, they are described in this short article, so be sure to check them out.

The Newest Trends in Essay Writing Industry of 2020

Now, when the whole world is chasing instantly done service and desires the highest comfort, these trends are also true for essay writing. To support this statement with evident changes in the writing industry, here are some trends with the results that we see today.

  1. Same day delivery.

Here the explanation for this trend is super easy, – people often forget about some academic tasks so that, remembering about them at the last minute doesn’t do any good. The shorter the deadlines that an essay writing service can manage to meet – the more satisfaction and trust it wins from scatter-brained clients. 

Being true about any service, the function of fast delivery has captured the hearts of clients in every sphere. Still, today not every essay writing service can boast such a function, – some of them offer a 10 or 8-hour deadline but the prices go up in this case as well. According to the words of Austin Mayer, an experienced thesis writing helper and market connaisseur, over 60 % of customers are willing to pay more for instant or ‘tomorrow’ delivery than choose to wait a few more days. So, in 202 we are expecting the growing demands for instant essays with not longer than several hours’ deadlines.

  1. Creating a community of customers and writers.

If a service wins the trust of its customers, people call it a success. Students, finding a place to turn for academic help are on cloud nine because they have a reliable shoulder that is always ready to stand for them. On this ground, people are more likely to gather around a certain community where they can be open, trust the writers more than they trust themselves, and where they can belong. 

All of the advantages that are offered by modern services are called to create this very place and build strong, lasting relationships with the clients. All of this is a trigger for more orders, more popularity, word of mouth publicity, and better attitudes in the global students’ society.

  1. Essay customization.

‘Customization’, – this trendy word just means that you get the product that nobody else can possess because it is so unique and impossible to copy and customized according to your taste, will, or special requirements.

Well, this is, you might say, not quite a new thing. What is new there under the sun, in the end? However, if a decade ago people weren’t against similar essays and the ‘Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V’ attitude in written academic or non-academic works, today, for your paper it is a solid ‘MUST’ to be authentic. This very trend will also echo in many other spheres, including marketing and retail business. As a quite logical turn of the plot, people will more desire uniquely done things, services, or products than the good which are existing in several millions of copies around the world.

  1. New trends in promotion and advertising.

For a while, social media have done a favor for essay writing services in the sense of providing frequent ads. While online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google have been occupying the leading positions in advertising writing services, companies that have plans for the long run and are thinking 5 years ahead of time are devising the newer and more competitive ways to make themselves known. The application TikTok, for instance, has recently proven to be just as good as the older advertising spaces. Now, having over 150 million users a day, it is grabbing attention from the traditional platforms and taking the lead in the marketing process of many successful services.

All of the enlisted shows that time flies so we have to fly with it. And even though times change and the market of custom writing services is transforming, there are still timeless values such as transparency, honesty, being true to one’s word, authenticity, and loyal help.