Check out the best sites to create free videos

Check out the best sites to create free videos

Forget installing programs on your computer. You can now create and edit videos online through various websites.

Producing, animating, and editing online videos can make life uncomplicated for those who use multimedia to make work more interesting, whether it’s in business, in academia, or for personal purposes. There are a number of easy and free online video sites that allow you to make quick and easy edits right in your browser, without having to buy and install software on your computer.

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In most cases, you will upload your files (videos, images, and audio) to the site and perform editing tasks using the tools available on the digital platform. At the end of production, you can download the project or share it online.

See what the best sites to create free videos are?


With a simple interface, FlexClip is a digital tool that allows the user to create quality animated videos. To begin the creation of your project, you can choose from the pre-created editing templates.

The platform also has a good amount of images, characters, and audios in the library that can be included in a video project. Through this tool, the user can create multimedia presentations by combining photos, videos, music, and texts.

2 – Wevideo

Among the site options for creating free videos, WeVideo stands out for being a cloud-connected digital tool that lets you edit your project anywhere, without having to have the original files on your computer.

WeVideo is easy to use, allows you to invite others to help with project editing, and also offers a vast library of videos, photos, and audio.

3 – Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is a great video editing option as it has a user tutorial at the bottom of the page, which helps users make the most of all available tools.

On the platform, you can add videos, images, and music to your project, cut videos and audios, add text overlays, include transitions, and apply filters. The site also has images and audio files that you can use in your project.

4 – Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is one of the options to create free videos, but in addition to producing multimedia content, it also allows the user to make video file conversions.

On the online platform, you can work with video files up to 1.5 GB in size, cut and merge videos, add text watermark to your video, download videos on various streaming platforms. Video Toolbox’s great advantage is the option to extract audio, video, or subtitle text from a file.

5 – Masher

Masher is a free online video editor that allows users to combine photos, videos, text, audio, and special effects to produce multimedia content. The platform is easy to use, but also provides a video tutorial on how to use the program features.

With Masher, you can work with files from your computer as well as include videos and sounds available in the program’s library. However, to have access to the video editor, you must create an account on the site.

6 – Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a free video editing service, where users can create an unlimited amount of videos per month.

Clipchamp’s services include conversion (including 4k), compression, and video recording, with no file size limit. You can also crop, mirror videos, and adjust image color, brightness, and saturation.

At the end of editing, you can share content through direct options with YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, and Vimeo.

7 – Online Video Cutter

The Online Video Cutter program is quite simple, has an easy-to-use interface, but offers limited video editing capabilities, suitable for basic needs such as cutting and rotating videos of various formats (maximum size 500 MB).

The site also has recording, conversion, and cutting tools for both video and audio.