Standard Skill Acquisition Training/Manuals/E-Books

No Employment is guaranteed; No matter the level of trust,friendship and intimacy, your employer can wake up one morning and decide to terminate your employment.

Standard Skill Acquisition Training/Manuals/E-Books
NOTE; No employment in this world will make you rich or wealthy ; it is the investment, or establishment you have on ground that can catapult you to that wealthy echelon which you desire.

Like I always say ” Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”.

That is why you can see a lot of individuals in most developed, industrialized and populated cities, like Lagos, Abuja and Rivers State work their life out on daily basis, with even huge salary but it all ends up feeding the family or for transport and school fees.

What you have to do is plan your own private business secretly or openly, and invest your money into the business and keep an eye on it.

We are well equipped to meet the needs of every Nigerian, Africans and internal citizens who have decided to take the bold step and become their own boss, either presently or in future or at a long run

Chose the right business, research the market, prepare an effective business plan and raise capital or finance.

ATTEND OUR SEMINARS OR Order our practical training E-Manuals /Book on the following products. All are extremely comprehensive and 100% practical based.

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⇒Yoghurt production and Margarine production #3000 
⇒Ice cream production (Banana and chocolate) #2000
⇒Car grease production #5000
⇒Car paint production #5000
⇒Emulsion, gloss, text coat paint production #10,000
⇒Fruit juice production (orange and apple) #2000
⇒Soya beans production #1500
⇒Custard production and Cocoa beverage production #2500
⇒Shampoo production #2000
⇒Body cream production (aloe vera , Body lotion) #4000
⇒Soap production ( toilet, laundry, medicated, antiseptic) #5000
⇒Powdered detergent production #3000
⇒Production of Nail polish remover and Face powder production #3000
⇒Production of perfume baby jelly  and After shave cream, lotion production and shaving powder #4000
⇒Toilet cleaner production and Toothpaste production #5000
⇒Bleach production and Disinfectant production (dettol) #3500
⇒Candle production and Glue production #3000
⇒Liquid air freshener production and School chalk production #5000
⇒Wood polish production  and Liquid insecticide I and II Production #5000


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