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Federal Road Safety Corps Past Questions and Answers

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FRSC recruitment past questions and answers

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It will help you in its very best way to understand the pattern of the screening examination.

Most questions included in the FRSC recruitment past questions and answers have been repeated overtime. We’d like you to note that the Federal Road Safety Corps recruits individuals based on merit and the competition for the vacant positions in this prestigious agency is very stiff because it has many interested applicants with very few positions available. has made available an Updated and Comprehensive Version of the FRSC recruitment past questions and answers. This will be useful if you have any intention to apply for Federal Road Safety Corps Recruitment

From available statistics, we have discovered that 70% of questions are usually repeated word-to-word directly from what we have in the FRSC recruitment past questions and answers while a bulk of the other ones are only revised/ rephrased only.

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FRSC Federal Road Safety Corps Past Questions

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You might be contemplating if you really need the FRSC recruitment past questions and answers in your mind. Apart from other reasons which we have recollected from users that have purchased our past questions in the past and were successfully recruited which we have included in the latter part of this post, here are a few reasons why you should purchase this past question.

It gives you a focused insight of what to expect in the actual examination.
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FRSC Sample Questions from Previous Years.

1. The highest court for the Governorship election dispute in Nigeria is .
(a) Supreme Court
(b) Court of Appeal
(c) Federal High Court
(d) Electoral Tribunal
2. The highest court for the Legislative election dispute in Nigeria is .
(a) Supreme Court
(b) Court of Appeal
(c) Federal High Court
(d) Electoral Tribunal
3. Class J Licence is issued to which category of drivers
(a) Commercial drivers
(b) Private drivers
(c) Articulated vehicle drivers
(d) Physically challenged drivers
4. The pulse rate of a normal person is
(a) 52 per minute
(b) 62 per minute
(c) 72 per minute
(d) 82 per minute
5. The C in the ABC of First Aid is for ..
(a) Control
(b) Commitment
(c) Conjecture
(d) Circulation
6. Warning Signs are usually in shape
(a) Circular
(b) Triangular
(c) Rectangular
(d) Square
7. The green colour of the Nigerian flag signifies
(a) Agriculture
(b) Green Eagles
(c) Green revolution
(d) Green forest of Nigeria
8. Breathalyzer is used to detect .
(a) Bad breathe
(b) Drunk driving
(c) Over speeding
(d) Smoking
9. FERMA stands for
a). Federal Road Maintenace Agency
b). Federal Road Maintenace Associates
c). Federal Railway Maintenace Agency
d). Federal Railway Maintenace Associates
10. The film industry in Nigeria is called
a) Bollywood
b) Hollywood
c) Nollywood
d) Softwood

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