NYSC 2021/2022 – 10 Top Paying States In Nigeria

The National Youth Service Corp was created in the year 1973 for the purpose of promoting unity across the nation and also to build a great and dynamic economy. The scheme has indeed been very successful over the years but due to the current security challenges facing the country, prospective corps members fear to be posted to certain states.

For some reason, Lagos and Abuja are one of the most preferred places to serve in, but with the new system which the National Youth Service Corp has introduced, posting has become more random, and therefore decreasing your chances of getting these states.

It was not a surprise when it was learnt that states such as Lagos and Abuja were not provided as options for many prospective corps members during the 2015 batch B National Youth Service Corp registration, so they had to settle for other available options.

The bottom line is, you are less likely to get what you wished for, so if you are posted to any of these states listed in this post, count yourself lucky. In this post I’m going to be sharing my opinion on the best states to serve in during your N.Y.S.C programme. I’m also going to list the states with the highest NYSC allowance in Nigeria. Below is the list of the most preferred state to serve in,

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Let’s get started!

  1. Lagos State: Lagos State, the number one Nigeria’s commercial hub, is the number one on our list of state governments that provide state allowance to youth corpers. Lagos state is one of the safest cities in Nigeria for corps members in terms of security. The state is good for youth corps due to the presence of major international firms in Lagos.

Unfortunately, it is very competitive to be posted to Lagos, and being posted to Lagos for service is more by chance than desire.

However one thing is certain if you are posted there, you will receive your NYSC allowance from the state Government. The Lagos state government usually pays N10,000 monthly to corps members serving in all ministries of the state, whereas N5,000 is given to corps members in local government offices.

  1. Akwa Ibom State: One of Nigeria’s most popular destinations for corps members is Akwa Ibom State. You will understand why if you serve in Akwa Ibom and would undoubtedly fall in love with the state.

For a long time, the state has been giving corps members an additional stipend to the one paid by the Federal Government and also on the day they are to leave the camp.

This is aimed at assisting them in getting to their various PPAs before their NYSC service activities formally begins, according to the government.

In addition to the money, the state of Akwa Ibom is also very secure and habitable. Buying foods and other food items are very cheap in the state. You will also enjoy cheaper cost of transportation in the state as well as cheap house rent.

If you’re eager to know, “How much does Akwa Ibom pays her corp members?” Here is the answer to your request.

The Akwa Ibom state government pays corp members a monthly flat fee of N5,000. However, some professional courses enjoy more of that stipends than others.

Also In Akwa Ibom State, there are lots of companies that handsomely compensate corp members in the state.

  1. Anambra State:

Another state on our list of states that pay youth corp members stipend is Anambra state. The state government pays corps members the sum of ₦9,000, which is by far bigger than all other states excluding Lagos state.

Also in Anambra State, food and food materials are very affordable, cost of housing is very reasonable, and transportation cost is affordable too.

The State have a lot of PPA opportunities for his Youth corp members and you wouldn’t need to bother yourself for which better PPA you should go for.

Some persons however argue that this payment (N9000) is a one-time payment paid once.

Some professional courses like Nursing are paid handsomely and it was revealed that the State Government pays N22,000 monthly to the Nursing corp members.

  1. Kano State :

Kano State is one of the major commercial states in the country and one of the little northern states that pay NYSC allowance.

For certain period, Kano state was amongst the most populous states in Nigeria, although the issue of Boko Haram crisis has drastically reduced the population of the state.

Apart from paying the stipend to the youth corp members, Kano state is also one of the few Northern states that is safe in terms of security. Corps Members doesn’t usually like to serve in the north states due to the security condition of the Northern state. However, Kano is not among.

Kano state is one of the states in the north you will enjoy to stay in.

Things are cheap in the city, making it an ideal state for all corpers as they can save a significant part of their allowance.

The Kano state government usually pays youth corps members ₦5,000 monthly, making it the best northern state for NYSC in terms of security and the allowance.

  1. Taraba State:

Taraba state government is one of the northern states governments that pay NYSC state stipends to youth corp members. The youth corp members serving in their public schools are paid the stipends of N6,000 on a monthly basis. In the state, a lot of private sectors pay the youth corp members far more than the public sectors. In fact, since December 2018, the state government is yet to pay the youth corp members according to the information received. But the private sectors has been so kind in paying those stipends.

We can confirm to you that Taraba State is one of the suitable states to have your NYSC programme.

  1. Rivers State:

River state is one Nigeria nicest region to have your NYSC.

Rivers State is one of the state in the eastern part of the country worthy of mentioning in our list of states that pay corps members state stipends, according to previous corps member that served in the state. The state government pays allowance of N15,000 to youth Corps members serving in the state.

There are also a lot of opportunities you can explore at the end of your NYSC year. Like getting opportunity to work for large oil companies and earn a lot of money especially when you are opportune to serve in the state capital (Port Harcourt).

  1. Osun State :

This list of Nigerian states paying youth corps members NYSC allowances will be incomplete if Osun State is not included.

The State of Osun is one of the few states in the southwest region that pays corps members and has done so for a long time. The state is calm and serene, with stable electricity, and it has the ability to turn your dream into a reality.

Also, cost of living is very affordable in the state and the state is one of the most secured states in Nigeria in terms of security.

In Osun State, the NYSC allowance is N5,000 per month.

  1. Jigawa State :

The Jigawa state government offers its corps members a monthly flat payment of N5,000.

Hospital employees are paid N16000 plus medicine, whereas veterinary medicine corps members are paid roughly N26,000.

For NYSC, people from all across the country come to the state.

  1. Ebonyi State:

Ebonyi is a Nigerian state in the southeast of the country. As of 2018/2019, the state of Ebonyi was paying corpers N10,000 per month for their monthly Ebonyi NYSC State allowance.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a widespread speculation that after the 2019 general election, payment was discontinued since the successive corpers were not paid. Many people in Ebonyi State are looking for companies that will pay corpers as the state develops.

We will keep you updated if there is any development on the payment of the Ebonyi State NYSC allowance. In Ebonyi State, what is the pay scale for nurse NYSC corpers? The state of Ebonyi pays only N10,000 per month to NYSC nurses working in state facilities.

Have you ever wondered which Nigerian states pay the biggest state allowance to NYSC Corpers? This article reveals the ten best-paying states for NYSC allowance, which you should consider while deciding where to serve your NYSC.

Another factor which prospective corpers consider, is the states with the highest NYSC allowance.

Below are some of these states Akwa Ibom Lagos Abuja Enugu If you know anymore, Kindly share with us. I hope all the prospective NYSC members would find this information helpful. Also note that the 2016 NYSC registration is around the corner and it will resume with Batch C.

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