How To Create A Whimsical Garden Storage Shed

Outdoor storage sheds are a garden staple. They’re ideal for the lawn as well as garden tool storage. From hand tools and hoses to wheelbarrows and fertilizer, they can all be kept in there. They also provide a valuable, convenient, and comfortable workspace. Moreover, they keep unwanted mud plus dirt out of the house.

If you don’t have one yet, then it’s time you consider purchasing or renovating the already existent one into a backyard garden shed.

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Purchasing a Backyard Shed- Factors to Consider

When it comes to garden sheds, there are lots of design options you may want to consider. If you’re undertaking a home improvement, for instance, you may want to invest in a plastic or wooden shed. But for your garden hobby, a high-quality, customized shed would work better. No matter what type of shed you choose, here are simple tips to help you make an informed buying decision.

Light intensity – How much light do you need? Can natural light adequately fill the shed’s interior? You may actually need to incorporate wall-to-wall windows, roof dormers or door windows- but this solely depends on your specific gardening needs.

Think About the floor structure– Ensure that the floor material won’t warp or mold when it gets exposed to humidity. Pick a flooring structure that’s made of strong, mold-resistant material. And in this case, plywood is an excellent option.

Pick the perfect siding type– Most companies offer wood lap, vinyl, wood paneling, as well as metal siding options. They’re all durable and elegant outdoor storage materials that are both easy to clean and maintain.

Introduce practical upgrades-Incorporating lofts, internal organizer kits, and built-in shelves into your garden shed’s design would go a long way in making it look stylish and sophisticated.

Check your local permit requirements– Be sure to check with your township about building plus zoning permits. It’s always better to know about this information before you can make a huge purchase. 

Revamping an Existing Garden Shed- Practical Tips and Tricks

If you can’t afford to purchase a new garden shed, try giving a makeover to the existing one. Take these aspects into consideration as you plan to revamp your current shed.

Apply new paint– Nothing beats a new paint! Pick a bold color or one that’ll perfectly complement the look of your home. For better aesthetics, add shutters plus flower boxes to your windows and incorporated updated hardware into your door design. Also, there are several garden storage shed options out there. Make a wise decision.

Reorganize the interior- Hang pegboards to display your gardening tool. Repurpose utility as well as kitchen carts for organized storage and usable workspace. Include durable shelves for keeping all items organized and easy to access.

Choose a unique lighting scheme-If there isn’t enough adequate natural light, hire an expert to run electricity to your garden, and then brainstorm creative ways to incorporate some interior shed lights.

Get creative with your landscape plan– To introduce a cohesive look into your backyard shed, create a unique landscape plan. It could involve planting flowers around your shed, laying a brick pathway from the garden to your shed, or adding beautiful yet practical herbs such as lavender and lemon thyme to those elegant flower boxes of yours.

Shading Plants in Your Garden Shed- How to Go About It

It’s common knowledge that most plants need shade to flourish. Savvy gardeners utilize shade cover for certain garden plants to avoid winter burn, also referred to as sunscald. Remember, no backyard is complete without colorful greens. So, keep reading to learn more about shading your plants.

Shade cloth: Using shade cloth is an incredible way to provide shade for your plants. Available in different materials of various weights, strengths, as well as colors, shade cloth offers outstanding flexibility and ease of use. Whether you prefer UV-stabilized polythene covers, netting, or aluminum shade cloth, they’re all available in most garden centers.

Floating row covers: If your flower gardens are planted in rows, for instance, you may want to consider utilizing floating row covers. Fabricated with garden fabric, these shade covers are lightweight and safe to wrap directly. But you can as well incorporate support hoops to hold the covers above your plants.

If you’re working under a limited budget, you may want to consider setting up a simple screen with white sheets. Then, install wooden stakes strategically. Ensure that the screen effectively protects your plants from direct sunlight and then fasten the sheets to the stakes. If you choose to place the sheet directly over your plantings, be sure to arrange the stakes in such a way that the sheet is suspended a few inches above the plants.

Window screens: You may also want to consider including old window screen or lattice sheets, which can be propped on the south and southwest side of the plantings. Sunscald, which commonly affects evergreens, refers to a certain type of sunburn that occurs during dry, sunny winter days when your plants aren’t able to draw water from frozen soil. At such times, you can protect the crops by placing screens created with burlap sheeting on the south as well as the southwest sides of the evergreens.

Before the ground freezes in autumn, install wooden stakes then staple burlap to the stakes to form a screen. Maintain a separation distance of 12 inches between the screen and the plant. The screens should be positioned slightly above the plants. But if this isn’t possible, ensure that the base of the plants is fully protected.

The Bottom-Line

It can be quite a challenge organizing everything in a garden shed. But with the right tips in mind, things can be quite easier. Give your garden shed an instant uplift with the following backyard ideas. Try incorporating magnetic holders, stylish lights, fresh paints, as well as unique landscape design. It works!

Don’t forget to include some colorful plants. Going green is the best thing you can ever do for your backyard. Not only are plants beautiful but they also bring comfort and serenity to your backyard.