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What We Have.

Dedicated Audiences

We’re proud of over 400,000 unique readers and dedicated 600,000 page views monthly. With our achievement as a leading  science and technology website in Africa & the world by extension that disseminate useful information to its audiences in no time, we are the appropriate atmosphere to reach targeted and non targeted users.

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Quality Content

Our quality content across topics such as computers, phones, tablets, accessories, Site/Movie reviews,web trends and social media makes us stand out from our competitors.

Talented and efficacious Writters

We are also privileged  to have a great team of talented writers who are passionately building their voices and creativity in the world of science and technology.

You can use Banner/Text ads & Sponsored post to advertise on our site.

In everything we do commercially on 247amend, our editorial independence is central.

sponsored post, also known as a promoted post can be any of the following:

  • Advertorial
  • Press Release
  • Interview
  • Article
  • Video content

We can publish your Sponsored posts, which can include press releases, advertorials, videos, articles, interviews or any other kind of article related to what we write on this site OR add your website link to an existing article on our website to represent the sponsor of the article which can also include images, contact information etc. The post stays on 247amend forever as long as we exist.

Product Review

Range of products we allow for REVIEWS include Movies and TV series,Music and videos, tabletssmartphonesmobile accessories, PC & PC peripherals, Smartwatches, Drones, speakers, gaming ConsolesTVsVRs and other electronic gadgets.

Promoting your business, products or event via sponsored post is far better than a banner advertisement. You can google the advantages of content marketing. For every sponsored post, we offer you a nofollow link and the article will remain on 247amend so long as we exist.

For FREE, we will promote the post on our Social networks.

We offer three types of sponsored post, and the price mainly depends on the followings:

  • Article written and submitted by you will attract a FIXED amount of $100
  • Article written by us will attract a FIXED amount of $150
  • Link to an existing article on our website will attract the amount of $120. 

We accept payments via Bitcoin, WebMoney, Payoneer or Direct Bank Deposits/Mobile Transfer. We will proceed with the deal once we get the funds into any of our accounts.

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