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Technology has really made life easy by making the hard task easy, time-consuming projects can now be done in a short possible time, money and risk can be shortened because of various aspect of technology usage. But have you taken time to think of the so many things that technology has made us forget so easily?. Let’s take a look.


1. Figure out the math in your head

Calculators are a piece of tool that was always found in almost every home, but now few of us ever carried calculators with us to the grocery store. Now everyone with a smartphone has it available to do double-digit multiplication, no matter where or when we need it.

2. Telling time by hands on a clock

Do you remember the last time you use your wristwatch and check it anytime you want to check time?. People with smartphones don’t bother with watches anymore unless they’re fashion statements or fitness trackers. As digital clocks filled our computers and hardware, those 12- numeral timepieces are becoming strange. Even your trusted alarm clock has received a tech makeover.

3. Make photo albums

Photo makers still love their dark rooms, because they can still use chemicals and photo paper to make a nice image for their patient photographer. But few people today bother with a photo album, when media cards, and electronic photo display makes it more delightful. Instead of pasting five-by-seven snapshots into your leather album, most people will prefer the ease of photo-sharing services like Flickr and Amazon Cloud.

4. Record your favorite programs on tape

All year, we’d wait for our favorite television programme to pop up on TV. When they do, we will immediately slot in our VHS tape into the machine and wait until the proper moment to press “record.” When TiVo emerged, it streamlined this process by making scheduled recordings even simpler. Now, with streaming services, web archives, and easy-to-purchase downloads, the timing of a broadcast barely matters anymore.

5. Cut things out of the newspaper

Many people still have a passion to buy newspapers, and when they see an article they like, they cut it out, envelope it, and send that little slip of newsprint to a relative. And tag a note “Thought you might find this interesting!” reads an accompanying note. But the majority of us don’t waste our time. Nearly every article in every major newspaper is there online and can be instantly shared by email, social media, and even text message.

6. Send a handwritten letter

It’s still nice and wonderful when we receive a postcard from far away places. You might say that email, texting and Skype conversations have made handwritten letters even more special. But it’s becoming hard for people to transcribe their thoughts by hand and drop those letters in a mailbox.

7. Use a phone booth

You don’t easily see phone booths in many corners nowadays because you can easily buy and activate a cheap cellphone. The last holdout may be your local airport, but even international travelers can usually nab a SIM card the moment they step off the plane.

8. Getting your old checks back from the bank every month

Oh, people still write checks, and physical paychecks are still routine methods of payment, but I doubt this antiquated practice will last much longer. To deposit checks now is even digitized as a result of ATMs that can scan the piece of paper and print a facsimile on your receipt. Those days have passed when banks will be sending you old checks to jam into a filing cabinet.

9. Use a travel agent

Before now the travel agent was a nice business for generic flights, but now online flight services have completely changed how we book our passage. hundreds of airlines and agencies can be compared in seconds for the best deal. If you’d like to save even more, use Google Flights to find the cheapest vacation

10. Looking up the spelling of words in the dictionary

Spellcheck seems to be as old as word processors, and we have grown up expecting that
Microsoft Word has to underline our mistakes in red lines. And autocorrect takes this the next job a step further, guessing what we actually intended to write and correcting our mistakes. Thereby make the frequent use of a dictionary to lost its existence.

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  1. The technology is made things easier in the real life. The technology has saved our time and increase the ratio of the work for us. Every one have been using the technology for the betterment.


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