The Arik Airways | All You Need To Know About It

All You Need To Know About  Arik Airways

The Arik Airways is an airline company that is based in Lagos with its head office at the Arik Air Aviation Center Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.

Arik Airways was founded in 2009 by Michael Arumemi-Ikhide. It operates on an international, regional and domestic flight network and takes off mainly from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja and the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos (where its headquarters is located.

Before we gone on with the reviews of this wonderful airline, I’ll like to present some interesting facts about it:

– On the third of April 2006, Arik Air took over the facilities of the former Nigerian Airways in Lagos.
– The Arik airline was founded by and is owned by Ojemai Investments.
– The Arik Niger, a subsidiary of Arik Airways was started in 2009 but later shut down in 2010 due to some reasons.
– On the 15th of November 2006, the license to fly to Calabar was granted to them and in 2007, they started flying to Enugu and Benin City.
– On the fourth of April 2008, the permission to start conveying passengers to the United States of America was granted to Arik Airs by the United States National Transportation Department.
– Arik Air’s order for five Boeing 777-300ER aircraft was cancelled by the company in 2011.
– The company’s domestic operations were cancelled on the 20th of September, 2012 after a brief issue with aviation officers and their company was raided.

The Arik Airways | All You Need To Know About It

Arik Air’s Positive Review

There must be a reason Arik Air is generally loved by Nigerians that travel by air, you might have used this peculiar airline or you might have not, however, we will like you to check out some of the positive reviews of the Arik Airs as given by the customers.

– According to Tripadvisor, Arik Airways offer the cheapest flights from the United Kingdom down to Nigeria.
– Their customer care service is very reliable and professional.
– The interior of their planes are neat and well organized.
– Their planes are generally safe.

Negative reviews of Arik Air

As usual, anything that has a positive review must have a negative review. It’ll be important for you to check the following cons of the Arik Airways. It will help you know some of the bad reviews their customers have about them

However, nobody is above making mistakes.
– They have a tricky booking procedure and changing a purchased ticket is tough.
– Just like other Nigerian airways, you might have to wait for some hours in the airport before taking off. That is only you are going on a local flight.
– Nana, one of their customers claimed she got food poisoning while on the flight from Nigeria to Ghana. She refused to eat while on board during her return trip.
– They don’t really offer nice food to their customers.
– The Arik also collect extra charges for tickets booked online and don’t offer a ticket or booking reference.
– They sometimes overbook. This might be because of the cheap prices they sell their tickets.
Our reviews of this airline is based on their customers’ past experiences while on board, while some of the customers recommended the company to other travelers, the others vowed never to travel by it again.

In Nigeria,  however  the fact can’t be hidden. Arik Airs is still one of the best in Nigeria. It also offers one of the cheapest flight rates across Nigeria and beyond.
Have you used it before? What are your reviews about the customer care service, food, comfort and others?